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How To Hold Paperless Team Meetings

How To Hold Paperless Team Meetings

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 21 Jan 2014

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 21 Jan 2014

This is a contributed post by Jamie Todd Rubin, Evernote’s Paperless Ambassador.

Between meeting agendas, minutes and printed slide decks, each meeting can leave you with quite a stack of paper to deal with. Evernote Business can help you and your team eliminate most of your meeting-related paper. Here’s how:

Create note-taking consistency.
Meetings tend to have standard documents, like agendas and minutes. Using Evernote Business, you can create templates for these notes, giving your team a pre-formatted structure to save them time.

To get started, create a shared Business Notebook to put all of your “template” notes, and create notes that have the key fields you need for meeting-related info. You can even use the App Center tool KustomNote for even deeper note customization. When a team member wants to use a meeting note template for an upcoming meeting, they can simply right-click on the desired template and then copy it to a spot where they store and/or share their meeting notes.


Standardize note storage and sharing.
Templates help your team produce a standardized set of notes, but your team will still need to decide how meeting notes get organized. Considering this ahead of time will save a lot of time and frustration down the road.

For instance, are meeting notes filed as part of the project with which they are associated, or within a “Meeting Notes” shared Business Notebook? Who is responsible for taking notes at meetings, and then putting them in the right notebook? And finally, who will have access to the notes? Answer these questions, and make sure your team is aware of your company’s guidelines for creating, storing, and sharing meeting notes.

Prep without paper.
Printing out slide decks, key documents, or web pages with important research wastes time and paper. As you’re getting ready for a meeting, attach presentation files and documents directly to your meeting agenda note, and the team members you’ve shared that note with will automatically get access to those files. Clip important Internet research using the Web Clipper, share those notes with your team as well.

When your team members walk into a meeting with their tablet, phone, or computer, they’ll have full access to everything they need for the meeting, right within Evernote – without printing a single sheet of paper. During the meeting, you and your team can collaborate on your Evernote meeting agendas and notes in real-time using App Center tool LiveMinutes.

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  • Kurt Michaelson

    The table in this note, is it formatted using KustomNote? I almost never use the table function in Evernote because it can never get it to the size that I want without it formatting from right to left.

    • Joshua Zerkel

      Kurt, this table was formatted directly in Evernote.

  • Sascha

    If only the editor was good. Unfortunately, the editor is the absolute weak point in Evernote and needs some serious beefing up.

    • Joshua Zerkel

      Sascha, thanks for your feedback. I’ll pass your comments along to the product team.

    • Geoffrey

      Evernote needs more robust word processing functionality to live into its potential as a professional communications platform. Add that and Evernote goes from a great place to jot stuff down and collect stuff off the Internet to world domination!

    • Ruben

      Actually, one of the things I love about the editor is it’s simplicity. I even prefer the editor/formatting in Evernote Web over Evernote for PC. There is beauty in simplicity.

  • Jamie

    As an employee in a large corporation, the only thing keeping us from using Evernote here is its inability to encrypt the notes when using the cloud to sync the data. Without this capability, we can’t risk our information going to the cloud, even if it’s deemed “secure”.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Jamie, we give you the ability to encrypt segments of text within any given note using a passphrase that we never see. For further details on how this works, check out this article in our knowledge base: Also, we’re interested in understanding your specific use cases and business requirements for encryption and a representative from our team will reach out to you shortly.

      • Tim Lemons

        Can you encrypt anything other than text?

        • Joshua Zerkel

          @Tim, currently encryption is limited to text within a note.

          • Flo

            I have the same concerns at Jamie. I work in Aerospace, and that is one of the major hurdles in getting evernote or any cloud based solution (as secure as it may be deemed) approved by IT.

          • John

            whole note encryption is a real need for intellectual property protection even within an enterprise. in such applications, giving up full-text indexing of text or text in images is an acceptable loss. Encryption at the note and even at the notebook level would be strong enabler to enterprise adoption in my firm.