Choose PDF and JPG Filetypes With Scannable


Choose PDF and JPG Filetypes With Scannable

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 27 Jan 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 27 Jan 2015

Scannable has helped you move paper forward by capturing your business cards, contracts, and receipts that come your way, every day.

Many of you requested a setting to select your desired filetype – PDF or JPG.

You asked and we listened.

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Today, the first update for Scannable allows you to choose between PDF and JPG filetypes. Here’s how:

1. Select the Settings gear in the upper left
2. Tap File Format
3. Select PDF or JPG

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.08.58 PM

Here are the three options in detail:

Auto (default) – single-page scans are output as a single JPG file, multi-page scans are output as a single PDF file
PDF – single-page scans are output as a single-page PDF file, multi-page scans are output as a single PDF file
JPG – single-page scans are output as a single JPG file, multi-page scans are output as multiple JPG files

We will have more updates in the future, but please keep your comments, ideas, and suggestions coming.


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  • Hildy J

    Another slap in the face for your Android users. OneNote is looking like a better option every day.

  • Robbie

    Glad to see new feature added.

    Meanwhile, I am expecting the b/w and grayscale adjustment feature. it is a quite important one for this kind of app.

  • Bjorn vang jensen

    Crashes in iOS 8.1.3

    • Kurt

      I am also getting repeatable crashes in iOS 8.1.3. Won’t even load.

      • bob

        Yep, me too. After the last update from a few days ago it keeps crashing.

  • PM

    When do you plan to release Android version?

  • Ron Wenaas


  • Tim

    Android version please

  • Anabel

    Wish I could use it, don’t have iOS 8.0 and I can’t update it, thanks a lot.

  • Dan

    I’m a premium user and I am really tired of being left out in the cold. Another new feature available only to IOs users. This is crap. Android has a larger market share and yet you nerds think the world revolves around your childish Apples.

  • Stephen Clark

    Is there a way to change the ‘type’ of document that Scannable assigns to a scan? I’m scanning receipts and Scannable keeps on interpereting the document as a business card / contact. It’s really frustrating

  • Scott

    What is the timeline for an Android version. Looks very promising but I wouldn’t really know….

  • Bette

    This is a fantastic app. Will we be able to add TAGs in a future update?

  • Charlie

    Android….please. LOTS of us out here in the business world using Windows & Android……..

  • John N

    Please make the text selectable when scanned as PDF and you will hands down have the best Scanner app available. Great work with this app.

  • Nitin

    the updates are adding with awesome features that’s appreciable

  • Robert R

    Thanks for this! Great app, use it almost every day!

  • Christoph

    I must say, it is really, *really* disappointing that, as a premium user, I don’t get all available apps on android. In 2015 I really expect a company of the size (and market dominance) of Evernote to release something once its ready for all platforms. I hope the android scannable app will be released before I have to renew…

  • Chris

    Mine won’t scan to pdf. It gives me png files instead. Why?

  • Liza

    is it me being thick? or is there no way to tell scannable that youre scanning a multi page doc? every page I scan is put out as a single document. help!

    • Taylor Pipes

      If you are scanning pages in succession, take a photo of one page, then snap a photo of the second page, and so on. Each time you move on to the next page, Scannable should say “Looking for Document” until you place it in view. When you are complete with your scanning, click the check box. From there, you will see that you can send that as a single document (PDF), but it will contain all the separate pages of what you are scanning.