Capture, Record Audio Into Evernote From Anywhere

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Capture, Record Audio Into Evernote From Anywhere

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 07 Jan 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 07 Jan 2015

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The sounds of work and life surround us.

From a lecture being delivered in a college auditorium to a team meeting in the office, spoken words are an important type of the content you need to succeed.

For professionals like doctors and lawyers, the ability to record and remember their words later is crucial. Creatives like writers, musicians, and composers use Evernote to capture sounds around them in an effort to strike a creative chord or play back their work.

Audio captured and shared with Evernote even helped in the orchestrate the closing ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics.

Tips for your audio notes

1. You can type inside Evernote while audio is recording.

2. Drag a prerecorded audio file into Evernote to automatically create a new note. Or, drop an audio file into an existing note.

3. If you need control over file size or recording quality, think about recording in a different program and then attaching (or dropping) it into a note.

We makes it simple to capture audio into Evernote from your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Here’s how:

Mac and Windows Desktop
1. Open a note and click the microphone icon.
2. Click Record.
3. You can type into the note while you are recording. If you leave the note, the recording will stop and automatically save. A red dot will appear on the Evernote menu bar elephant logo to indicate that a note is currently recording.
4. When you’re done, click Save to stop recording and save the audio to your note.

iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
1. Open a note.
2. On the bottom bar, tap the microphone icon.
3. When you’re finished recording, tap Done to stop recording and save the audio to your note.


1. Open a note.
2. On the top bar, tap the ‘+‘ icon.
3. Tap Record Audio to start recording a note. On the top right, you will see the time length of your recording.
4. When you’re done, tap the checkmark icon on the top left to stop recording and save the audio to your note.

Windows Phone
1. On the Home Screen, tap the microphone icon to start a quick note that will begin recording audio. You can also tap the microphone icon on the bottom bar of any of your existing note.
2. On the top of the note, you will see a green box indicating the exact length of your recording.
3. Press the checkmark in the green box to stop recording and save the audio to your note.


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  • Chris

    Might be worth mentioning that the audio recording stops in the android app when the screen turns off. Personally I just use one of the third party apps that keeps recording when the screen turns off and then share with evernote. It’s scary to think that just about every android evernote user has to learn this the hard way.

  • Paul

    I would really love to have a simple and quick way to have the audio transcribed into the note. I know there are some sevices that do it for you but it would be great if it happened automatically like the ocr in handwritten notes.

  • Greg Harton

    What are the limits to audio recordings? Could an entire lecture or speech be recorded as one takes notes, or does the app have a limit of how large a file it will accept? Worst case would be starting to record something only to discover its limitations in the midst of the recording.

  • Arvid Bux

    Would love to be able to set the recording source though. Now it by default takes my laptops microphone, which means that when I’m listening to a phone call (VOIP) or a web cast, I can’t record this without having the microphone record the speaker sound.

    In essence, there are very few settings I can modify to really make the most out of this audio recorder.

  • kim davis

    Iagree with chris bcuz many ppl forget this fact when using a smartphone

  • murat kayi

    “If you need control …over recording quality…use a third party app”

    The in-app recordings of evernote audio notes sound like crap. They’ve been doing so since years. They sound like 8bit files which clip immediately and certainly make it hard to “remember everything”. When will this get fixed?

  • Marissa

    Just downloaded Evernote again for my android (4/14/15), but I can’t find the microphone option anywhere. All I get are Camera, Attachment, Work Chat, Reminder, Handwriting, and Text Note. Was there an update that got rid of it?

    • Jack

      I also can no longer find the audio note option anywhere in the Android version, as of 8/22/15. Let me guess- it’s now a premium feature?

  • Paddy

    i find that audio recordings are easily interupted by incoming phone calls – does anyone else have this issue and knows a work around?

  • Scott

    I can’t seem to sync the audio recording notes from my iPhone to the desktop or web versions of Evernote. I’ve tried syncing, closing and reopening, etc. Any tips?

  • sharon

    How do I get evernote to stop recording, I have no idea how I turned it on and even less of a clue how to turn it off. I just wanted to make a note to myself – I dont want to record anything and now I cant switch it off! Cant find any instructions on how to do this simple thing!

  • Pedro

    Could not find a way to change my audio input source. It’s set by default to my iSight and that works ok, but I would like to set it to my audio interface, so I can use a better mic. Is it possible? Tried to change de input source at System Preferences>Sound>Input but it kept recording from the webcam mic. Is it possible? Thanks

  • Mike

    Trying evernote for audio on an S7. these instructions:
    1. Open a note.
    2. On the top bar, tap the ‘+‘ icon.
    3. Tap Record Audio to start recording a note. On the top right, you will see the time length of your recording.
    4. When you’re done, tap the checkmark icon on the top left to stop recording and save the audio to your note.

    do not match the UI….

    I also don’t see an evernote rep in this discussion, so not even sure why we are posting here…

  • Lou FW Israel

    Fourth article I have read to find out how to change the recording title from the date and time to an actual description.
    Fourth failure.

  • Christina Mallou

    I use the recording feature a lot in lectures but when I have to listen to it again, my written notes are often a bit mismatched with the notes. I do use keywords when writing along side the recording, but could you update the audio-file so it follows the writing, or has an option to do so?

    Ex.: When I start the recording there’s a dot on the left side, and if you hover over it, it shows the time of your entry. (ex 00:05:21) Next time I write something (since I’m not dictating the lecture anymore) another dot would come up (ex 00:32:45), that way I would have the key points marked in the lecture. Or if I did it by subject, when the lecturer changes subject, it would be clear in the audio.

    It could be an awesome function!

    • Yertu

      Sycronized notes with audio is a must have feature and Microsoft is doing this but Evernote still did not keep up with that idea.