Renew Your Sense of Purpose: Use Evernote to Organize Your Life

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Renew Your Sense of Purpose: Use Evernote to Organize Your Life

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 24 Feb 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 24 Feb 2015

Spring is often the time we take stock of our home in an attempt to clean and organize our surroundings and, by extension, our life.

That sentiment also extends to our workspaces, whether they are in a house or office. Renewing those spaces puts you in a position to tackle everything from taxes to professional projects as you head into spring.

Jeffrey Phillip is an organizer and designer who has some excellent tips for using Evernote to keep your personal and professional life expertly organized.

1. How long have you been using Evernote?

I made my first note in Evernote in 2012. To be honest, at first I didn’t even know why I was using it other than I had been told I would love it. It became evident to me very quickly that I agreed with my friends and colleagues, and since then, Evernote has become an integral part of keeping various parts of my life perfectly organized.

2. When you set out to tackle a project, how do you integrate Evernote into your workflow?

Evernote is part of my process from the very beginning when I first make contact with a new client. I start by taking notes on my first call and the journey continues from there. Evernote has become a more comprehensive way for me to keep nearly all of my project information in one spot. Before using Evernote, I struggled with using only a handwritten notebook because it would become hard to reference notes and keep all of the other relevant information together. Now, I can reference my notes more quickly just by typing in a search. Throughout my projects I save notes from meetings, floorplans, photos, inspiration, and important emails.

3. Is there an Evernote feature you use often?

Web Clipper is hands down what I use most. It makes it incredibly easy for me to save articles, ideas, product inspiration, photos, and recipes as I’m browsing the web. There is no more printing paper or saving photos to a random, hard-to-access folder on my desktop. Everything goes right into its proper notebook, gets tagged, and immediately syncs to all my devices. That’s time-saving organization at its finest.

4. Many of our users manage their professional and personal life with Evernote. Do you have tips for doing both without losing sight of productivity or goals?

I keep the two worlds separate and in order with simple tricks. For example, all my work notes start with “JP – “ to keep all work items together. I do a similar naming system with my personal notebooks, too. One thing I really love Evernote for home is to keep all of my recipes organized in one place. I have every recipe tagged by meal, main ingredient (e.g. poultry, appetizer, etc.), or specialty (e.g. slow cooker, gluten-free, etc). All of the tags for recipes start with “R – ” so they all live together and don’t get lost in a lengthy list of tags.

5. Can you provide tips for users who want to organize their home offices?

One small bit of universal wisdom for those of us working at home, or even in an office, is to keep your work area clean and free of distractions. Our desks can become overrun with stuff during our day, which can induce stress and foster a higher level of anxiety. A five minute break every so often to tidy up your desk will allow you to put your papers and your thoughts in order so that you can refocus your energy to the task at hand. Taking the time to do this at the end of the day is important as well. Even though you are working from home and may need to step out to start dinner, make sure you get your office, your thoughts, and yourself in order before punching the clock. It will not only prepare you for tomorrow, but it will help settle the day in your mind and allow you to be more available and present with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Photo credit: Adam Wasserman

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  • BL

    Maybe you can use this as constructive feedback and then delete my comment. It doesn’t have to stay. I signed up today wanting to learn about Evernote (just for my personal use) and it was a bit of a struggle finding information about what it is used for. But I did find your introductory YouTube video in the help section. Unfortunately, it is very hard to understand what some of the people are saying because the audio isn’t very clear. I am still looking for a very simple walkthrough of how I can use Evernote and struggling to find one. What I really need is a tool to create moodboards to embed into my blog. I have a feeling Evernote won’t do that. But I don’t know for sure. Thanks!

    • BL

      Hey, I found an evernote youtube video by Evernote Scott. It has eleven tips. It is excellent. Precisely what I was trying to find on the site. Thanks!

      • Navin

        Hi everyone

    • Taylor Pipes

      We would never delete your comment. Thanks for providing feedback. Now, to help with your question. Here are a few links that can help walk you through some high-level ideas to start implementing a moodboard for your website.
      Murally also connects with Evernote –
      Our Web Clipper – a great tool to capture and save material from the web directly to Evernote:

      Please let us know if we can help you any further.

      • Suzanne

        The first link is completely misleading. There are no tips or instructions about how to create a mood board in Evernote.

    • Werner Kuhn

      Hi – When I first started using Evernote, I didn’t know what to do either. Until, I came across a blog - – by Jamie Todd Rubin. Since reading his blog, I wasn’t able to stop using Evernote and it became more helpful everyday. Hope this helps.

    • Beth

      Everyone uses help and information in different forms – I prefer reading from the blogs others have mentioned, Evernote’s blog, and books written to help use Evernote. Just a thought…

  • Rob

    Hi! I’d love to hear a little about when you use Notebooks vs Notes with Tags, etc, etc

  • donnie

    Evernote sychronizes notes from my Imac to my iphone 5 where it is legible but really to small to be useful.

    Problem is that it does not sychronize files to my ipad where I need it. Otherwise useless.