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Swiss Innovation Powered by Evernote

Posted by Greg Wén on 12 Jun 2014

Posted by Greg Wén on 12 Jun 2014

If there is one thing that Evernote and Swiss bag manufacturer FREITAG share in common, it’s the appreciation of good design. We recently interviewed co-owner and co-founder Daniel Freitag about how the design and innovation team over at FREITAG in Zurich developed their latest product using Evernote Business.


Made in Switzerland, with the Help of Evernote Business

FREITAG is a Swiss company specializing in transforming used materials from the streets into bags and accessories. Founded in 1993 by brothers Daniel and Markus Freitag, the company has made a name for itself with its sustainable and unique designs.

Daniel has been a fan of Evernote since 2008, and introduced his team to Evernote Business last year. Since then, the design and innovation team at the FRETAG lab in Zurich has been using Evernote Business as their central hub for remembering, researching and refining ideas.

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Building a Knowledge Base

At FREITAG, there is always ongoing research and collaboration between teams. Product managers, creative directors, and designers keep a continuous eye on what’s happening in the technology, fashion, and design industries.

At the time, I was looking for a way to easily share information with my team and vice versa. And that is where Evernote Business came in. We could write, capture pictures, save web clippings, digitize Post-it® notes and have it all in one place. Together, we built a knowledge base in Evernote Business from which we could collaborate. – Daniel Freitag

Many of the ideas might not see the light of day, but as they are kept in Evernote, nothing is ever lost. “Sometimes, we come across earlier ideas that were scrapped, but then we’ll put them in a new context and they become useful again,” said Freitag.

The First Note

Building a knowledge base can be a daunting task.

My first note was a little description of what was important to me, and what I expected everybody to do whenever they put something into Evernote. For example, I really wanted every note to have a tag, because this gives it context and makes it easier to find information later on,” Freitag said.

So how did the team know where to begin?

“We decided upon a tagging structure featuring certain keywords, and we also agreed on a way to name our notes. Finally, we came up with a numbering system for our notebooks. These few guidelines are important not only for organization, but for working together as well,” he said.

The Ultimate Collaborative Platform

Aside from being a virtual library to house research, the FREITAG team also relies on Evernote Business to collaborate.

“We always try to be very visual and transparent with the whole team throughout the design process. This means a lot of going back and forth,” explains Daniel. Business Notebooks allow designers and creative directors to easily view and comment on draft sketches and designs, and everyone is simultaneously kept up-to-date.


The Beauty in Flexibility

“What I ultimately love about Evernote is that it is so flexible. It’s available everywhere, and everybody can work the way they want. Some people take notes with pencils. My brother, Markus, tends to sketch out his ideas. For me, it’s great that I can access my information on the train, on weekends, at home and at work. It all comes together in Evernote, and that’s just a beauty for me,” said Freitag.

To learn more about FREITAG and their recycled individual products, visit their website and online store.


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