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How to Get a Head Start On Your Projects at Work

How to Get a Head Start On Your Projects at Work

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 30 Oct 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 30 Oct 2013

When you start a project, you want to leverage all your available resources and any knowledge in your company so you can save time. Whether you’re starting work with a client or creating a new blog post, Evernote Business can give you a head start.

As you begin creating a note with your ideas, Related Notes automatically appear at the bottom. Each Related Note contains content relevant to what you’re working on, along with who created it. This can be especially helpful as you’re working with a new client or taking on a new project.

Related Notes

Once you start collecting content, you’ll see notes about prior meetings your colleagues have held with that client or work your team members have already done on prior projects. You can then browse their profiles in your company’s Business Home to see what other notes and notebooks they’ve worked on and join any of their Shared Notebooks.

When you search in Evernote Business, you’ll get results from your own account, as well as any of your company’s notes you have access to. Search for the name of one of your clients, and all the notes your team’s collected about them will show up, along with the names of people at your company who know more about them. From there, you can click to view their profile in Business Home to see their other notes that may be relevant, and you can connect with them directly.

Once you’ve found experts on your team, you can then leverage the work they’ve already done and expand on content they’ve created. Experiment with the different ways Evernote Business can help you get to know what your team members know.

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How are you using Evernote Business to get a head start on your work projects?


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