Presentation Mode: Meetings Done Right

Posted by on 14 May 2014

Posted by on 14 May 2014

It’s time to rethink presentations. Somewhere along the way, slide decks became a required part of meetings and our productivity has suffered ever since. Slides have a place, but they’re tremendously overused.

Our everyday status checks, kickoff meetings, and team discussions don’t need slides, they should be quick and painless. That’s what Presentation Mode in Evernote is built to do. Your meetings are about to get a lot more effective.

Great Meetings Happen With Presentation Mode

As an Evernote user, you’re already collecting and writing everything related to your projects in Evernote. When it’s meeting time, connect your computer to an external monitor or projector, and click the Presentation Mode icon. Your notes are instantly transformed into a beautiful full screen, easy to scroll layout.


On Desktop and Mobile
Presentation Mode is now available in Evernote for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Make a Table of Contents
If you want to walk through multiple notes, select them first, then click on ‘Create a Table of Contents.’ Start your presentation from that new note. Now, you have an easy way to progress from note to note.


Screen by Screen
If you want to add emphasis to specific content in a note, put a horizontal line before and after that content. When you’re in Presentation Mode, we’ll do our best to make the sections inside of the horizontal lines show up on a single screen. Use the spacebar on desktop to move through your presentation.

Use the Laser Pointer
When in Presentation Mode, your cursor becomes a laser pointer. It’s perfect for highlighting exactly what you want your audience to focus on.

Present from Your iPhone or iPad
Presentation Mode is also available in Evernote for iPhone and iPad. If you have AirPlay set up, you can present to a second screen right from your device. If you don’t have a second screen, Presentation Mode is still a great way to walk someone through your notes in a clear distraction-free layout.


Great for Images
From mood boards to mock-ups, Presentation Mode is great for showing images. Drop the images into a note, then start your presentation. Tapping on an image brings it to full screen, a click left or right will move you to the next or previous image. On iPhone and iPad, we’ve added useful swipe gestures and a grid mode to easily see the images.

Improve Your Next Meeting

Presentation Mode has completely changed the way meetings happen at Evernote. Try it for your next meeting. Your team will thank you.


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  • Oletros

    As I use Android, i think that I can’t do meetings right. Got it

    • madillia

      you are so right

  • Marc Cohen

    Ok I do not do meetings – how do I get rid of the Present icon over my note – it’s crowding out he Tag icon which I find a little more useful (less so after the big chage). While we’re at it how do I get rid of the Share icon in the same place.

    • Giacomo Lawrance

      You right click on the toolbar where tags are. Then click: Customize toolbar.

  • Yury

    Where is android functionality?

  • Dinnie

    I honest wish that attention would be focused on improving the basic functions of the core product instead of making features that no one actually use.

  • Tascha

    When will it be available for android?

  • Barry

    Evernote should speed up their development in Android. All my friends are using Android, how can I spread the news when the Android version is not ready?

  • Lou Rainaldi

    I am so excited that this is now available on Windows! I loved this feature on my Mac but use my Windows machine to work. Next we need this on Windows Touch. 🙂

  • Formidable

    I’m a Windows user.
    Presentation mode is a nice feature, but I’m not likely to use it.

    I’m disappointed that these sorts of “glitzy” mods keep coming while basic functionality features (like smart look-ahead search while adding tags to a note) are still not available. Smart look-ahead search works fine in the web app but not in the Windows or Android apps. I can’t speak to iStuff, iDon’t have any.

    Oh, and how about note templates?
    How about simple forms?

    I used EN for project management for a couple of years (ala “The Secret Weapon”) but ditched it for Asana this year. I still use EN as a document archive, but it’s clunky interface and lack of basic features were exerting too much drag on my workflow.

    All that being said, I still love EN as a document and note archive. The easy universal capture can’t be beat.

    For now, anyway.

    • Christian

      As a daily Evernote Premium user for several years, I’m rather disappointed with the addition of presentation mode without any update to the decidedly mediocre and sub-par text editing experience. Evernote really needs styles and heading levels, not just font sizes, and greatly improved image and media integration. Without this, it’s difficult to tweak, edit and arrange content for a decent presentation, so what’s the point?

