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3 Ways to Manage a Sales Team, by Mateo Sluder, Guayaki

3 Ways to Manage a Sales Team, by Mateo Sluder, Guayaki

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 23 Oct 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 23 Oct 2013

This is a contributed post by Mateo Sluder from Guayaki, makers of organic yerba mate drinks. Guayaki uses Evernote Business to manage sales efforts for their rapidly growing brand.

Mate is one of the six commonly consumed caffeinated plants, traditional to South America. In addition to caffeine, mate contains the mood elevating and relaxing compound found in chocolate. Through our Market Driven Restoration business model, Guayaki is helping to protect and restore the Atlantic rain forest, as well as empower its native inhabitants. We use Evernote Business to help empower our sales team and keep everyone updated.

Keeping up with accounts

Our nationwide sales team uses Shared Notebooks that are set up by each market and sales rep, divided into two parts: a primary toolbox, and a secondary toolbox. The primary contains tools used on a daily basis, like sell sheets. The secondary one holds common reference material, point-of-sale tools, logos, and other backup information that’s useful for our reps.

We also have notebooks for distributors, brokers, cities, and so on, where reps can track all of their account visits. They then can utilize Reminders for follow-up meetings and important dates and events. Everything is at a glance and they easily stay on track.

Getting an insight into sales

With Evernote Business, I can be anywhere and have the sales information I need in an instant, from reports to a visual snapshot of each account in a given area. As a supervisor, it gives me a first-hand glimpse into the accounts our sales reps are visiting, so feedback and direction can be offered without having to actually be there, which is a huge savings in terms of time and travel costs.

Training sales reps

All new reps are first immersed in training to be a cebador(a), learning the subtleties of being responsible for the sales and service of mate in their area. They then are trained on how to track and organize all of their activity using Evernote. This initial kickoff only takes two weeks, which means we can get them up and running quickly and efficiently, and fine-tune training on a ongoing basis via Evernote Business.

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Are you in sales? What are your tips for managing your workflow with Evernote?


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