Scannable: A New Mobile Scanning App from Evernote


Scannable: A New Mobile Scanning App from Evernote

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 08 Jan 2015

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 08 Jan 2015

Given how much the modern workflow relies on mobile devices, mobile scanning needs to be better. Mobile document scanning doesn’t happen in a vacuum — one way or another it’s part of a larger process in your life that a scanning app should speed up, not slow down. Done well, a great scanning app should emphasize action, not archiving. It should be about the words on the paper, not the paper itself.

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That’s why we’re happy to introduce Scannable. Available for iPhone and iPad, Scannable is designed to scan and share fast because those receipts and documents don’t belong in your camera roll.

Mobile scanning at its best

Scannable is fast. Point the app at your receipt, business card, or document, and Scannable captures it. No buttons. No fussing with edges. No tweaking color. It’s all automatic. Once scanned, each image is queued to a tray within the capture window, making it easy to quickly review or chain together multiple scans.

From card to contact, instantly

A business card is about the person, not the paper. Whatever it is we do with a card today, it doesn’t get us any closer to the individual. We may stash the card in a drawer, possibly never to be seen again. We may even take a photo of it, which gets us a picture of a piece of paper. Neither are very helpful in establishing an actual relationship. Shouldn’t there be a better way to elevate the human from the paper? Enter Scannable.


Scannable is the business card wingman that knows the card is significant only because of the information it holds. While the paper is trivial, its words are full of potential. Once you connect to Evernote and LinkedIn, Scannable immediately digitizes every business card you scan. It takes that information and adds in details from your contact’s LinkedIn profile, including a photo, so you’ll always be able to put a face to the name. Instantly save the person to your contact list and feel free to ditch the paper entirely (we won’t tell anyone).

Send paper on its way

Scannable makes it so that there is never a ‘now what?’ moment. It’s designed with your destinations in mind, so that a scan never gets stuck in your camera roll unless you want it to be. Quickly email discussion notes to all attendees right with one tap as you walk out of the meeting room, text a recipe to your friends, or save a contract to Evernote and other apps, right from Scannable. Once sent, your scan tray is cleared so that you can begin the next session with a fresh start.


Better with company

While building Scannable, we wanted to simultaneously improve the desktop scanning experience behind our amazing scanner, the ScanSnap Evernote Edition. In doing so, we thought about office scanning and asked why all-in-one office scanners made group scanning so clunky. We wondered whether it was possible to do away with the tangles of cable, the shared local storage drives, and the keypad inputs entirely. As it turns out, it is.


Scannable allows anyone in the office to simply connect the app to the ScanSnap Evernote Edition over WiFi. Scans appear right on their mobile device, streamlining the process entirely. Simply walk up, drop documents in, tap your phone, and walk away. The two pair together to provide a cheaper, faster alternative to current workplace solutions. It’s the best one-two office scanning combo available, period. Check it out in the Evernote Market.

Paper smart, not paperless

We understand how important paper is to getting work done. From our image and handwriting recognition to our partnerships with Moleskine and Post-it®, paper is in our DNA. Scannable is the next step in how we approach paper and productivity, and we think you’ll love it. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Angel Otero

    When Evernote it’s gonna launch the iOS and Android App at the same time. The Android users always have to wait for the good Stuff. 🙁

    • Joseph

      The development tools are not as streamlined with Android as they are with iOS. With iOS, apps, thoughts and ideas can quickly and efficiently become reality. Not that Android is a bad platform, it just takes a little more time and effort. It will be out soon 🙂

      • David O

        I get iOS is ‘easy’, but you make your Android customers feel like second class citizens. Disappointing you can’t allocate resources to develop for multiple platforms and launch together. I don’t like being a second class customer!

        • Marc

          Ugh. Stop whining and get an iPhone.

        • Gil

          Agreed. Evernote is ignoring the larger market in not releasing for both platforms. I use Evernote every day, which is why I became a premium member but it is frustrating that all the new tools come out for i-products first and then it is a long time — it seems — before the tools are available for Windows and Android.

          • Rick

            I don’t think they are ignoring the larger market. I would wager there are more iOS users of their product. Android may have the overall larger market share, but with Evernote.
            I use both platforms and wish they would add their handwriting notes to iOS. That is a significant Android app advantage.
            There are many Android scanning equivelants. Personally, I use CS Scanner and find it provides a superior scan.

      • MaikR

        Almost two months now…

        • Perry

          Rick —
          Of course there are MORE IOS users… it only works on IOS… Reminds me of surveys at Apple conventions asking “who prefers Apple products?”

          At any rate.. I have went with a competitor.

      • MaikR


      • MaikR

        From your community forum:

        Posted 06 May 2015 – 02:34 PM
        Since we released Scannable in January, we’ve received lots of questions about a potential Android version. Although we don’t usually comment on our product roadmaps, I wanted to share our thinking here.

        We’re thrilled with the early positive response that Scannable has received and we are eager to bring it to more people. We’re still in the early phases of the product – each version involves rapid experimentation and significant code changes as we learn. There’s a lot about Scannable that we love, but there’s also a lot that we want to change to see if we can make the experience better. This process is one that is most efficiently done on one platform, so that’s where we’ll be for the time being.

