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What’s Evernote Sync, Anyway?

What's Evernote Sync, Anyway?

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 01 Nov 2013

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 01 Nov 2013

We call it sync. You call it magic. But why do we always talk about sync to begin with? Today we’d like to share what Evernote sync is, and why it’s important.

Sync means your stuff is everywhere you have Evernote.

Did you snap a photo using Evernote on your mobile device or attach a document to a note in Evernote on your desktop computer? Evernote is constantly syncing all of your notes to our service. This means that they’re beamed from one device to the next, without you ever having to press save or carry around a bunch of cords and thumb drives. It’s simple to access your content across all the places you’ve installed Evernote.

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Updated notes, everywhere, too.

Sync also means that when you make an update in Evernote on one device, you’ll see it reflected everywhere else. This applies to checklists which you’ve checked off, comments a partner makes in a Shared Notebook, and a new audio recording attached to a meeting recap note.

Why can’t I see my notes sometimes?

Once you’ve created a new note, let it upload to our servers and download to your other devices (you can speed up the process by manually syncing). Soon enough, you’ll see it everywhere.


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  • bogorad

    So you’re finally going to fix non-working android sync?!

  • bogorad

    So you’re finally going to fix non-working android sync?!

    • John Ohman

      Curious; never had a problem with my Android phone syncing Evernote . . . . .

      • KenV

        Syncing takes a really long time and makes me think twice about using the software!!!!

      • bogorad

        try going into offline mode then selecting a (synced) folder with loads of notes. the try opening an older note.

        this is a very old problem, addressed in the forums numerous times, and still not fixed.

      • bogorad

        try going into offline mode then selecting a (synced) folder with loads of notes. the try opening an older note.

        this is a very old problem, addressed in the forums numerous times, and still not fixed.

  • Po11o

    How can I sync manually with my iPhone (IOS7)? Is there any button that I haven’t seen it? Because sometimes when it syncs by itself, does not sync with my other devices

    • csrui

      Yes, there’s a way to sync it. Just click on you e-mail account that appears on top of the home screen. You will then se a “Sync now” button

    • solak

      Pull down on the green title bar so you can see your account name at the top. Now the sync indicator is visible at top right. That is also a button to start sync.

    • T K

      Manual sync on IOS:

  • csrui

    Sorry to say that it’s not that magical, sometimes it takes a lot of time to start.

  • derlinzer

    I wish they got rid of this X minute interval syncing and get instant syncing implemented across all platforms.

    • DarkUltra

      I agree! Evernote says “Saving note in Notejustedited” but it should sync it out too at the same time. If the desktop app did this too, and Push was used to update the phone and the desktop app, we wouldn’t need a sync interval or sync on exit.

  • Jason Frasca

    A few months back I coined the phrase “Sync is the New Save” to get the point across – Evernote does not have a save button. You need to Sync to Save. It is magic and one of the greatest features of the platform. Here is a link to the article

    • FarVistas

      There is a distinction that needs to be made, when it comes to syncing in EverNote. I am a newbie, and it took me a long time to figure this out, so I want to state it very clearly for other newbies. The distinction is this: you need to be clear as to whether you are entering a note (1) directly on the web, or (2) into your downloaded EverNote program or app. To explain, (1) if you are entering a note directly on the web, then THERE IS NO SYNC BUTTON – so there is no need to waste time looking for one, as I did. That is, if you are in a browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer and you go directly to, you can go into your account and make changes, but there is no sync button. You are making your changes directly in the cloud, so there is no need to sync. (2) On the other hand, if you are making changes in a downloaded EverNote program (on your PC) or in an app (on your smartphone or tablet), then there is always a sync button there, and you need to click on it (a) BEFORE you make any changes, and (b) AFTER you make any changes, so that you can make sure that what you see on your computer, smartphone or tablet is exactly what is in the cloud.

  • DavidO

    I had to delete and reinstall Evernote app on my iPhone. In doing so i lost all my notes, even in the cloud. My iPad HAS all my notes but when I connect to the internet, and Evernote syncs will I loose all my notes on the iPad too? How can get all the notes on my iPad back to Evernote? Please let me know.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Your notes should remain on the iPad, but it’s best to get in touch with our Evernote Support Team and they can clarify or walk through the steps with you. Reach them via: Hope that helps!

      • DavidO

        Thanks Taylor! I hope they have a solution. Hade a good Memorial Day.

        • egg

          Hi, If I schedule a windows backup and include my evernote database files, will I need to open evernote desktop every time I want it to sync? I dont tend to use evernote desktop apart from when I want to back up manually and Ive noticed it only syncs when you open it. Thanks

  • Nick

    I normally have no problem syncing from desktop to mobile device and vice versa. However, I have one note that just won’t sync from mobile to desktop. It is worth noting that other notes do sync and this particular note did sync between mobile devices but does not appear on my desktop. Any thoughts?

    • Taylor Pipes

      Nick, we have an article in the Evernote Knowledge Base that walks you through some of the solutions for sync issues. Take a look and perhaps that will address the issue with your specific note.!/article/23168822

  • Greg Sund

    I tried to manually sync from my Microsoft Surface, but it doesn’t seem to work. The sync shows 0% and almost immediately stops. I have an active WIFI connection, I so know that is not the problem. Is it just that it takes a while to show up on other devices? I am a long way from using all of Evernote’s capabilities, but this one looks very interesting. It could save me a lot of time.

  • Ramona Denton

    How do I make Evernote download the full content of every note with every sync? A dozen times a day I open a note and it is empty because I’m not “online.” Doesn’t this app work offline?

    • Taylor Pipes

      Take a look at these step by step instructions for troubleshooting sync with Evernote.!/article/23168822

  • Michael

    My issue is security. I added a a new note with some passwords and such, and wanted to encrypt it. Before I was able to do that WOOSH!!! It synced.

    Does this mean my passwords went up to your servers before I could encrypt them?

  • Test

    Auto sync takes sooo long in reality. Any solution.

  • zuheen

    what if my friend synced my account to his icloud and now i want to delete them and stop syncing my account into it?