How to Save Searches Everywhere you Use Evernote

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How to Save Searches Everywhere you Use Evernote

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 10 Jan 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 10 Jan 2015

Never hunt around for the content you need in Evernote.

With Evernote for Mac and Evernote for Windows, you can instantly create a shortcut for your saved searches. Just click into your search bar to show your list of saved searches, then drag your search into the Shortcuts bar.

Here’s how you can save searches everywhere you use Evernote:

Windows: Perform your search, then click the save search icon (magnifying glass with ‘+‘ symbol on it).

Mac: Perform your search, then select Edit > Find > save search.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: Perform your search, then tap the save search icon in the lower right of your screen (magnifying glass with ‘+‘ symbol on it).

Android: Perform your search, then tap Add to Home Screen.

To recall a saved search, click or tap in your search box. You’ll see a list of your saved searches appear.


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  • Dan Dill

    “Perform your search, then click the save search icon (magnifying glass with ‘+‘ symbol on it).”

    I do not see this in Windows Evernote.

    • Krish

      @Dan Dill they seemed to have moved it. First, create your search query and run it. Then go to the left most panel that has list of Notebooks, tags, etc. At the bottom, you will see “Saved Searches”. If you hover your mouse on the Saved searches header bar, the magnifying glass with the + sign will show up. Click on the + sign and then you can save the query you just ran. Hope it helps.

  • Kenneth Younger III

    My two wish list items for saved searches:

    1. The name of the saved search would appear highlighted or as a title to the list of notes when it is active. In the OSX client, where it shows “XX notes found”, it seems that would be a great place to have the name of the search displayed (with the quantity, still, of course).

    2. Links to saved searches in notes (like there are links to other notes).

    • Pedro Cruz

      Totally agree! links to saved searchs in notes would make Evernote much better and easier to use with the GTD methodology.

  • JMichael

    Why do you make it so hard to create a Saved Search on the Mac?

    Why can’t it be just like EN Win and EN iOS: “click the save search icon (magnifying glass with ‘+‘ symbol on it).”

  • Tim

    You cannot save a search or run a saved search from the web client, so my work-around is to save and star a note that contains the primary searches for my workflow (which at the moment is all untagged notes, search term “-tag:*”).

  • Waltzzz

    On the Mac it is impossible so scroll saved searches. Please fix!

  • Irene

    Is there a way to make a contact list of emails in Evernote?

  • KB

    On my iPhone running iOS 8.1.2, the Saved Searches appear after the lounge list of Recent Searches. So far down in fact that I initially assumed they weren’t showing up. Anyway to move Saved Searches above Recent Searches, or to request that if not? Thanks!

    • KB

      Sorry, autocorrect: “lounge” should be “loooooong” list of Recent Searches.

  • never

    @JMichael That would be making it too easy for people. Evernote always needs to put some obstacle in your way.

  • Adam L

    Desktop Shortcuts for Saved Searches

    For anyone interested, I recently blogged about how to create desktop shortcuts (icons) for saved searches. This only works on PC though, from what I understand.

  • Mathias Böni

    It would be great to add saved searches to the favorites section

    • Taylor Pipes

      That’s possible! You can drag and drop your saved searches into the “Shortcuts” area in the left hand panel. As you begin to drag your saved search, you will see it turn into an open book icon.

  • Nicca

    just use bitly, create an account, save each links for like Burger Recipe, Pizza Recipe, Ice cream recipe.

    you just paste it that’s it, it is saved, you can also search that burger recipe as you get more recipe’s, you can also edit the name and add/edit some notes

  • Th

    It is not working across OS X and ios