        So for now, the short answer to “When will Scannable come to Android?” is still “We don’t know yet.” We’ll update the community as soon as we know more.

        Thanks for your continued support!
        P.J. from the Scannable Team

      • Nate

        It’s now December of 2015, still no Scannable for Android. What does “It will be out soon” mean?

        • MaikR

          And, it’s been more than a year now and still no Scannable for Android… but hey, it seems the integrated document scanner of the Evernote App got a really nice update including the detection and adjustment features. Very nice! 🙂

  • Tor Ivan Boine (@TIBoine)

    whats the difference on this and the evernote camera except the UI?

    • JEFFREY v.

      The scannable app detects and adjust instantly.

    • Nuno

      I had the same question ! However, if you think that non-Evernote users might download the app, come to like it and see that they can upload the files to Evernote, this might be just another channel to convert people over to a free account in Evernote and then later on to Premium.

      In addition to that, after using Scannable for a couple of minutes, there are some slight benefits of using Scannable over the built-in Evernote camera: it seems that you’re able to fine tune the cropping of the document/image prior to saving it, where in Evernote you can only do that afterwards and you’re limited with basic cropping of the image. Also, Scannable has the link with Scanscap, which might be a plus or not, depending on whether you own one or not.

      • Maik

        Again another UX.
        Again different functionality (read: no support at all) on different platforms.
        Again a seperate product where the flagships lacks this kind of features.
        Again Evernote did what it always does… lacking focus.

        Besides that, it seems like a nice little product… that should have been ‘abstracted’ from the main Evernote client, available with the same overall UX on all platforms and devices.

    • Glenn Farrell

      Further to @nuno’s reply, scannable generates a PDF qhich can be multi page or single page whereas Evernote snaps each page as an image. I require both at different times, so I’m using both (I’ve been a beta tester for scannable; I can’t live without it!)

      • Tienes

        I cannot get to generate pdf’s, only JPEG…

  • Hector

    coming to Android soon, I hope?

  • Oletros

    What we think? That premium users that don’t have iOS devices are second class citizens.

    We pay the same amount than iOS users but we don’t have the same level of support or applications.

    • Matthew D Lyons

      I get the frustration of Android and Windows Phone users. I use iOS devices, but my wife — who runs a business — uses and Android device. She can use these features on her iPad, but her phone is with her more often than a tablet. Something tells me that EN user data shows a heavy concentration of users accessing the app with iOS devices. Nevertheless, there are plenty of Android users that deserve the same features, particularly premium (paying) members. At the very least, it would be good to clarify whether Android and Windows Phone users can expect to see this app, as well as whether all the features convey. I’ve noticed a number of things that are in the main EN app for iOS devices that are not included in the Android version. It just seems kind of silly for this to still be an issue in 2015.

    • Gaviot

      Why the Android users always have to wait? I feel like second class citizens.

  • kmf


  • Michael Powell

    Non-iOS user? Move along, nothing to see here…

    Why not even a mention of other platforms? Should we assume this is an iOS only release, or that Android (and others) will see it in the next year or so?

    • Glenn Farrell

      Note evernote dev comments above about development lifecycle for iOS being faster than Android – not a criticism of Android but a fact of the dev tools provided for each mean that iOS allows faster development.

      • Hans

        If Android takes longer to develope, they they should start Android development earlier, instead of making it an excuse. That a project management deficiency. Android deployments far outnumber iOS. It doesn’t make sense on any level to dis that audience.

  • Cody

    Adding all ScanSnap support would be incredible. Like for myself I have an iX500 and love it, but I won’t be buying the dedicated Evernote one just to have this functionality. Please add support.

    • Brian Meagher

      I’m with you Cody. I have the ScanSnap S1500M and would like the app to talk to it too.

    • Doc Rock

      I have both the ix100 and ix500 so count me in too.

    • Glenn Farrell

      I’ll +1 that too!

    • Gilbert


    • Alexandre

      +1 on compatibility Android + non-Evernote SnapScan IX500 (Premium Evernote user in Europe, so no Evernote Snapscan versoin available to me)

  • Henning

    And where exactly is the Android version for the less cool users?

  • David

    I agree with the other posts. Need it for Android too!

  • SGreer

    I own a Mac, and an Android phone. I pay for premium, and only get *some* features that premium subscribers get. The biggest disappointment with Evernote is their lack on continuity between OS/web/mobile. Yes, designing for all systems is hard, but that’s why we pay the premium price tag.

  • sthig

    I have to admit, this does feel second class that android gets sloppy seconds (or nothing in this case)

  • wayne

    EN has favored IOS over Android since day 1. I guessing everyone at EN has Mac and iPhones. Android people never get past the interview. Seems lately they want to be like Apple, more marketing and less substance. Everything in the EN Marketplace is insanely expensive for what it is.

    When someone comes along and competes and supports Android, hopefully EN will wake up before it’s too late.

    Since I’m ranting – “Chat” in EN??? Seriously? Run out of things to do? The new feature list must be completely done because there aren’t enough chat clients out there. /rant

    • David

      What Wayne said…

    • Achim Bohmann

      VERY true. I am using windows phone, so I am even not second but third class user. I often cannot believe that there are new “features” implemented instead of getting the platforms on the same level. Maybe Evernote wants to hire me as a Windows phone developer

    • DG

      Exactly my thoughts on the “Chat” feature. Really? We need this??? I get the IOS bias though, I think they are serving up their largest market first, but it would be nice if they then pursued parity with Android instead of adding useless chat features.

