How to Share Key Information Among Your Team

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How to Share Key Information Among Your Team

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 20 May 2014

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 20 May 2014

At your business, you keep track of a lot of information. From assets that need to be available company-wide to project documents relevant to only specific teams, Evernote Business ensures that the right people have access to the right information.

Share with the whole company: Evernote Business is an ideal place to consolidate information you want everyone in your company to see. Create a shared Business Notebook for “Key Documents,” add your employee handbook, travel and reimbursement policies, tax forms or similar documents, and hit publish. Everyone in your company using Evernote Business instantly now has access to every document in the notebook. With the easy Evernote Business onboarding process, new employees automatically get access to these key notes the minute they sign on.


Share with workgroups: Not every bit of information created in your business is meant for company-wide consumption. Team projects, financials, or other confidential documents are often appropriate to share only within a workgroup or with select individuals. Evernote Business makes it easy to create notebooks for individual projects, teams, or groups, and then share them selectively with only those individuals who need to access a particular topic. In these notebooks, you can securely share project timelines, Post-it® Notes from team brainstorming sessions, working drafts, and other project or team-specific documents.


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