Evernote Platform Awards: Business Category


Evernote Platform Awards: Business Category

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 17 Aug 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 17 Aug 2014

In early May, we asked our users to nominate their favorite apps for the inaugural Evernote Platform Awards, and we were met with overwhelming response. Nominees included veterans of our platform, while others gave the nod to standalone developers. By the end of July we were left with a plethora of quality nominees, each worthy of formal recognition. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve managed to narrow the pool down to a select number of finalists — and now we’re asking for your help again.

Today we’d like you to meet the Evernote Business finalists. Evernote is the workspace for all of your work, and these great apps supplement that fact by supporting the business notebooks companies use to sort their various projects.

The winning teams will be announced on September 4th and showcased at our fourth annual Evernote Conference in October.


Azendoo succeeds in finding that rare balance between being a project management tool and a communication device. With its Evernote sync, Azendoo allows users to easily share notes with their team, making sure key information is available to all. Unfinished checkbox items are even converted into actionable tasks, saving you the hassle.

Ever wonder where your personal life ends and your professional life begins? Of course you have, and so has the team at Mohiomap. Mohiomap creates interactive graphs to map the intersections between your personal and business notes and tags, shining clarity on your day-to-day demands.

Smartsheet provides a new, interactive take on spreadsheets, and it leverages Evernote to enhance this experience. By pulling attributes such as title, author, tags, or location from all notes in a notebook, Smartsheet builds visual breakdowns of a project’s content. Their auto-sync option keeps the spreadsheet up to date even as new content continues to be added to a notebook.

If Evernote is the perfect workspace for your life’s work, then LiveMinutes is your supportive, real-time collaboration tool. After a note is uploaded to LiveMinutes, multiple team members can edit it simultaneously from the app’s internal text editor. When their work has ended, LiveMinutes saves their progress and sends an updated version back to Evernote, ensuring your content is always up-to-date across both services and all devices.

UberConference is one of the best conference-recording tools available. In addition to its visual participant display and sidebar chat feature, UberConference also lets participants share documents from Evernote. After the call, the various documents and recordings are stored and easily accessible for later viewing and recap.

Zapier helps automate monotonous, repetitious actions in your workflow. With connectivity options to over 200 popular productivity services, Zapier can set up automatic trigger actions within Evernote to initiate an action elsewhere, or vice versa.



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