    • Jeoen

      +1 for Wayne.

      -1 for EN apple fan boys

    • Julian

      +1 to wayne

  • MattUK

    Another disappointed Android EN Premium user. Sounds great, guys you should at least let us know if we can expect to see it down the line. Matt.

  • Jared Davis

    I don’t understand why people get so frustrated over platform specific features. When I signed up for Evernote Premium, there was no mention that Scannable would ever exist. To me, it’s an awesome bonus. Additionally, it has always seemed wise, from a business perspective, to develop for Apple first. With iOS, they have a limited number of variables to account for, compared with the widely varying options available for Android users. Develop a stable build on a reliable platform, then move on to the more complex task.
    As a long-time Mac user, I always felt like a Windows app arriving on Mac OS was a gift, an exciting change, rather than a deserved recompense after years of neglect. I don’t people should complain about not receiving things they were never promised at sign-up, though encouraging the company to listen to user demands will always be valuable for both parties.

    • Matthew D Lyons

      Jared, I think the rub has less to do with features not promised when people signed up, but missing out on features introduced subsequent to joining — particularly when those features are made available to iOS users who similarly had not expectation of new features.

      As I stated further up, EN must be relying on some data that drives them to develop for iOS. It’s not always first, it can be exclusively. There were features in Hello on iOS that never made it into the Android app.

      Finally, I think the point about variables with Android is an old argument. Most Android devices run on a version of the OS that supports the features. Given that Apple now supports four different screen sizes with phones, the fragmentation line is getting even more passé.

    • Adam Faulkner

      Well said Jared.

  • Dirk

    Sad! You should switch to Android first.

  • Chris

    What was wrong with the scan (camera) functions in Evernote? Why a need for a separate app?

    • Jorge Ferreira

      You can easily (as in directly) share to other apps from scannable, as this is a specific function app, it is super quick to get your documents scanned and on the way.

      Works great

    • Christian Lorenzo

      Exactly. As an Android user, I’m not that upset over the developers only releasing it for iOS because I don’t think the app offers a functionality missing from the current documents camera, save for ScanSnap connectivity.

    • Glenn Farrell

      Scannable serves a differnt purpose from the photo component of the EN app. For one, it generates PDFs instead of images. And it’s standalone and allows a different kind of sharing. Yes, I originally asked the same questions as you, but after testing scannable for a couple of months now I’d be lost without it – and I still use the EN app camera extensively, but for different tasks.

    • Hans

      The built in doc scanner for Android app is extremely buggy. I got to this thread today because I can’t take it anymore. It’s fickle, working some days and others completely AWOL when it comes to capturing one or more doc pix. I’d trade EN Chat for a solidly working doc scanner any day of the week and then some. Bugs me that I have to go to a 3rd party app to do what EN should have nailed the first time.

  • Dace

    I agree it seems silly that there isn’t even a cursory mention of a roadmap for other platforms (especially premium users), however something for non-iOS users to consider is that YOU made the choice to select that platform when you purchased the device. You knew there would be more scattered and slower support for a more fragmented OS… especially for NEW products. If you didn’t know that, that’s your responsibility for not doing your homework. I could use a BlackBerry and say the same thing. It’s disheartening to see people constantly complain about others’ choices without taking any responsibility for their own.

    • Oletros

      > You knew there would be more scattered and slower support for a more fragmented OS… especially for NEW products

      Perhaps it is time to stop that.

    • Mark


      Or maybe EN could reduce the android subscription fee to allow for those of us (who made the bad choice you think we made) who are getting the lesser product?

      83% market share suggests EN are missing the point with their constant dev in iOS and utter neglect of android.

      • Glenn Farrell

        Why reduce the subscription fee for Android? As a fragmented development environment it costs developers *more* to make apps. I read a while ago that one large app developer (can’t remember who, but it was not Evernote but was a similar size) said they have to test on 100 different android devices – and that just covers the ‘mainstream’ devices, not the cheapo no-name devices – to ensure compatibility. iOS simply does not have that problem. And you want android development to cost less to the end user?

        • Mark


          Your comment above suggests you have personally have been testing for MONTHS on ios, and the blog announcement doesn’t even mention the largest user base for mobile? Give me a break. Fragmentation? blah blah blah is all anyone hears.

          The dev comments about development tools are also nonsense, I suspect it is only that they are more familiar with the iOS environment. Other companies are more than capable of developing for android, and EN is being left behind.

    • Matthew D Lyons

      I doubt that anyone makes a purchase of a smartphone or tablet solely based on whether EN is going to support and develop for their particularly operating system. Further, I think that most people would work on the assumption that since EN is available on Android, the company would keep its primary app, and other tie-in apps, current and just as feature-rich on Android as iOS.

      There is kernel of truth in what you said, but in reverse order. Interestingly, I think that EN keeps you locked into iOS once you become accustomed to getting new apps and features. I came from an Android device to iOS and have thought about going back. There are enough apps on iOS that are either exclusive or cross-platform but updated first that likely will keep me on iOS.

