Dictate Notes Into Evernote for iOS

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Dictate Notes Into Evernote for iOS

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 08 Jan 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 08 Jan 2015

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Sometimes, you need to quickly capture an important detail or remember a memorable idea.

With Evernote for iOS, you can dictate your thoughts directly into Evernote.

Here’s how:

1. In Evernote, open a new note.
2. Tap the microphone icon on your device keyboard.


3. Start speaking and your words will begin to type in the note.
4. If you need to include punctuation, simply speak ‘comma’ or ‘period.’
5. Once you’ve finished your idea or thought, tap Done.
6. Then, save your note.


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  • Glenn Berkshier

    This can also be accomplished in the Android version of Evernote using any keyboard that supports voice to text transcription – like Swype or SwiftKey.

  • Owen Peery

    LOVE IT. I work with SPED teachers at SFUSD and this is a feature they can start using with their students immediately, and we will probably be able to reduce the number of licenses of speech to text apps we need. Thanks so much!

  • Wayne Stiles

    This is awesome. A way to do the same with fewer steps is to create a contact with your Evernote email address. Then simply tell Siri to, “Email Evernote.” There’s nothing left to do but dictate your note after that. (And you never opened Evernote.)

    • Tom

      Hey Wayne– can you walk me through this? I don’t get how you create the Evernote email address. Thanks!

      • Chris

        I found how to email Evernote on their website: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23480523

  • Brett

    I couldn’t believe how well this works! Although, iOS finds my Kiwi accent a bit difficult to follow from time to time – but then doesn’t everyone?!

  • Paul

    This can be so much more than notes. People use Evernote and dictating for writing whole blogs (not single blog posts, blogs!)