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Organize Your Team’s Goals in Evernote Business

Organize Your Team's Goals in Evernote Business

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 11 Dec 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 11 Dec 2013

For many companies, December is a time to revisit what’s happened in the past year and look forward to what’s coming in the next. Working with your team to brainstorm ideas for the New Year, and agreeing upon company or team goals, can be a key factor in your success. Evernote Business makes collaborating on goals and priorities easy. Here’s how:

Give ideas a home. Create a Shared “Ideas” Business Notebook so your team has a spot to contribute their thoughts for potential goals. Encourage team members to add their web clips with inspiration or research, snapshots from whiteboards at in-person brainstorming sessions, handwritten ideas on Post-it® Notes, and audio recordings of on-the-go thoughts. As your team adds notes with their ideas, Related Notes automatically appear with similar ideas and content from co-workers, letting everyone connect and collaborate on future plans.

Your company’s Ideas Notebook is a tool that your team can contribute to year-round. Set aside time for your team to review everyone’s brainstorms, and then agree upon goals for the next year or quarter.

Share priorities with the team. After your team has decided upon some goals and priorities for the future, then it’s time to make sure they’re shared in a spot where everyone can access and revisit them. Add a shared “Priorities” or “Goals” Business Notebook, and create notes that outline your team’s goals. Create a separate note for each major goal, and add in any important documents or supporting information, such as spreadsheets with financial forecasts that help flesh out what your team is trying to accomplish. Create a table of contents to keep your goal notes organized and prioritized.

2014 Goals

Keep goals on the radar. Having goals is great, but they aren’t valuable if your team forgets about them. Using Reminders, you can make sure your team’s goals stay top-of-mind. Add a Reminder to the table of contents note that lists your team’s goals and priorities, and the note will be pinned to the top of your Goals notebook for easy access. Additionally, if there are key deadlines for tasks associated with specific goals, you can add a Reminder to each one, and you and your team can choose to receive alerts when it’s time to revisit those items.

What are some of your team’s goals for 2014?

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