      I don’t get the frustration with iOS toward people using Android devices, who simply want parity in the app experience. Free or premium, the features should be the same, or don’t offer it on platforms other than iOS if you’re going to consistently give short-shrift to people (faithful EN users) on Android or Windows Phone.

  • Caitrin

    No Android? Sad… I use a Mac at work but ALL my home devices are Android/PC. Aside from the obvious affront that the web-app being hundreds of times better than the desktop version is… I really wish Android users weren’t an afterthought.

  • John McLaughlin

    I just played with it and was really impressed. It’s automatic mode worked very well and did a spectacular job in my (albeit limited) test case.

    Overall I’m very happy with it and it solves real problems for me (documents that I can’t get the scansnap to scan because they are bound or odd sizes or I’m just away from said scansnap)

  • Dave P

    I’ve been an EverNote user since it was a paid Windows XP (Tablet Edition) application. I remain a Premium user but the lack of any focus on Android apps may finally drive me to OneNote. I am very disappointed with EverNote’s direction.

  • Mac

    I’ve downloaded the app and played with it with a few notes, forms, and receipts. So far I’m pretty impressed. I really liked the doc scanner built into the Evernote app itself, but I think I’m going to like this better.

  • Apostolos

    Τhe Scannable will come for android, and if so ever;

  • Alex Brunner

    Also anoid, premium user but android on the phone. Are android user second class? Or better second class premium user?

  • Frank Thelen

    Dear Android users, check Scanbot same basic idea better and more flexible App. Free 🙂

    • Ange Otero

      Thanks for the Tip. Really great app and sync with EN.

    • Hans

      Thanks for this tip. Going to try it.

  • Dov Begun

    Noticed what seems to be a small bug in Scannable. Scanned a receipt on my iPhone 6+ using Scannable. Captured the receipt fine, and I was able to send it right to my Evernote account. I added a tag but when I tried to change the “title” (it seems to autogenerate to “Scanned document”) I could not “see” the cursor and the title anywhere on the page. I typed it in “blind” and it worked, but I could not “see” the title to delete “scanned document” and properly re-name it.

  • Rui

    When will Evernote release a Android version?

  • Brantley

    App works well and I like it. One issue – why does the scan show up as an attachment on a note? I’d like to click a note and it show the image. It works this way with the camera feature in the EN app. If the scannable image shows up as an attachment that requires more clicks to view, then this is not an improvement. Any way to change this?

    • Glenn Farrell

      It shows as an attachment because it’s a PDF. The app generates a JPG, which displays in-line.

  • Jonathan

    This is the review I just left. Color me impressed.

    I am a heavy Evernote user and I use the excellent iOS app all the time. I frequently snap documents, post-its, white board sketches, and what I call “Napkin-CAD” using the iOS app and have found it to work flawlessly. Why then do I need a mono-tasker app like this, I asked.

    I got back from a party tonight and, new business cards in hand, I figured “what the heck… I’ll try it.”

    Let me tell you that I was a convert from the second this little magic app located my new acquaintances on LinkedIn, added properly formatted entries into my contacts including a freaking photo, and then let me fire off an email to each of them in seconds.

    I love the feature that prevents my photo roll from getting cluttered with receipts photos. I love the streamlined user experience of contact addition. Finally, I love my new secret weapon: Scannable by Evernote.

    Thanks to all the developers that sweated the details in this gorgeous and fluid user experience. Take it from someone that knows: programming something “simple” is VERY complex. Your efforts shine through. Well done.

  • Ashish Bogawat

    Wow, it’s amazing how heavily in favor of the Android the comments are, and the fact that no one at Evernote has bothered to say anything at all here. You guys, this is YOUR blog. Do you even read the comments yourself?

    • Oletros

      It seems that they don’t care

  • Helen Connor

    When Oh When is Evernote going to release the Android App at the same time as the iOS App – I am a Premium user and I do not like the fact that Evernote is continuously releasing iOS and not Android

  • sencan

    i need its android version

  • John Bunaes

    I have tested the app today and it is very easy to use, but I prefer to attach scanned documents/recipe/photos etc as a pdf file. Will that be a possibility in new versions?

  • Janette

    Love the app – it would be perfect if I could launch it from the Today screen

  • Michael H. Gerloff

    Reading all the Android complaints asking for a reduced fee it seems they do not see the point: Following them any new feature or app should make the EN Premium *more expensive*. Every user pays the 5$/month for the state of the art, as I do since 2011.
    And I remember when there were features for the Windows users that we, the Mac people, had to wait and wait and wait. This never reduced the value of my EN account.

  • Paul

    I’ll add my voice to the rest who want an Android version of the app.

  • rex

    sorry..but I love the feature where I can take a photo in Evernote and just send instead of typing the entire whiteboard. Scanning would be cool but Evernote is still a great collective of all information. Yes, android is a second or after or non-thought but when they give us that feature it will be great!

  • Gan Sharma

    I completely understand the angst of Android users, but here is what is going on. (I am a 100% Mac / iOS user, btw). Although Android has a much higher installed base, it is a fragmented one, whereas most iOS users are in the current version. This makes it easier for developers to develop for a big audience quickly.

