5 Power Tips From a Career Coach

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5 Power Tips From a Career Coach

Posted by Nela Canovic on 04 Aug 2014

Posted by Nela Canovic on 04 Aug 2014


Every industry has experts that are authorities on a particular topic. We look to them for advice and guidance, and we rely on their expertise when we make business and career-related decisions. But there are many experts out there. If you want to become one, how do you build a unique set of skills to stand out from the crowd?

J.T. O’Donnell can help. The CEO and founder of Careerealism.com, she is a nationally syndicated career expert and workplace consultant and a LinkedIn Influencer with over 700k followers. Her book, “CAREEREALISM: The Smart Approach to a Satisfying Career,” outlines her career-coaching methodology.

Check out J.T.’s five tips for building industry expert status.

Write for a blog. Select a blog that focuses on your industry or field of expertise, follow updates regularly, and join the discussion. Or, you can host your own blog to initiate conversations around hot topics in your industry and build your brand as an expert in the field.

Tip: Do it in Evernote. Collect topical research using Web Clipper and write drafts of blog posts and discussion responses as Evernote notes. If you’re writing for your own blog, turn that note into a one-step publishing process with Postach.io.

Coach others. Don’t keep what you know a secret. Share your knowledge with others by teaching them skills they want to perform better like team building, career development or achieving financial security.

Build strategic partnerships. Develop meaningful connections with industry peers and boost your network by joining professional networks like LinkedIn and by actively participating in discussions. Attend conferences and industry events to stay on top of latest advancements in your field.

Tip: Do it in Evernote. When you connect with industry peers, capture all of your contacts’ information immediately in Evernote with Business Card Scanning, and never worry about losing a business card again.

Create meaningful content. No need to limit your knowledge sharing to blog posts and group discussions. Use other formats, such as instructional videos or podcasts, to provide step by step instructions on accomplishing goals or completing a specific task.

Share resources. Offer free tools to your network that can help boost productivity. Create a reading list related to your industry. Write checklists of daily habits to stay focused on career development. Collect tips on mastering a particular task or skill.

By combining Evernote with these power tips to make your unique skills stand out, you will boost your career and become an industry expert in no time.


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