Work Chat: Introducing the New Way to Work Together in Evernote


Work Chat: Introducing the New Way to Work Together in Evernote

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 01 Dec 2014

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 01 Dec 2014

Evernote has always been the place where your most productive work happens. Now, you can also share, chat, and collaborate with others without ever having to leave your workspace to send an email or jump to another app.

Meet Work Chat, a new way to share and discuss the things you’re working on in Evernote with the people who’ll help you get them done.

Chat to work together efficiently

Click or tap on the Work Chat icon to launch a new chat and bring the right people into the conversation—even if they don’t use Evernote yet. You can chat with as many people or as few people as you need to get the job done.

Sharing made simple

Work Chat gives all of your conversations focus around the work you’re doing in shared notebook and, for the first time, editable single notes. It orients everyone to the task at hand and creates a collaborative hub for discussion. With Work Chat, the challenging task of getting everyone on the same page is now fast and easy.


Tap the Work Chat icon when you’re viewing any note or notebook on mobile and it will automatically add your content to the chat. Do the same on desktop by clicking Share on a note, or by clicking the Work Chat icon in the notebook list. You can also just drag and drop a note onto any chat. Before sharing the notes and notebooks, you can choose to let the team edit your work or just view it.

Emailing a note is more powerful than ever with Work Chat—just type in your colleague’s email address in the recipient field and hit send. Once they create a free account or sign in to an existing one, they’ll be able to access the note in Evernote and immediately start working on it. You’ll never have to go hunting through your inbox to revisit feedback on your shared notes again.

Find people you work with in Evernote

As you and your colleagues work together in Evernote, you’ll start to see their faces pop up in notes and notebooks. A spinning ring around their picture means that they’re currently editing the note.


Having an ambient knowledge of what your teammates are working on makes your team more open and connected. It also makes starting a conversation with anyone super simple—all you need to do is click or tap on the person’s image to launch a new chat.


Knowing that someone is editing the note you’re in is great, but that’s only part of the story. Evernote now also shows you the people that are working on shared notes in your note list. This awareness has an unexpectedly powerful affect. It gives you confidence that work is progressing on the things you care about and it draws you into conversations, just like overhearing someone mention a project you’re a part of.

Work Chat and Context

This concept of connectedness goes beyond the projects you’re working on now. With Work Chat, you can elevate your entire team’s work by sharing articles and notes you’ve discovered through Context.


Roll over any article or note to reveal the Work Chat icon, and click to share it in a chat. If you’re an Evernote Business user, you can also quickly start a chat with a person that may know more at your company.

Try Work Chat now

Make sure to update Evernote or click here to download the latest version and try all the new Work Chat features for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. You can also use Work Chat in our clean, focused new Web app. Let us know what you think in the comments, and happy chatting!


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  • Tamas Hak-Kovacs

    Please, tell us about your plans re Penultimate. I am never ever going to download from you anything until Penultimate is fixed or at least until you have the courage and communicate clearly the opposite (i.e. you are not going to fix it because you just do not care what users want). You have stolen our notebooks. Worst company ever.

  • Formidable

    For me, always-on instant messaging is the opposite of productivity. To improve productivity in my day-to-day, I disable email notifications and turn off IM. I deliberately make it harder to contact me in order to prevent trivial and unnecessary interruptions. (That means call me or page me if it’s important. If it’s not important enough to call or page, then it sure is hell doesn’t need “instant” attention. It’s really rather odd to say that a phone call is the “hard way” to get in touch with me.)

    I applaud the growth of Evernote and the development of new features. This one, like most in recent times, is of no use to me, however.

    I’d like to turn-off chat and make sure that no one can IM me. I don’t see an obvious way to shut it down. Any ideas?

  • Plane Wryter

    While Work Chat appears helpful for small teams/groups–its presence has introduced a major regression in functionality for an important group of Evernote users (ahem, like me)…

    There are many times when Emailing a note is all that’s needed or wanted. Candidly, EN-Users like me do NOT want a Chat function–we want an Email (only) function.

    Since Work Chat appeared, Emailing notes almost disappeared–if you’re lucky enough to find a way to Email an EN-Note…it’s a kludgy, non-obvious process that varies by platform.

    Shame really, because the experience is very UN-Evernote.

    A plea to EN Product Management: Please restore the ability to simply, quickly & easily Email a note (without “Chat”) to its prior glory. Those of us who absolutely do not wish to even take the risk of the possibility of revealing our contact list (which seems to be the case with Work Chat) thank you.