    What is going to happen is that loyalties will shift from devices to apps, as more specialized devices become more ubiquitous. We’ll all no longer be “Apple-loyal” or “Samsung-loyal” or even “iOS-loyal”, but app-loyal. Personally, I am “Evernote-loyal”, “Scannable-loyal”, “Livescribe-loyal”, “Noteshelf-loyal” and “Waze-loyal”. (Note the loyalty to Noteshelf, not Penultimate.) There will be pressure on all of us to pick our devices that run the apps we want. Complaining about app developers not supporting our chosen platform is going to be less and less effective, but it is perfectly understandable.

    • Rae

      I’m sorry, but I have to agree with the others…These comments are strongly calling for Android functionality. And, I have to add that if you’re 100% Apple/Mac/iOS world, how do you even know what the current state Android fragmentation is? With the first release of Android 4.0, Google was addressing the issue of fragmentation. All formats could run the same version of Android. That was *3 years* ago now! For more than a year, 90% or more of Android marketshare was on Android 4.0 or above. Now, it’s closer to 100%. So, that means, developing for this one platform gives you functional access to hundreds of devices – and paying users begging for Android to be supported is a bug clue that they want the treatment as iOS users. The previous poster who talked about reading about the cost of development for Android due to fragmentation, well the key to what he said was in the comment he shared…awhile ago I read… Yeah, *awhile* ago. The fragmentation excuse just doesn’t hold water any more. The numbers bear that out. So do user requests.

      I know of two other major development teams who develop for both Android and iOS. Both say it’s easier to develop for Android. They also cite much easier updates and that in order to try to release the apps closer together, they have to submit the iOS app months before the release due to Apple’s long approval process. All I’m saying is that gives months after submitting the iOS app to be working on one for Android – and still release together. One of the developers stopped trying to bring both platforms out at the same time because they felt it was unfair for Android users to have to wait for the iOS approval before their Android app was released.

      It’s clear, Evernote favors iOS. They have tons of customers saying they don’t feel that’s the way it should be. Equal cost for both platforms should have real features. It’s part of what Evernote touts add their strength, cross platform support and accessing your files from anywhere. Only the platform support is warped in favor of iOS.

      I’m not sure they are even reading these comments, and the one post that mentioned Android basically said don’t expect to see it. I’m not OK with that. Saying that we shouldn’t want features that are available in the Evernote platform because they weren’t available when we signed up is also unreasonable…because when I signed up, the price was lower. As far as I’m concerned, Evernote needs to earn that price hike by bringing out new functions available to iOS and Android alike. To assume that everyone should be happy with the functions of a service to remain static because that’s what was offered when we signed up, just isn’t thinking globally. Other companies, services and platforms *are* adding features and improving. I expect that from any tech company. And I’ll repeat, they raised their prices…that should come with additional features. I know there’s now a cheaper tier, but the things I need Evernote to do such as make all pdfs searchable, is still only found on premium, which now costs more.

      Add my voice as multiple requests for the same functionality on Android add iOS – because our multi Evernote Premium user family will never own an idevice. In the meantime, I’ll start looking at alternatives to Evernote as a previous poster suggested. Other platforms are working hard for Android users’ business and catching up with Evernote’s functionality. Maybe it’s time to give then a proper look and leave Evernote to their iUsers.

  • david

    i need the app for android

  • Phil Bernstein

    I like it a lot, with one complaint so far: when I save to Evernote, I can pick the notebook but (as far as I can tell) can’t add tags.

    FastEver Snap, which I’ve been using up until now, allows tagging. For me that’s huge.

    Is there a way to tag noted off of Scannable?

    • Rene

      I agree, it’s annoying not to be able to tag. I have to sync on my computer and then add the tags, so that’s an extra step I didn’t really want.

  • Matt

    Is this just another entry into the myriad ways that evernote has offered to scan business cards? Let me know when you plan to stick with one and make it work well!

  • Stefan

    Where can I find the Android version?

  • Anton

    I tried using Scannable App to scan a business card and it is quite frustrating actually – it will find the full profile on LinkedIn, picture included, but when you save it to contacts, it won’t save the full profile but just bits of it. Am I doing anything wrong?

  • David Varela

    Seriously? No android? Come on, please!

  • Christopher

    Any idea whether Scannable scans to PDF rather than to image?

    • Nishanth

      yes, you can choose between PDFs and images in the settings.

  • Jim

    So all you”Android” users are all in a snit that you dont get some of the EN stuff at same time as Apple? My my my, not so long ago, did Apple have this stereotype of being the system that could not keep up with Windows or PC or those other guys… Couldn’t get all the same software, as those “other guys” Etc. Etc. “DON’T BUY AN APPLE, THEY GOT NOTHING ” statement was heard all over the land.. Did those other Operating systems care about Apple supporters? Oh no… Well now, you can see how it feels.. Time to get with the real world.. Get AN I have had Android and it was fine, couldn’t get back to Apple quick enough.. but as much as everyone says Android is so great, tweakable and all that other crap that Android is supposed to be able to do, IT AIN’T APPLE.. You want the best, want to be treated the best, then get the best. Don’t complain when your “Android” isn’t considered “top of mind ” by the developers.. It is just business with these guys. Hey AN APPLE and you move to the front of the line………. Rant over….hehe

  • Andrei

    Android! Android! Android! Please do not cater only to fans of Apple!

