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Hire Your Team’s New Talent Without a Hitch

Posted by Nela Canovic on 07 Jul 2014

Posted by Nela Canovic on 07 Jul 2014


Finding the right person for your team can be a complex, time-consuming process that ranges from searching for potential candidates to presenting an offer. And don’t forget the candidates – being buttoned up internally creates a better interview experience for everyone.

Use Evernote Business to make the recruiting process more efficient and keep everyone on track. Here’s how:

Create a step-by-step hiring outline
Write a note detailing your hiring process and clearly prioritize the steps. Add links to additional resources located online or inside another note. Then, share the note with your team so everyone has access.

Organize candidate submissions
Create a notebook for each open position. Then, attach files such as resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other useful details. Write a table of contents to list all supporting documentation. Share the notebook with the hiring manager so they can review it any time.

Be prepared to answer questions
The best candidates come prepared with questions. Create a shared “Frequently Asked Questions” note and work with your team to write the best responses to questions about the position, your products, and the company. Use the note to keep the answers at hand during interviews and to jot down new questions that come up.

Collect team feedback in one place
Collect every bit of team feedback, from phone screenings to in-person interviews.

Pro tip: Use reminders to set deadlines so that everyone on your team stays on track as the hiring process moves ahead.


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