How to Foster Your Team’s Entrepreneurial Ideas

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How to Foster Your Team’s Entrepreneurial Ideas

Posted by Nela Canovic on 02 Jun 2014

Posted by Nela Canovic on 02 Jun 2014

Developing great ideas and using them to grow your business is all part of being an entrepreneur. When you work on a team, it’s critical to empower everyone to bring their ideas to the table. Having a sense of ownership boosts creativity and helps to bring out the best work from your team.

Here’s how to use Evernote Business to support your team’s entrepreneurial ideas:

Centralize ideas. As your team generates ideas – whether they’re handwritten on paper, written on a whiteboard from a meeting, drawn on a Post-it® Note, or typed – giving them a central home makes it easy for everyone to contribute and review what others have collected. Create a Shared Business Notebook for your team’s ideas, and give everyone the ability to contribute.

Research. As each team member contributes ideas, it’s often helpful to back up ideas with research to help decide whether to move forward. Get all of the pieces together in the Shared Business Notebook, including infographics captured to Evernote with the Web Clipper, snapshots of news articles, and PDFs of whitepapers helpful in making a decision on a particular topic.

Present. Schedule periodic idea review sessions for your team, where each team member can have an opportunity to showcase and discuss the ideas they’ve been working on. Using Presentation Mode, they can easily share what they’ve collected without having to waste time on putting together a slide deck. Once your team has had a chance to explore everyone’s ideas, you can decide together how you’d like to take action.


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