Evernote for Android Now on Chromebook

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 13 Sep 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 13 Sep 2014

Whenever we see a major new platform on the horizon, we set a goal for ourselves: make sure Evernote is available on day one. This week’s launch of Google’s Chrome OS store was just that kind of opportunity.


Evernote for Android is a full-featured app that was designed for a wide variety devices, screens and form-factors. For Chrome OS, we’ve adapted the app to work with a keyboard and mouse. You get the full desktop Evernote experience on a flexible, affordable device. We think it’s tremendous and we can’t wait to see how the Chrome OS market develops around the world.

If you’re one of the early users, try out Evernote for Android on a Chromebook and let us know what you think.


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  • Frank McPherson

    I have it installed and I am seeing lots of errors:

    • Aran

      Works perfectly for me, I’m using an HP Chromebook with this version:

      Version 37.0.2062.119 (64-bit)
      Platform 5978.80.0 (Official Build) stable-channel falco
      Firmware Google_Falco.4389.78.0

  • A

    I’ll need to check later today when I can, but when the announcement for Android apps on Chrome happened I immediately went to try out Evernote only to told my Chromebook was not running the latest version of Chrome necessary for it.

  • Randy Clark

    PDFs have watermark that reads Rendered by Radaee PDF SDK. And as mentioned by others full screen not possible.

  • Florian

    beautiful UI – really would love to see that on the os x native apps! do you ve any plans to update it?

  • stehoscope nunchucks

    I can’t find a way to make it fullscreen. Until I can, it’s rather hard to use efficiently on a small little chromebook screen.

  • Dan

    I installed and getting the message, “This app is incompatible with your device.”

    here is info about my device:
    Version 38.0.2125.58 beta
    Platform 6158.27.0 (Official Build) beta-channel x86-mario
    Firmware Mario.03.60.1120.0038G5.0018d

  • Pat Friel

    Pretty neat – playing with this on the Chromebox. Evernote Business subscribers beware – full access to the corporate account is limited to just notebooks.

  • Bozhkov

    Support for Chrome on Linux would be a sort of the proverbial two birds with one stone, wouldn’t it?

    • Lazza

      That would make sense, since they claim «Whenever we see a major new platform on the horizon, we set a goal for ourselves: make sure Evernote is available on day one.» which is quite funny. 😀

      By the way, they could easily extend this to run on any Chrome instance instead of just Chromebooks, given that they are too lazy (or maybe uncapable?) to develop a proper Linux client.

  • Peter K

    A URL to install instructions would be very helpful. I’m obviously wasting time in the Chrome Store, Google Play, and at Evernote.

    • Yvonne

      I agree! but found the link here:

      • Yvonne

        sorry the Chromebook version is here:

  • Tristan

    Installs fine on my HP Chromebook. Fantastic improvement to the UI which was my primary complaint of Evernote on this machine. Would love to be able to maximize it or make it full screen, though.

  • Justin

    Mine keeps locking up when it’s opened. Also, it only saved half of a note that I made….frustrating. Using a hp chromebook 14

  • Matt

    Definitely pales in comparison to the Mac app I’m used to. Lack of full screen support and the inability to edit notes without clicking “edit” and other limitations with this app significantly slows down workflow.

    Please consider releasing a full featured app on Chrome!

    I’m falling in love with my Chromebook and out of love with Evernote…and I don’t want that. As much as I feel compelled to go back to a Macbook just so I can use Evernote like I used to…it doesn’t seem to make sense.

    I might have to start experimenting with some other “digital brain” app/services…and that makes me sad 🙁

    • Frankl

      Totally agree with the groans of disappointment. I’m finding ever step evernote is taking in the mobile marketplace is taking it further from what I need.

      Ultimately mobile apps need much improved tagging arrangement and recognition of the hierarchy otherwise they’re becoming a garbled mess. I use my chromebook and android devices more and more and evernote is becomming less and less usable 🙁

  • dave

    Does anyone else find that the app looks really grainy? I’m using a toshiba chromebook and the screen quality is ok, but the quality of the text in the Evernote app looks awful .

  • Kristy

    PLEASE provide full-screen capability!

    I like the “tablet-touch” feel being able to swipe menus on and off the screen and easy scroll through notes.

    Also please provide better options for editing and deleting tags.

    • Cecilie

      I still haven’t figured out how ro delete notes on my Chromebook? Can you help me?

  • Kirstin

    I use this to help plan my lesson plans and have my kids work out of individual notebooks. As they finish an assignment, I have them check it off and attach the appropriate file or screen shot to show their work. On the chromebook app, however, it’s incredibly difficult to add a file or work with a file that’s been added by a different computer with a different OS. Also, every time they hid edit, it adds bullet points or 1. to every space between subjects. It really causes confusion and makes it hard for the kids to show their work efficiently. We’ve never had issues with Evernote until we tried using it with chromebook. I hope they fix these problems quickly and create a better full screen and editing mode.

  • James

    I found that the screen is too small – can’t go full screen on samsung chromebook2. Since the chromebook’s screen is small, having a smaller evernote window is a struggle. Hope it can be improved

  • Hana

    Is it possible to update it somehow to the last android tablet version?

    • Doug

      I’m thinking of getting a 13″ Chromebook, really want full screen. And I wish these comments were dated!

  • Russell

    Are there no tables in the chromebook version of evernote? The window size is fixed. I can’t highlight text, except by double clicking, then dragging arrows on either side. It seems like you all just copied the version for android and did nothing to optimize its use for the computer. Am I missing something? These kinds of limitations are making it unusable.

  • Alec Rogers

    How does one sign out? I have a personal and a work account. I can’t see how to toggle between the two as I can on my PC nor can I sign out of the one with my work account.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Alec, here are instructions for how to log out from any device you use Evernote.!/article/23176791

  • Cecilie

    I cant seem to delete notes ? I use Evernote on the Toshiba Chromebook. And there is still no solution to get Evernote in full sreen?

  • Shawn

    “Whenever we see a major new platform on the horizon, we set a goal for ourselves: make sure Evernote is available on day one. ”

    umm, linux? you skipped over that platform. and no its not the same as an actual desktop app.

  • Doug

    I love the way Evernote works on my Mac. Not so much on Chromebox. Please consider releasing a full featured and easy to use app (ie the Mac app) on Chrome.

  • Ingeborg

    Was the app so bad that somone removed it from the Chromebook store? I can’t find it there and the link is dead.

    BTW: today’s date is May 14th 2016. These comments should have time stamps.

    • prak97

      i cant find it either , just want to use it offline on my chromebook when i cant get internet.