Context: Your Work Enriched by the Smartest Minds


Context: Your Work Enriched by the Smartest Minds

Posted by on 02 Oct 2014

Posted by on 02 Oct 2014

Good research happens in three phases. You recall what you know. You consult with someone. You search external sources. We’re applying our machine learning and augmented intelligence expertise to present you with all three research phases automatically, at the moment you need them, without ever leaving your workspace. As you work, Evernote is automatically looking for other information and content that might help you connect the dots/see the big picture. This content can take the form of other notes, people you might talk to or even relevant news sources.

In Evernote, every phrase informs our algorithms about what other content might help you further your project. We call this Context. It’s an extremely powerful new Premium feature coming soon to Evernote.

Your knowledge
Your Evernote account is full of great information that you’ve written and collected. Connecting the dots between your current project and the similar one you did last year can be difficult. We’ll fix that. As you type, we search through your old notes and surface anything related to your current work.

Your team’s knowledge
Next, if you’re an Evernote Business user, we search through accessible notebooks owned by your colleagues to find any relevant notes about the task at hand. This helps you avoid repeating someone else’s work. In addition, our Expertise Discovery feature will show you people in your company that we believe may know more about the topic you’re working on. That person sitting two rows away might be the critical resource you need.

Your network
Your extended network is also valuable. When someone is mentioned in your note, we’ll go find them on LinkedIn and give you their latest information including where they work, their current title, and their profile photo. This way you’ll stay in the know about their current details and you’re also able to contact them through Work Chat, all without ever leaving Evernote.

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The professionals
Possibly the most powerful new benefit that Context brings is a look at related information from premier news and information sources, including from one of the most trusted media organizations on the planet, The Wall Street Journal.

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To maximize the impact, we aren’t just looking at today’s news, we’re going through recent archives to find the best articles for that particular moment. Click, and the article opens in Evernote, then clip it, cite a section, or use Work Chat to share with your team.

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Our growing list of sources of information, includes:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Factiva (Evernote Business only)
  • LinkedIn
  • TechCrunch
  • CrunchBase
  • Fast Company
  • Inc. Magazine
  • PandoDaily

Privacy protected
All of this happens entirely within Evernote. Our Augmented Intelligence features like Context are focused on improving your personal experience with Evernote. None of your personal information is ever shared with a third party.

You + Evernote
We’re building the first workspace that grows with you and improves your output. It’s Evernote, together with experts from around the world, helping you do the best work of your life. These features are coming to our major platforms very soon.


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  • HC

    Great stuff. One BIG question: will docs that are personal be excluded from this? We should be able to designate what articles we want indexed in this manner.

  • Rafael Quezada

    Great feature! Are there any plans of including scientific sources like Jstor, Elsevier or even Google Scholar? I work on research and this feature could work wonders if it were to suggest some new reading material.

  • GB

    Would be very useful if you could tap into Pocket and Delicious and subscribed RSS feeds to search you own library sources.

  • florian

    how do i get this new UI?!

    • Joseph

      You can’t get this new UI. It’s an image of Mac OS X running Evernote. Unfortunately the existing you why on windows looks quite dated, to say the’s one of the largest reasons why I would consider Onenote.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Also work as a scientist. Including Pubmed and Google Scholar would be a real plus!

  • Paul

    This looks and feels like a sneaky way to build advertising into your product. My experience so far is that it is exactly that. The things I’m shown are of no interest to me. My hunch is that these companies pay you to promote their content, just like they pay Facebook and Google to do. And that is a very crappy thing to do to paid users, Evernote.

    • Paul

      Clarifying… the outside content (WSJ, FastCo., Pando Daily, etc.) is what I’m talking about.

    • Ted Freitas

      I 2nd your experience Paul! I don’t understand how you can provide me with “Contextual” information if your not providing my data to the WSJ or other sources. Everything I read says they are NOT sharing our information but I don’t just open Google and it know what I’m looking for. I have to feed it a query to get out of it what I’m looking for or related information. I’m not sure “clever matching” qualifies as secure.

    • lykoz

      Although your concerns are warranted, and some of it may or may not be correct, I would like to bring to attention that:
      1) This a premium only feature, that can be disabled. (Why advertise only to paid users? Why not allow it for free users if truly advertising?)
      2) Many articles from Wall street Journal are not free… Evernote are more likely to be paying the wall street journal rather than the other way round.
      3) The difference with facebook advertising is that paid advertisement come out and pop out at you (even though often relevant)… Even in google which is a search engine throws in paid advertisements in very high positioning.
      Evernote’s focus here seems to be relevancy not paid…
      If they add more subscriptions, for example scientific journals and studies, this could be very interesting and usefull indeed…
      I mean you do some research about something.. Writting a note, and suddenly a reference and article pops up to support your arguement? How cool would that be?

    • Rocky

      Huge dislike. I do my research OUTSIDE of Evernote. I use evernote to compile my notes.

      I agree with the other users.
      This feels like a sneaky way to integrate more ads into the platform.

    • Matt

      If that’s what this is, it’s total BS and I’ll dump EN in a second. I should get no (NO) ads from a service I’m paying for. There are too many similar note-taking sync things out there right now to make me stick with EN (while paying) and get ads. I still like EN the best design-wise, but I will dump it if we start getting ads.

      • Taylor Pipes

        Matt, rest assured that we are not (and will not) display advertising in your Evernote experience. Evernote does not get paid based on the number of views or clicks. We have no financial incentive to show any articles or other content. We only show things that we think are useful to our users. We don’t share user account information with our partners and we allow users to determine which Context sources they want to see, or to turn the feature off completely.

  • Mike

    Totally useless in my experience. The range of sources is so far from what I’m doing in Evernote that it’s always way off the mark. Turned it off.

    • lykoz

      If they add more subscriptions, for example scientific journals and studies, this could be very interesting and usefull indeed…
      I mean you do some research about something.. Writting a note, and suddenly a reference and article pops up to support your arguement? How cool would that be?

      You have to start somewhere… If they keep working on it, it can be very powerful indeed.

  • O

    The “related to what you’re working on” thing keeps popping up when I’m typing. This is distracting and annoying. It isn’t immediately apparent how to turn it off. Please make it go away.

  • Jason Brett

    I’m loving this feature. I’m finding the content suggestions to be highly relevant while I’m compiling notes in my research, but I do wish there were more sources. I tend to see Forbes a lot and not much else.

    With that said, I agree that I’ll be really disappointed to see this become an advertising intrusion–and WSJ will be by nature since I don’t subscribe and most of their content is behind the paywall.

    Overall a great enhancement. Thanks and keep innovating!

  • Vincent

    This feature just doesn’t work. It keeps on suggesting random articles that have nothing to do with what I am doing. I will disable until you add a function that allows to delete/hide unwanted suggestions. Why not base your algorithm on keywords in the notes but also on what the user agrees/disagrees to ?

  • Warwick

    Need to be able to remove this for some articles. Just saved a page that lists Grandma’s gravesite location. “Context” is an article about “Grave Robbers”. No thanks.

  • Dave

    Evernote already destroyed Skitch, now they’re aiming to destroy Evernote itself. The product has been one of my favorites for years, but the company … not so much.