Stay Productive During Holiday Travel with Evernote Business

Stay Productive During Holiday Travel with Evernote Business

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 13 Dec 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 13 Dec 2013

The holiday travel season is here. While there may be some downtime in the coming days, you probably still have projects to finish and people to meet. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure this month, Evernote Business can help you get work done so you can enjoy the time off.

Consolidate travel plans. Forward your personal and business itineraries, flight confirmations, and hotel bookings into Evernote so you can avoid scrambling at the last minute to try and find the documents you need. Easily share your travel plans directly from Evernote Business, so anyone on your team can stay in the loop. For work-related trips, add notes about each of the people you’re planning on meeting with, along with any year-end, holiday, or thank-you gifts your company may want to give them.

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Get additional context – automatically. For any meetings you’re going to have while on the road, add notes about where you’ll be headed, along with who you’ll be meeting and agendas for your meetings. Related Notes from your colleagues will automatically appear as you create content. Reviewing what your team has already collected can save time and provide additional context as you’re preparing to meet people.

Stay productive in transit. With Offline Notebooks, Evernote Business lets you continue to make progress on projects from anywhere. Even if you’re on a plane or in a spot that doesn’t have internet, you can review and edit notes for upcoming meetings. Working on a mobile device? Choose which Offline Notebooks you’ll need and they’ll be accessible when you need them, even at 30,000 feet.

Don’t forget the “holiday” part. While work is important, you probably want to enjoy every second of downtime you’ll have this holiday season. If you’re traveling, add notes about destinations or sights that you’d like to visit, restaurants you want to try, and spots for your family to check out if they’re traveling with you (or if you’ll be visiting them). If you’re seeing family or friends, add notes about what gifts or souvenirs you’d like to bring them.

How do you use Evernote to plan a fun and productive holiday travel season?

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