  • Max

    Thank you Evernote for another great product

  • Tim Reynolds

    Will there be a Scannable widget for iOS8? At the moment, I use Evernote’s widget to quickly capture docs and receipts, but Scannable certainly seems more convenient.

  • Kyle

    I tried to download but it is only for iOs 8. Mine is a little outdated. 🙁

  • CM

    It is really good. but should be needed ‘Silence mode’ when capturing, because It will almost be used in Office, Library and Reading room. So, Could you support ‘Silence mode’?

    • Bubba Jones

      Push the ringer switch to off.

  • Tony

    I just started using scannable on my iphone. Every document I scan is stored as a photo, is it possible to save as a PDF ??

  • Kate

    Can you tell me how to save the contents of a scanned business card into iPhone contacts? I have no problem scanning the card. I then try to “assign to contact” and it brings me to my contacts but there is no way to add any information. Thanks!

  • Khalik James

    I switched to iOS from android over 3 years ago because most developers create for iOS first (whatever the reasons). I hate to be harsh, but you all have to get over it. This is how it works right now. If you want the latest and greatest, get an iPhone.

    I think the real question is, did EN just give away one of there premium features for free? Wasn’t unlimited business card scanning a feature you could only get as a premium user (I think you got 5 scans per month for free)? How do premium users feel about that?

  • Dave

    A question apart from the Android drama…. I’m a longtime EN user, first time iPhone owner. I was just going to get started scanning my mountains of business cards into EN using the Camera>Business Card option within iPhone EN. What are the advantages of Scannable? It seems all of the functionality (related to business cards) is already in Evernote.

  • Peter Payton

    I just downloaded scannable and it’s working perfectly! Thanks so much to the developing team for creating such a great application.

  • Jonas

    I love the app, but whenever I use it to scan business cards, only the primary email and phone number actually get imported into my contacts. All emails and fax numbers show on the contact sheet in the app, but once I save to contacts, half of the information disappears. Is there a way to fix this?

  • MA

    This is a nice idea but boy does it need some more development!

    – Business cards workflow is not easy to understand. You have to go through an odd workflow to save a contact to iPhone contacts. Not sure you can connect on LinkedIn. The Evernote app is far, far better at this.

    – The document scan doesn’t produce as clean documents from paper notes (i.e. meeting notes) – they are more photo like than those from the Evernote app
    – The interface is again different from other EN apps which means it’s difficult to understand what’s going on. I like the instant access to the camera and no need to click the camera to capture a doc. What happens after that… not so good.

    Keep up the good work – looking forward to v1.1

  • David Kraft

    Yeah, EN early adopter here. Business Premium member. And Die hard Android user.
    I own the Evernote Scansnap.

    forever disappointed in this proprietary bullshit in the context of a company that says “It’s your data”.
    iOS is the silly sandbox.

    Still waiting as usual.

    Waiting especially for document tagging. paper size is not an intelligent design.

    When are we going to have keyword recognition for classification ? come on – break open the box!

  • Kristof

    A real time saver, thanks guys!

  • Robert

    I Would like to start with congratulations, best scanner I’ve used and definitely the quickest. Glad I gave up on android for ios as I’m delighted to have this app.

    One change I would like. I often have to send clients e-mails of the move of scanned documents and they often call with “I don’t seem to be able to open the attachment, can you send a different format”. A radio button / tick box for different formats, so I could send a in a couple of different formats would stop these calls for a resend in a different format. I would also like to select that the image goes to an e-mail and Evernote at the same time. I’m a busy guy and appreciate anything that saves time.

  • David

    If it costs the same for people that have Androids and people that have IPhones and pay for premium then you should release the apps at the same time.

  • Jeannie

    my scannable app is generating jpegs, not pdfs

  • Gabriel Moura

    Looking forward to the Android version!

  • Andi

    I like the scannable app. But it needs to include the ability to add tags before shipping it off to Evernote. I downloaded the app because using the Evernote camera crashed the Evernote app. Scannable works great, but I have to go to the note once it appears in Evernote and add tags then. It would be better to add tags at camera click. 🙂

  • Stephen Scott

    iOs only launches for apps is a true modern day sign of douchebaggery at it’s finest. Argue all you want, excluding an alternative platform is akin to saying your web site only supports IE6 back in the day. Sad.

  • Whiners

    Next time someone tells me how much better their ‘droid is than my iPhone, I’m sending them over here to listen to all the f’ing whining going on. Wah wah wah, where’s the Android version. *sniff* Get over it.

  • Michael Vaughn

    I’m so over this Android victimization I see every time something comes to iOS first. It’s simple physics:

    First, repeated surveys of app analytics have shown that iOS users spend more money on apps than Android users. It makes more financial/business sense to target them first. The larger worldwide user base of Android is a non-factor, so let’s stop wasting everyone’s time by bringing that into the conversation.

    Second, look at what the Scannable app does from a purely functional standpoint:

    It uses the CAMERA on your MOBILE DEVICE to take a PICTURE of a document, which is then DIGITALLY MORPHED AND TRANSLATED into something coherent that’s ready for OCR processing.

    Scannable for iOS requires devices that can run iOS 8+, and is optimized for the iPhone 5 and up. That’s four different phones with four different cameras. Given Apple’s penchant for streamlining production, those same four cameras are also used in the iPads the app supports.