    Please RESTORE EMAILING an EN-Note (in addition to Work Chat).

    Thank you.

    • Guust

      Totally agree with “Plane Wryter”… I just wanna email notes… not always start discussions… And I want EN-notes to be RECEIVED by receiver…

    • ikomrad

      Well said. I don’t need to share anything, in fact my notes contain sensitive, private information that want to secure so that they cannot be shared!

      • rick

        Many of us have NO USE for work chat. Email works GREAT for collaboration.

  • John Paul

    Not sure what all the hate. It sounds like the two commenters here don’t have to work collaboratively.

    This feature could solve a handful of our project process and documentation issues.

  • BB

    Was excited to see this roll out but for it to truly work EN needs to store other EN contacts/groups. It never seems to work if you add EN user name (only email), and creating a group chat is very clunky and frustrating. Again, love the idea, the bugs, not so much.

  • David Gray

    I have to agree with the griping. No, I don’t work collaberatively, so what do I care. And yet, just having a new feature that might be useable is nice. However, even after reading all the help, I’ve wasted too much time. It says click on the Work Chat icon in the left panel under notebooks; well I can’t find any reference to work chat anywhere, except the icon you click to send one. I’ve wasted way too much time on the subject and I’m over it.

  • Hans

    Sad that we have to put up with Work Chat … not a feature I want to have or use – this is a personal tool between wife and myself, and we want to use it as a diary.

    • Rasmus

      I agree with the critical voices. Evernote is a great and wonderful app, but yet another chat is not what I want to increase my productivity. I wish Evernote would take a few steps back and be less cluttered, focus on what makes Evernote great: note taking!

    • NewUser

      Seems like you are all mostly missing the point of adding this feature. Why does every YouTube video end with people begging you to comment and subscribe? Engagement. If Evernote can get us to ‘use it for everything ever always whenever you need to do something’ then we’re like a captive audience. Like Facebook. Not going to happen Evernote.

  • Tim

    Productivity is a function of how I manage my work, not how others manage my time. I set aside time for collaboration and time for work and time for rest. I exercise my choices as I see fit. This is more nag-ware than productivity-ware. I can see it adding to stress, not adding value (I already have so many IM tools), and avoidance of building the features I really want (like a good editor). I imagine people at Evernote walking around with headphones, earphones or fingers in their ears – anything but listening to the voice of the customer. I was such an EN fan, now I don’t use it at all.

  • drifty

    Evernote, please don’t try to become monolithic. 🙂 Waiting to hear why one would need a chat program integrated into a note program…(as opposed to two separate programs)

  • M'kali-Hashiki

    This is great, as I co-create workshops & webinars. It’s good to not have to switch applications (I use an ipad) to have remote mtgs with my co-facilitators. The only thing that would make it better would be to be able to insert the content back into the note. Unless I’m missing how to do that (other than copy each message & paste)?

  • J Smith

    work chat is a disaster of a feature, it forces non-evernote users to sign up to view doc note etc.  Aggressive policy by the company. Great companies listen to their customers. Give us the option to turn it off and remove it from all platforms. Thanks you

  • Micke Skogström

    I would really like to be able to have a chat per note. That could be usefull. But now every note I would like to discuss with my colleague appears in the same chat. That really makes it less usefull. I have Skype for that. Thanks for a mostly great product thou 🙂

  • Sciencewerks

    The Evernote folks do note get what is being discussed here. They have REMOVED the ability to just share a notebook via email. No one I work with uses bloody CHAT and won’t think to look there. I don’t WANT to publish an open link to my file. Why would I? Unbelievable. Why do your people insist that all is well when it most decidedly is NOT

  • Joel Iwashige

    For the last while, I’ve been nagged periodically to start a chat–in my current use of Evernote, I have no need or desire to do so. I stumbled on this blog post in my search for a way to disable the notification–it appears I’m not alone in feeling like this is being crammed down my throat.

  • KinneyRob

    I’m with the other commenters. It is not helpful to have workchat crammed down our throats. It’s not EVER going to catch up with SLACK so why not just sort out some options for those of us who don’t want to have to use it but do want to share notes?

  • Steph

    Sheesh….i really don’t get all the hate. if you don’t want to use it, don’t use it. For some of us, it’s actually HELPFUL. Like when my boss is in court and needs something but can’t use her phone bc they aren’t allowed. Now if only i could figure out how to get notifications of messages………