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3 Ways to Manage a Marketing Company with Evernote

3 Ways to Manage a Marketing Company with Evernote

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 23 Sep 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 23 Sep 2013

This is a contributed post by Stacey Harmon, Evernote Marketing Ambassador. Today, she shares how she uses Evernote to manage her company’s marketing efforts.

Running a marketing strategy firm requires my team to create marketing strategies, ideas and designs not only for our clients, but also for our own business growth. Here are three ways Harmon Enterprises uses Evernote to support the marketing efforts of the company:

Share Business Notebooks with Designers: For design related projects, we create a shared Business Notebook so that my designer, assistant and I can all effectively collaborate. For my website redesign project, I created a Business Notebook called “Website (Site Styling).” The designer puts her design comps in it, then she shares the note via email with me so I know to review what she’s created. I can forward the note to anyone who needs to see it, or let my team know to go into Evernote to make edits. This centralizes the creative process and allows for more effective project management for my team.

Stacey Harmon - Emailed Note

Give Clear Direction: In addition to collaborating with designers via shared Business Notebooks, I also use Skitch to provide clear, visual feedback to designers. Skitch markup is very efficient and results in fewer rounds of design revisions, saving both time and money.

Stacey Harmon - Skitch Note

Distribute Digital Handouts:  I used to print handouts and marketing materials to distribute to attendees at conferences where I presented. This was expensive and required quite a bit of lead time. Now, instead of printing handouts, I create a note that has the information I want to share (key points, links, pictures, and my contact information) and select “Copy Share URL to Clipboard.” In my presentation, I include a slide at the beginning and end that shows a picture of the note and the URL, which attendees can access using any browser. The “handout” is mobile friendly (many pull it up from their phone during the presentation), and I can update the note anytime so attendees always have the latest information.

Stacey Harmon - Public Note

Evernote’s ability to handle visuals and share information are critical for me as a marketing professional. Combined with its collaboration features and affordability, Evernote Business has become central to my company’s marketing efforts.


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  • Prarinya Kamta

    another great ideas,

  • Angel Anderson

    will give it a try in my next project

  • Alex Powell

    With regards to showing the link in a presentation so the audience can access the notes online. I presume you can make the note more user friendly. As opposed to (….sh/baa3375f-b00a-4f65-9bf0-344359cff45c/bed817e91edd812931278609b10f2101) or something similar anyway. Nobody would try and write a link like that into their web brower.

    • kinson

      Agreed, that was on my mind too. Probably do it in conjunction with a URL shortener or something.