Meet Evernote: Zeesha Currimbhoy

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Meet Evernote: Zeesha Currimbhoy

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 18 Dec 2014

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 18 Dec 2014

Zeesha Currimbhoy leads the Augmented Intelligence (AI) team at Evernote. The AI team is responsible for improving the Evernote experience by evolving the app’s ability to anticipate what will help people work better. We asked Zeesha some questions about Evernote’s vision for how AI will reshape the way the world works.

What is augmented intelligence at Evernote and why is it so relevant today?

At Evernote, we believe the best software experience combines the strategic thinking and creativity of the human mind with the massive computational power of machines.

The more you use Evernote, the better it should understand how you work, think, and live.

It should be able to amplify your innate mental abilities with just the right amount of machine intelligence to make you more productive, smarter, and more in control of your life.

Over the last decade, our access to information has shifted from scarcity to overload. We also now have smaller, faster processors powering devices like smartwatches that can show rich contextual information. This shift opens up the landscape for relevant, dynamic experiences that solve the information needs of our users.

Tell us about Context and how it supports Evernote users’ work.

Context is about helping you do your best work by surfacing high-quality, relevant content to assist you in making smarter decisions. By adding this depth of information to your notes when you need it the most, Context enhances your work with new information you might not have otherwise known about.

And all this happens just as a function of working in Evernote. The information we surface comes from several places: your own prior work within Evernote, related work from colleagues, and highly relevant external content in the form of news and people that will make you more well-informed about the subject.

Do you have a vision for creating a better Evernote experience?

Not so long ago, having a laptop or a smartphone was a luxury. Today, people often have multiple devices, including wearables. If you think of the Evernote experience, there is rich content being created and consumed on all of our devices, but in very different manners.

The way you use Evernote on your laptop is not indicative of how you would use it on your watch. But users don’t need to understand the differences between platforms. We want Evernote to be able to understand how you interact with different devices, the content you create, your interests, and the context for your work, and from that be able to present the most optimal experience for you at that given time.

How does Evernote factor its users’ privacy into these types of feature innovations?

All of our Context features are based entirely on sophisticated algorithms developed in-house. No user data leaves the boundaries of our service, so users’ content is always secure.

What has your experience been as a woman in tech?

For me personally it has been great! To me there is nothing more rewarding than building stuff that changes or touches the lives of millions, and doing it while always being surrounded by highly ambitious and motivated individuals. To be completely honest though, it does get a little lonely not having as many women in the field.

What do you like best about working for Evernote?

Hands down it’s the culture and the people! I have never worked at an organization with such a level of openness. The culture at Evernote fosters a lot of great ideas and respect for one another. The people are a pleasure to work with—very smart, driven, and most important, super passionate about the product and making a difference.


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  • Grant featherly

    Question, I’m using the free version of Evernote. I have a data base of stations that I would like to shair with my wife on her iPad but when it’s not connected to the Internet she can’t read everything in the record is there a way to shair all the info without being on the Internet?

    • Josh Gibbs

      Hey Grant,
      One of the only ways I can think of is to right click on either the note or notebook in which you have the information you’d like to share with your wife and “export” it. If she is using Evernote, you can save the file as a .enex (an Evernote file) and she can open it easily with Evernote.

      Of course, you will have to some way get her that file when she isn’t connected to the internet. You could maybe email it to her phone and she can transfer the file via Bluetooth.

  • Buck Danielson

    When I create a new Note it seems to go into my list of Notes in chronological order. Can I arrange them alphabetically?

    • Jim Bradley

      Does anybody have an answer for Buck Danielson re. “alphabetical order” or we just going to get ignored as usual?

      • Taylor Pipes

        You can sort notes alphabetically. For example, on Evernote for Mac, click the Note View Options menu icon (near the top of the Notes List). The “Sort by: Date Created” (or one of the other options) should be displayed. Select the sort criteria “Title” and all the notes will appear in alphabetical order.

        To learn specifically how to sort by your device click here:!/article/23192143

  • Balki

    Thanks Zeesha for leading the AI team and making my experience of EverNote better!
    EverNote is one of the few apps that seems to get context right. Even as I use the clipper, I am pleasantly surprised how accurately the notebook name is auto-selected.
    Congratulations on doing such great work even though the results of your work are subtle!

  • Ed Bradford

    Twice now a large important file I’ve kept in Evernote has been cleared. It’s as if a “select all” and delete happened. Since Evernote silently writes all files to disk, the information is lost unless there is some sort of persistent “undo” capability in EverNote. Without such a disaster prevention feature, Evernote is not useful for any important information. Is there such a feature or another way to simply go back to last week’s version of the file?


  • Davis Fields

    I wish you’d work on the Evernote foundation before going into chat and AI and other stuff. The formatting of Evernote tables is kind of a joke. Lists can’t be re-ordered. Notes shared in a web browser appear in a thin vertical column that is sometimes useless (especially if they contain tables). Is anyone working on those things?

  • Greg Wardlaw

    I had a problem with Tags. I thought for a long time I did not have permission or something was not checked to allow me to add tags. The problem was “Click to add tag” at the top of a note is grayed out. So, when I clicked and nothing happened I thought something was wrong. I was expecting a pop-up page of my tags when I clicked on “Click to add tag”. I think others are having this issue as well.

  • Osman Eralp

    My biggest frustration is the inability to get a cork-board view of my notes. If you had this one feature, I would be able to sort my notes in logical order. Added to notebooks-within-notebooks, this feature would profoundly improve the functionality of the product

  • Oliver Black

    I know absolutely nothing about EVERNOTE. A friend installed it on my computer & I’m now trying to understand how it works. Is there a very simple explanation somewhere that explains Evernote and how it works ? Start at the very basic and works up. I’m not familiar with Note, Tag…etc.

    • Taylor Pipes

      You can start by reading this Getting Started guide:

  • Stephen

    The biggest thing for me is need for OCR, I love writing and don’t ever want to give it up, there is nothing better than being in a meeting with pen and paper and focusing on the individuals with you. However sharing written notes is not ideal unless your in the creative industry. I don’t want to re-write my notes into proposals or minutes I want to edit them and send them on.

    Please if there is one thing Evernote does this year is to add an OCR function for translating text (handwriting specifically) into text.

    This would make me and many other people really smile and love you guys more.

  • greg

    When can I get recurring events, such as every day or week. Or have a built-in calendar. Also what would make Evernote much more organised for my work is sub-folders. I have to put a lot of notes that are related in a single Notebook. I end up Having to create renamed Notebooks

  • Peter elkingto

    Was a keen user of Evernote but since it crashed some months ago and having informed EVN. OF THE PROBLEM MANY TIMES WITH NO RESPONSE!! I no longer trust the app and have moved elsewhere. It will take some convincing for me to go back..,

  • Some Guy

    “To be completely honest though, it does get a little lonely not having as many women in the field.”

    Her reasoning being that men are not real people? Talking about gender is entirely irrelevant to the subject of Augmented Intelligence and appears to be an instance of feminazism infiltrating the Evernote team.

    Equality is valuing content of character – not filling some politically correct quota.

  • David

    It’s a real shame that you don’t allow exporting files to pdf

    • Jenny stratton

      Agree with this.

  • galo sane

    Hi thanks and I would like to know how it works by joining the discussion?