How to Create Notebook Stacks With Evernote

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How to Create Notebook Stacks With Evernote

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 29 Jan 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 29 Jan 2015

What will you accomplish in 2015? Throughout January, we’re sharing our favorite #EvernoteTips, shortcuts, and tricks perfect for powering productivity, whether you work for yourself or on a team.

Sometimes, you have notebooks that contain a common theme. Perhaps you’re working on blog posts for the month of January and you want to work closely with your notebook that lists content ideas.

With Evernote, you can group notebooks together so you can access them easily.

Note: Stacks in Evernote can contain a blend of both personal and business notebooks. But, they are only visible to you and cannot be shared entirely with others.

Here’s how to stack notebooks with Evernote for Android, iOS, Mac desktop, and Windows desktop:

Evernote for Mac

1. Select the notebooks from the side navigation menu.
2. Drag and drop one notebook into another notebook. Your new stack containing both notebooks is now created.
3. To add additional notebooks, simply drag them into your notebook stack.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.24.44 PM

Evernote for Windows

1. Select the notebooks from the side navigation menu.
2. Drag and drop one notebook into another notebook. Your new stack containing both notebooks is now created.
3. To add additional notebooks, simply drag them into your notebook stack.

Evernote for iOS

1. Navigate to your notebook list view.
2. Tap Edit in the upper right screen.
3. Select the information icon (“i”) next to the notebook you would like to move to your stack.
4. Tap Stack.

Evernote for Android

Adding notebooks to a stack with Android is a one-step process!

1. Press and hold a notebook and select ‘Move to stack’ or ‘Move to new stack’


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  • charan

    thanq very much..very helpful post

  • John B

    I would REALLY like it if Evernote would add the ability to have at least one more level of notebook hierarchy. For example, I have a stack for my work notebooks, but would like to create sub stacks for marketing and sales, administrative, etc. Recently I have started gravitating to OneNote because I can create as many levels of hierarchy as I want. I’ve read about using tags to do something similar in Evernote, but it isn’t nearly as clean as OneNotes organization. Im torn because Evernote is better at pretty much everything else, BUT notebook organization is the most important thing for me. Is there a technical reason why Evernote hasn’t given users the ability to create more levels of notebook organization?

    • Joel1245

      I’m with you on that John B. I’m feel the same way which is why I stick with OneNote. I’ve tried moving over to Evernote but the notebook and tag structure in Evernote doesn’t work for everything that I need it to do, thus, I primarily use Evernote as a glorified e-reader and OneNote as my primary note program. Plus, I find Evernote’s RTF and word-processing features way behind OneNote’s. These are two areas where Evernote fails for me. Thus, again, is why I stick with OneNote. Like you, I’ve tried organizing my tags and found that I didn’t like using an open tag to categorize other tags. I teach so when I write up notes for each lesson, I need my notes to be in a particular order. I’ve come to the conclusion that neither program offers all the features I need so I use both but OneNote is my primary.

      That being said, Evernote’s web clipper is years beyond OneNote’s. 😉

    • Andrew

      I agree with you — the additional hierachy make OneNote so much more effective at getting through complex tasks. Since any one task can require multiple pages to organize, not having that one extra layer of organization makes my projects far more cluttered. Evernote can you fix this please? I’ve loved Evernote for years, and was an obsessive tagger to get past this issue. Then I found OneNote which is now my primary work tool, with Evernote being my ‘everything else in my life’ tool.

  • GregM

    How about sharing the stack? Can’t seem to find that option.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Notebook Stacks can’t be shared because they are directly tied to your personal Evernote account. As a way around this, you can share note(s) or notebook(s) within your stack.

  • Will Radie

    I dont think this works anymore in the “New” Evernote… Maybe it is just chrome, but I can not drag any notebooks from the notebook list.

    Is there any other way to create stacks (or in my case, add to an already existing stack.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Here is our knowledge base article on creating stacks with Evernote. Right now, you can create a stack with Evernote on Mac and Windows desktop, Android, and iOS.!/article/23530443

      • Nora

        I can’t drag notebooks and create stacks either, working on Mac and chrome.. any tips?

  • ion-christopher

    YOU GUYS! THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF COGNITIVE BIAS … toward a FANTASY REALITY – So in other words in order to create a notebook stack I have to take ANY TWO NOTEBOOKS that DO NOT BELONG IN A STACK, THROW ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER, then PUT THE TWO NOTEBOOKS BACK where they came from – AND I’LL HAVE THE STACK that I wanted to create. OKAY FINE. :-O

    • ion-christopher

      Right … I’m going to .tag this: “How to MANUALLY Create a Notebook Stack in Evernote.”

      • ion-christopher

        This IE HACK is from Ion-Christopher, super veteran KM UX expert, and survivor of 6 waves of generational remixes.

        • ion-christopher

          Since the peak (pinnacle / Apex / Acme / height) of KM UX design in 1984-85…. (Watch your flank…!)

    • ion-christopher

      BEAT THE MACHINE Easy Hack
      Click on notebooks (get to the root).
      Create two notebooks sync or local (only in File menu) – name them D’oy1 and and D’oy2 or whatever.
      Repeat as needed.
      Use these for instant-placekeepers for when you JUST want to create a notebook stack.

  • Eliza

    Is there a way to create Template stacks, say for a client, and within that stack have various notebooks (e-mail, change orders, meeting notes, photos, etc) and the ability to copy the template stack for each client without having to recreate each notebook within the stack?

  • carmelo

    similar to the comment about hierarchy I’ve been wanting to create stack of notes (as opposed to stacks of Notebooks) so that we can create effectively a thread where multiple users can add-on the original idea/comment.

    is there any way to do that in Evernote today?
    is there anything planned?


  • marwan ghubein

    Everenote is my favorite Note , I use it to organize my phd notes and papers , It makes the task more easier , thanks to Evernote team.

  • David

    Would be really great if there was a “Create new notebook stack” option instead. I’d like to create the hierarchy from the top down, not from the bottom up. For example, I’d like to create a stack called School first, then create notebooks inside it for each class. Instead I have to create at least two classes first, then drag them together to create a stack.

    I’d rather create order first and put things in their place rather than start with chaos and try to organize things into stacks.

  • Ben


  • ali

    thanq very much..very helpful post

  • Paul Terry

    By far the weakest part of Evernote. I too would like multiple nested stacks, but until that occurs I’ll be forced to stick with OneNote.