Evernote Tips for a Productive 2015, Anywhere

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Evernote Tips for a Productive 2015, Anywhere

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 05 Jan 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 05 Jan 2015

What will you accomplish in 2015?

For all that you set out to do this year, there’s Evernote. Throughout January, we’ll share tips, shortcuts, and tricks to make the most of your Evernote experience. Perfect for powering productivity, whether you work for yourself or on a team.

We’ll publish all of our tips on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Be sure to share your favorites using the hashtag, #EvernoteTips.

Evernote, everywhere

The best advice in getting started is to use it everywhere you can.

From morning to evening, at home, in the office, and everywhere in between, Evernote works the best when you use it wherever you are.

Evernote is available for just about every device and platform, including smartphones, computers, and on the Web, making it easy to access it anytime, anywhere.

Download Evernote now >>

Evernote is available for all of the following:
Mac OS X
Windows Desktop

iPod Touch
Windows Phone
Windows 8 (Touch)

Evernote for Android Wear
Evernote for Google Glass

Your first note

Creating your first note is simple. Here’s some ideas of the type of content you can capture with Evernote:

1. Snap photos. Capture images of whiteboards, products you see in store, parking lot numbers, and wine labels.

2. Attach files. Drag and drop files, or use the paperclip icon for attachments.

3. Record audio. Capture audio, useful for lectures, meetings, and interviews.

4. Create to-dos. Make a to-do list, grocery list, or packing list. Check off items as you complete them.

Customize your system

There’s no wrong way to use Evernote. Here’s two extremely helpful articles from Evernote users about how they organize all of their content with tags. Model your system based on their structure, or create your own.

How I Organize Evernote: A Peek Inside My Personal System, by author and entrepreneur Michael Hyatt.

Using Evernote (the right way), by Thomas Honeyman.


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  • Ryan

    It would really help me to use Evernote everywhere if you had a native linux desktop client.

    • dl

      i’m a premium user since 2013 and on linux full time, wasted so much time getting evernote working under wine, and still, the best combination of evernote version and wine version i got working are far from good enough for me.

  • Alex

    This new version is horrible. Give us the users the option to roll back to our previously installed version.

  • Adam

    I disagree completely. The folks at Evernote have created a lovely, elegant way for us to use multidimensional searching to simplify our lives, yet you are advocating eliminating one of the dimensions entirely (!). Would you also advocate eliminating height, width, or depth? I don’t think so.

    By using a combination of notebooks AND tags, I am able to do extremely precise searches whilst keeping both my notebook array and tag cloud at a reasonable size and easy-to-use architecture.

    I run a marketing and branding agency in the Bay Area, CA. I have multiple clients with multiple projects happening simultaneously. I keep all client notes in a unique folder, so it’s easy to look at all client activity at once. I use the tags to describe the type of job we’re doing for each client, so I can look at (for instance) all web site jobs simultaneously. If I tried to do this all with tags, my Evernote “desktop” would be a mess and not enable me to see, just by looking at the desktop, what clients are active at any given time.

    I don’t understand why you would take such an elegant tool and dismissively say “half of this is useless!” Ultimately it would make the tool much less useful and harder to use. The combined use of notebooks and tags means I can quickly go from an extremely high-level look at things to an extremely granular one with almost no effort. When they’ve given us multidimensional searching, why would you toss out one of the dimensions?

    Sorry, but to me this makes no sense.

  • Dave

    I agree with Adam, I love the new versions – simple layout, easy to use and very powerful.

    I help teachers, administrators and students use Evernote and they are always impressed with it and wonder where it has been all their life.

    Here is my Evernote resource page:: http://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com/p/evernote-for-education.html

  • Rob

    What Ryan said…I’d pay for a linux client.

  • JG

    Would love to see a native linux client. Been a premium member for years and have used all the alternatives, but they just aren’t the same!

  • Magnus

    I too would love a native Linux client. I switched over from Windows a couple of years ago and will never go back 🙂

  • Gordon

    I love Evernote, but I also can’t “use it everywhere” until you have a native Linux desktop client. It’s disappointing that Evernote devotes resources to tiny niches like Google Glass and Blackberry support, but you continue to ignore millions of Linux users :(. Here’s hoping you reconsider Linux support in 2015!

  • Robert

    As others said, a linux client is sadly missing.

    What’s even more unfortunate — the app for Chrome web browser does not work offline (or at least not reliably). Too bad, while travelling, I am often with my (linux) laptop and without internet connection.

    There are other apps that use html5 to work reliably offline and sync whenever connected, I hope evernote can do it too.

  • Francesca

    Would love to see a native linux client. I know hundreds of people that also have the same need, especially researchers. PS Many linux users appear as windows users in stats because the
    use EN through wine.

    • Adrian

      Yup, lack of a linux desktop client is the biggest deterrent right now…

  • Dustin

    I also would love to see a native Linux client. Using a web client is just not the same. If a Chrome OS app can be made I don’t see why a native Linux client cannot be done.

  • Nugar

    For some reason, everytime I search looking for a Linux client, I just get the image of a 2 year old kid crossing its arms, pouting and saying I’m not doing a Linux client. As some other comment says: there’s a Blackberry client, but not a Linux one. Shortsighted. I’m an Evernote Premium user, btw, but I’m stuck with the web client and the Android client.

  • Brian

    Long-time premium user here, and full-time Ubuntu Linux user. If Evernote made a desktop Linux client, it would be incredible.
    It appears from the long list of “Linux Desktop requests” in the replies here that it’s something the users desperately want, but don’t feel they have a voice within Evernote to share their needs. Evernote is the singular program I need that keeps me from cutting ties to Windows. Fortunately the Web version is better than it used to be (though kind of difficult to navigate – in the quest for a ‘clean’ look, it’s become kind of obscure what to click and how to navigate).
    So, Evernote Devs – PLEASE, make us a Linux Evernote Desktop!
    Thanks 🙂

  • Jessie

    So true. Honesty and everything redzonigec.