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How American Figure Skater David Pelletier Uses Evernote and Skitch [VIDEO]

How American Figure Skater David Pelletier Uses Evernote and Skitch [VIDEO]

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 24 Dec 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 24 Dec 2013

David Pelletier is an American figure skater and a nationally ranked pairs skater since 1993. With skating partner Andrea Varraux, the two were crowned champions representing Team USA Figure Skating at the 2003 Junior Grand Prix in Zagreb, Croatia, qualifying them to compete with the top eight pairs teams in the world at the Junior Grand Prix Final in Malmö, Sweden (7th place).

Pelletier stays involved with figure skating through charity shows and volunteering on various athlete and ethics committees. He also remains committed to the sport by training and mentoring young athletes in Switzerland – which he does with the help of Evernote and Skitch. Watch the video below to see how:

Evernote for Working Together

Since David is only in Dubendorf once a month or so, he uses Evernote to share information with all of the other trainers that also work with the skaters. With Shared Notebooks, they can manage schedules, share notes about sessions with each other, and use Evernote as a central repository for the information about all of their athlete clients.

Skitch for Coaching Tips

Figure skating is a precision sport that requires perfect execution of each maneuver to score the most points. To help his athletes see exactly what they need to adjust, David uses Skitch on his iPhone to photograph all their moves, then point out areas that need correction. He shares these photos directly with the athletes, so they can visually understand their improvement over time and what moves they still need to work on.

How do Evernote and Skitch help you work together with coworkers, family and friends? Share some of the ways you’re using it in the comments below!


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