    Now what’s easier for an app developer? Optimizing a new app to work with four different cameras, or (according to the reports last August), the nearly 19,000 Android devices out there? That’s before we consider that almost 80% of those devices were running a version of Android that (at best) hadn’t seen an update since July 2013. Maybe that’s why the state of Android is “the most fragmented it’s ever been.”

    If you want to use an Android device, fine. That’s your choice. But don’t complain about the consequences of your choice to join a severely fragmented system, which occasionally means you don’t get to be the first person in the party.

  • Greg P

    Let’s be honest here. Who has the larger share of the smartphone market out of the two? That’s right, it’s Android. I agree, releases should be simultaneous no matter the platform, but if you want to please the most people out of the gate, go with the user base that is currently dominating the market.

  • Nick

    I’ve noticed a few questions about how to save as PDF rather than JPEG. There is a settings icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen when the camera is “looking for document”. If you open settings, you will see a “File Format” option, which allows you to choose PDF, among others.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Thanks for sharing this Scannable tip, Nick.

      • PING KERR

        Good discussion . I was enlightened by the facts – Does someone know How to Save as PDF?

  • Jorge

    Great app, hopefully will be ready for Android soon!, I do have an iPad but is not my main tablet, nor device, I prefer Samsung devices

  • Paul Vance

    Scanning receipts is one thing…but creating a report that can be submitted is another. There is still a missing piece.

  • Kevin K

    Scannable is wonderful when it’s not crashing. I paid for premium and can scan 4-5 items before the app becomes unresponsive, shuts down and is inaccesible. After that, there’s no solution but to delete and reinstall the app. That becomes “old” very fast.

  • Jay

    I hate that the resultant Evernote notes for business cards are not really editable — for example, I cannot add a picture.

  • Emil

    I’ve been an IOS user since day 1. Recently I got a galaxy note 4. Still have ipad. I’ve been an evernote user since day one too. I find myself asking this 1 question. Why neglect any share of a (excuse the pun) mobile market? I can be on IOS today and an android tomorrow. Truth is my business runs better on Android and thus my employees get Android. Evernote is critical for my maintenence company. But alas me, my business AND my staff get penalized for not being IOS users rather than rewarded for being premium evernote users.

  • Andres

    I can’t believe there is no scannable app for android yet. Please, at least give us a release date.

  • Ishan

    Scannable app does not loading in iPhone 6, ios 8.2

    – I have several reports that was scanned and i can’t get those
    – I have installed the latest update though it didn’t resolve my problem

  • Vijay

    Microsoft Released Their Office Lens for iPhone and Android. Which is much better

    • Rob Schertzer

      I’ve been using Microsoft Lens and it does an amazing job. Great at conference where I can snap a shot of the screen and it automatically corrects the massive keystoning so that perfect rectangle. And, because it’s an Android app, just click share and it’s in Evernote.

  • Hussein Yahfoufi

    Any chance for an iOS SDK for the scanning technology?

  • Matt

    This new feature is super annoying. While I’m turning the pages of a stapled article or flipping to get the right page of book the thing is off scanning random stretches of wall, desk, pictures of my laptop, etc., etc. Nice pop art pieces though they may be, I have to go back through and delete them. I’ve tried to get it to stop and wait for me to get ready to scan what I want but so far has been unsuccessful. I’ve been loyal to Evernote ever since a co-worker told me about it and have even gone to the fee-based version. This is how you repay me? OneNote’s starting to look interesting…

  • Agostino

    Love the evernote and scannable app on IOS… really want it on android. Its ao helpfull.

  • Johan

    Why not integrate this into Evernote? I’m on Windows and Android and would love to have straight to PDF scanning available on my Android device which I use to scan all my documents. Why does this need to be a separate IOS only app??

  • Brent

    a SDK for Scannable would be invaluable. I can’t find an SDK for the same kind of technology (auto detect edges and snap) anywhere.

  • Naser Torkan

    I already installed the scannable and Evernote and it is great for my biz. I faced a bad problem and need help.
    I was exporting the scanned docs to an app but at the end I stopped it and pressed cancel!
    Now there’s no docs in scannable and seems I lost them all.
    Please help me how to have them back or let me know wether they stored automatically somewhere in my iPhone!?

  • Veronica

    I’ve used the app and find it quite good, but there doesn’t seem to be a useable interface unless I’m missing something. Can’t get back to the start. My iphone keeps getting stuck on the screen where it is looking for a document to scan. No amount of tapping icons, shaking the phone, swiping or tapping the screen does anything. Help!

  • Leslie

    I have scannable love it love it love it however I am trying to scan older pics. The program keeps saving them as post its, I’m sure it’s probably something simple but I’m lost! Thanks!

  • marius

    When should we hope that the Android app will be launched?

    • Jeff

      Enough already – get out the Android version already, or admit that you don’t support Android — this is a key feature of Evernote and its omission is the primary reason I don’t use Evernote.

  • KR

    I am an Android user and share many of the same frustrations expressed in the comments. To the comments about how it’s easier to develop for iOS first, I feel like that’s any easy “out”. For a company who’s product is touted as being cross-platform, that capability ought to trump other factors (like adding Chat or other features).

