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Apps Worth Trying: cleverList

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 25 Mar 2014

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 25 Mar 2014

The Evernote App Center is full of apps that extend how Evernote can be used in nearly every facet of your daily life, from professional pursuits to creative endeavors. In this monthly series, we will introduce some of our user’s favorites.

Sean Thomas is a major movie buff. He uses cleverList to organize his movie lists.


Thomas keeps meticulous lists of favorite movies, quotes, and interesting or inspiring words. He started using cleverList when he heard about it from Evernote’s DevCup. While cleverList was developed as a quick to-do list app, Sean adapted it for his film interests and as a tool to manage lists of movies he has seen, and those he wants to view.

It has become one of his favorite apps because it’s so easy to capture anything in a list, making it a perfect tool to jot down notes during movie previews without fumbling around in the dark. He then transfers lists to Evernote for long-term safe keeping. He usually has six to seven ongoing lists in cleverList at once.

“The good thing with cleverList is you can complete the task directly from Evernote and it will sync back to cleverList next time you open the app,” Thomas says.

With cleverList, Thomas always has an updated list of what movies to see next.

How would you use cleverList? What other App Center apps do you use regularly? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Caroline

    I downloaded Cleverlist onto my iPod but don’t see how it can be opened. I get as far as logging on and a keyboard appears with a search bar at the top of the window. I don’t want to search for anything. I want to create a note. There doesn’t seem to be an option for doing that. What am I missing?

    • Mie Yaginuma

      Hi Caroline,
      Once you get through the demo part, then swiping down will bring up quick input area.

      • Tom

        Nope – can’t create a note. Read all demo records. Tried “checkmarking” each of the annoying demo-mode records, still get a search box atop most basic accessible screen. OK, let’s try trashing those records: same outcome – gray screen with search box atop; unresponsive to all gestures. Unusable.

        Also – uniquely awkward to close opened demo records – a 3-finger swipe up does it if you can get it to “take”, like starting an old lawnmower.

  • Angela Booth

    cleverList sounds perfect for me. I have endless lists in Evernote; keeping track of them is a job in itself. If this little app is a good as it appears, I’ll save time and energy, every day.

    I’ll install it later today. 🙂 Thank you, Evernote.

  • Tom

    OK – I can coax it into behaving:
    1. Delete all demo notes
    2. Create note in EN desktop
    3. Go to Clevernote/iPhone: left-swipe the resulting note.
    4. Get out of “all” notebooks – must select a specific NB.
    5. Right swipe back to the note page.
    6. Now it behaves.

  • Ivan Luzardo

    Hi, we will be it available on Android? Thanks