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Evernote’s Recruiting Power Tips

Posted by Nela Canovic on 28 Jul 2014

Posted by Nela Canovic on 28 Jul 2014

Top talent plays hard to get. That’s why recruiting teams work hard to optimize their hiring processes. We sat down with DeeDee Breaux, one of our recruiters at Evernote, and asked how she stays on top of her workload. Here’s what she had to say:

What are your tips for organizing candidate information?

The first thing I do is put every candidate into a new note that’s titled with their name and organized into sections:

1. Phone screen: This is where I keep a template with questions to kick off the screening process.
2. Role-specific questionnaire: We use a list of questions that we upload to a recruiting platform called Greenhouse, which I capture via Skitch and drag into the note.
3. Candidate’s resume: I attach the resume directly into the note.
4. Reference check: I include a template with questions to ask each reference about a candidate’s background and experience.

How does your team streamline hiring processes and procedures?

We created a business notebook titled Recruiting Library, a collaborative effort that starts with a table of contents note organized into sections, one for each team at Evernote (IT, Sales, Customer Support).

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 8.32.16 AM

Each section has separate entries for new roles that open up on that team. A customized hiring process outlined in the note includes the stages of the interview process, a plan of action, the anticipated pipeline, reference checks, and salary guidelines. Every item listed in the table of contents links to another note in Evernote, so navigation is quick and easy.

Other sections of the recruiting library include tools and resources, org charts, links to job boards, list of companies to recruit from, and more.

Which features of Evernote Business are most useful to you and why?

1. Tags: I add tags to each candidate’s note so I can easily navigate to the information I need. Keywords I use most for tagging are job titles (data analyst, marketing coordinator); I also use the “candidates” tag for each note to quickly pull all candidates when necessary.
2. Checklists: When we make an offer, we have an email template for managing all correspondence. Once the position is approved, we send out an offer letter and use checklists to keep track of next steps.
3. Note sharing: After adding information to my notes in a notebook, I share the notebook with my hiring manager and the whole team so they can view everything in one place.
4. Reminders: Every morning I pull up all the notes on candidates I will be contacting that day, and I set reminders for calls and emails to follow up. This feature helps me stay on track for the work I need to complete.

Compared to the traditional recruiting methods you’ve used in the past, how has working with Evernote Business changed the way you work today?

Before, I had actual folders for storing all candidate files with sticky notes to remind me to follow up. So cumbersome! With Evernote, everything is digital and all the information is at your fingertips; follow up tasks and supporting documentation are organized neatly. Another benefit is that all candidate information is secure and always accessible; it can’t ever get lost.


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  • Kevin White

    Recruiting is all about speed. The one show stopper feature for me as a recruiter is the need to be able to quickly preview files. M/S Word .doc files need to have a quick preview (without downloading) feature! If you can preview a PDF file now, why not DOC files?????
    Make the DOC preview available, and I’m all in!

    • Jared Gatti

      Convert your .docs to PDFs if that is your problem. Its a quick fix and probably a better overall format anyway.

  • Mark

    I am in the Agency world, I ditched my ATS in favor of Evernote. One thing i miss is the ability to track resumes sent to who/time/date and do so automatically. any suggestions?

    • Taylor Pipes

      Perhaps you can create a recipe with IFTTT to manage this?

    • bryan

      I use Evernote for the note taking and for the previewing and tracking. Evernote and HirePeak is a great combo.