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How to Do it All: Evernote for New Moms [VIDEO]

How to Do it All: Evernote for New Moms [VIDEO]

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 16 Dec 2013

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 16 Dec 2013

Balance is elusive when you’re a new parent. Things you used to stay on top of can start to feel unmanageable, but Evernote can help! We caught up with Julia Hoffman, Global Creative Director at Etsy, about how she uses Evernote to balance family and work responsibilities. Take a look.

Balancing Work and Family with Evernote

To-Do lists: I wake up multiple times during the night with Zoe so I write my to-do lists on either my iPad or my iPhone. I tag my checklists with “home” or “work” so I can easily find them later in the day. [How to make a checklist in Evernote]

Work from everywhere: As a new mom, I spend lot of time at home and Evernote allows me to be productive there; often I hardly realize I’m working. I’m able to clip anything I see on the web using the Web Clipper so I can find it later if I need it. Having Evernote sync across all of my computers and devices means I can access my notes, presentations and other documents anywhere, so I can pop by the office or pick things back up at home. [What’s Evernote Sync, Anyway?]

Capture information on the go: I just moved to Berlin and still need to understand a lot about the city. Evernote lets me capture useful information when I’m out and about, like doctors’ offices, restaurants and more.


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