      That said, I love (and recommend) Evernote for its fantastic capture-everything, everywhere features, text recognition, searchability, and tagging. I just wish the editor wasn’t so outdated, feature-wise.

      • Kristof

        @Christian, couldn’t have said it better!

      • Arthur Johnson


  • m carter

    I love this feature. I used to spend way too much time setting up Keynote for what should have been very simple presentations but for my past two conference presentations, I’ve used this instead. I have most of my photos for my lectures stored on Evernote already and can easily drag content from different folders into new folders. Bravo Evernote. My husband saw me using this and began using this at his hospital and has saved tons of time. He’s not quite savvy with creating presentations (ie he is still attracted to gradiant-yeah, I know) but now his work looks much more professional and streamlined.

  • ChrisW

    What about Android? Why do you ever let it be follow behind?

  • diatom

    Terrific idea but I’m getting the impression EN needs serious help from actual professional users. Where PPT will at least limit exposure to selected slides… yours risks chronological exposure of whatever else is in the source notebook (Urology appointment? Hilarious joke about your boss? Staff pay scale? Downsizing plans?)

    Why not just print & collate selected slides to PDF?

  • Kepilif

    Waiting for the implementation of the functionality presentation mode on the Android platform.

  • Lyn

    Great! I needed this info right now actually! I’ll use it with my current project.

  • John Allinson

    Adding to the Android avalanche; there are now many more Android users than iPhone. Surely developing for Android first is a sensible priority. This is an increasing trend. Why is Evernote not up to speed on this? It might hurt your teeth to bite the Apple that bit the dust but just look at the market.
    Just to show I’m not solely an Apple bruiser, thanks for recognising that on this side of the pond, we expect the same service levels as the US. Keep it up!
    London, England

  • Gareth

    Love this feature, I started using this as soon as it was available on iOS and windows. It’s not fully there yet but it had made the process of putting together simple presentations really easy.

  • DroidLuvr

    I’m just adding another “What are you thinking?” vote for Android. I LOVE Evernote, but as an Android [and Windows] user, (as are the predominant number of users out there) – I continually feel second class to Evernote as the Mac and iPhone users always get the best and most innovative features, while I find out, yet again, that I’m paying for a Premium account that doesn’t deliver the same premium quality because I’m not using Apple products 🙁

    • Taron

      I am tired of deleting this app because the features I would use are never available for Android. Business card and Presentation modes are EXACTLY what I need but because I am not on an Apple product I can’t use it…not sure if I am going to renew my membership. I don’t even use the service…thought today was the day only to download the app again after ACCIDENTLY hearing about Presentation mode…no features for me…I am 3 seconds from giving up..,

  • Ian

    Whats all the fuss – Presnettaion mode is brilliantly useful. I create talks and sermons in evernote and then use the script when giving talks. Presentation mode is a real feature add.

    I have just moves to use a Samsung Note 3 and realised I don’t have presentation mode any more. Please get it on android soon?

    But even without that this is my number 1 all time brilliant app. And with the unique links with Snote on my note 3 and new 10.1 I feel I have gone to heaven. Keep up the brilliant work guys


  • I-Live-By_Evernote

    I love Evernote too, but I hate getting marketing hype. The presentation mode does not work as advertised on Windows. I cannot manually separate slides, etc. using a ruled line, and the program just cuts off parts of my note wherever it wants to. I was not impressed. Like a few other have said, you need to work out the annoying bugs in the rest of your product before adding new features. That editor of yours needs a LOT of work, at least on Windows and the Web platform.

    The other thing that gets me with Evernote is that there will be an awesome feature suggestion on the forums and some Evernote employee will respond back that this type of functionality is not along Evernote’s core usage paradigm. Then they go and add something like presentation mode. Listen to your users and give them what they want. Otherwise someone else might, probably will, come along and steal your thunder with something better.

  • Jay

    I want to be able to edit notes in presentation mode. Is this an option?

  • Dre

    This is great with the following 2 exceptions:
    1 – Tables are misaligned. There is a large margin that occupies about the left 25% of the page, squishing all data to the right 75%.
    2 – Microsoft Windows does not support export presentation to PDF.