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How Evernote Helped a Family Find Their Lost Pet

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 06 Mar 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 06 Mar 2014


Meet Noah Minors.

He’s a five-month-old tabby kitten, and a beloved member of Paul Minors’ Family. A few weeks ago, he went missing.

Normally, Noah wanders around his backyard in a secluded and peaceful neighborhood in Auckland, New Zealand, surrounded by the Manuka Reserve. In the past, he has always returned.

When Noah didn’t appear after a few days, Paul Minors began distributing flyers and posters. As a fan of Evernote, he devised an interesting digital strategy to complement his on-the-ground search.

Paul clipped a map of his neighborhood into Evernote and logged all the reported sightings of Noah using annotations. In addition, he included date stamps and detailed information about each sighting. Using markup, he tracked the streets they searched, to avoid backtracking and wasting time. By using Evernote, he was able to strategically plan and document his search throughout the week.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 3.19.40 PM

After 11 days, Paul located Noah close to home. This heartwarming story illustrates the virtually endless ways that Evernote can help you achieve goals, solve problems and record your progress along the way.

When he isn’t busy rescuing pets, Paul is a marketing manager and uses Evernote to clip interesting articles, plan his days and manage projects. At home, he uses Evernote to keep a digital record of recipes, interior design inspiration, and ideas. You can read more about Paul’s search on his website.


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    Cool use of Evernote…
    Just curious though, Wouldn’t a custom Google Map with push-pins have been able to accomplish the same, and perhaps a bit easier? If not, why?

    • Richard

      Could have been done with Google Maps but harder to do (less annotation tools), Evernote would sync easier, Easier to share with others if needs be and it’s the tool he prefers so would be the natural choice.