    I’m actually pretty impressed by MSFT, which is now doing a great job of making its software cross-platform. Their release of Office Lens for both Android and iOS make it clear that if a company really wants to focus on cross-platform support, it’s eminently doable. Yes, MSFT is obviously a much bigger company than Evernote. But that just means that Evernote should prioritize its main functionality (cross-platform support) rather than adding multiple additional features (like Chat).

    I’m a big Evernote fan and user but at the rate things are going, I may well be saying the same thing about OneNote in the not-so-distant future.

  • James

    I’m an Evernote premium user and own 3 android devices. When will you release an android version for this app?

  • Ric

    I have been using scannable for about 6 months now, at first I was blown away but quickly that feeling of amazement became frustration. I rarely get the scan right and it fails to scan properly in a first attempt, it keeps “looking for pages to scan” on my iphone 6+ and it often scans half a page (even docs without images. In short, I have to manually fix and crop the scans when its done. very clumsy app unfortunately.

  • James

    why not integrate it with the original evernote application adding an icon beside the camera button with a document with camera overlapping.

  • Kai

    What about Windows Phone? I like my Phone, i like Windows Phone, i really like Evernote!

  • Gina

    I LOVED scannable until about a week ago – was there an update? It now no longer takes forever to automatically snaps the doc and sometimes doesn’t even recognize it correctly and the send feature is finicky. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Please give me my old scannable back!

  • Avery

    Feature Suggestion: Your comments system would be a lot more effective form of communication if it included date-stamps. Responses to user comments often include references to relative time. These are useless without knowing when the response was posted.

  • Marc Keil

    May it be Android time, please?

  • Converging

    Completely disappointing that Evernote prioritizes iOS (diminishing market) over Android (continuously expanding market). I went with CamCard instead of Scannable (which seems to do a better job recognizing white text on dark card backgrounds anyway, and can save to multiple targets simultaneously (Outlook, Gmail, Phone contacts, etc.)

  • Gordon

    Still no news on the Android version! Looks like that have abandoned the project 🙁

  • Marsha Wood

    Please, please, please consider adding an app for Android. I have not been particularly happy with Apple, so I hate to buy an Apple Product just to scan to Evernote. My Evernote is indispensible; Apple is not.

  • Carlo

    You know, I wouldn’t even be bothered about Scannable not being available for Android if there was an equally capable alternative. But that’s just the thing, there isn’t one!

    I’ve scoured the Play Store, downloading and trying every single damn scanning app that I could find. None of them fits my needs like Scannable did on IOS. The best solution I currently have is Google’s cooked-in scanning solution in the Drive app, though it doesn’t even remotely compare to Scannable (plus I had to move from DropBox to Drive, which also sucked).

    I will honestly pay good money for Scannable (or any equally capable app) on my Android device. I use these things on a daily basis in the office and feel bare without Scannable. All other IOS-exclusive stuff is easily forgotten, with equal or better apps available on the Play Store, but not Scannable though. They just plain got this app right.

    Let’s hope for a release date soon (please)!

  • Andrew

    Have been a Premium Member for years and NEVER owned an iphone/ipad. I think it could be time to switch to a new note keeping product cos Evernote clearly does not care for the android market.
    Why not have seperate fees, higher fees for higher service (IOS customers) and lower fees for lower service (Android). Same fees yet entirely different levels of service, product and love. I love Evernote but this could soon be farewell…

  • Richard Jones

    I must say that after a YEAR of waiting for android version of scannable, I am officially pissed. If the Evernote document camera app would take the whole page of my Leuchtturm1917 notebook, that would be OK. But it crops it off to a predetermined size that is not the size of the page. C’mon Evernote. Get with it!

    • kiwi

      I encountered the same problem. I have a receipt that Scannable keep missing the top or bottom portion. Waiting for the next release

  • Michael

    I currently use Camscanner to profit of the same functionalities (I assume). Automatic detection of format, resize, auto-contrast and so on. I hope Scannable will offer more than this.

  • Travis

    Over a year later and still no Android application. In a time when cross-platform development has gotten so much easier almost to a ‘click the check box of the os your building for and hit compile’ level of simplicity, you would think this kind of delay would be a thing of the past.

    Some sugest that this is because of market share of the users. Well, it makes sense that if you only make things available to certain operating systems, that those that use that OS will be the greater market share of your product.
    Others suggested that this is a problem because of Android fragmentation. Honestly that can be a bit misleading as well. If you aim for Android 4.4+ You will get a large portion of the Android market. That does make it 3 APIs to write toward, so alternatively could just write to the latest version (5).
    The main point would be, if you treated all users the same you might get more paid members from Android.

  • Cliff Morris

    I’m new to Evernote but I’m already an evangelist around the office. I recently switched to Scannable and like it better than the Evernote Scanner with one exception. The Evernote Scanner allows you to send a new business card directly to Outlook Contacts at the same time it goes to Evernote but I do not see that with Scannable. Does it have this capability?

  • David

    Microsoft has Lens which is pretty good. You could even consider moving to OneNote as evernote appear to be a little lazy with their development.

  • richard

    I bought xtra on scannable when i send mail it says server rejected message. Why

  • Sol

    I would love a Blackberry version. Can I have a Blackberry version?