Coming Soon: Evernote for Apple Watch


Coming Soon: Evernote for Apple Watch

Posted by on 09 Mar 2015

Posted by on 09 Mar 2015

Apple has an amazing knack for completely resetting consumer expectations for the categories it enters. That’s what we believe will happen for wearable tech. We’re about to experience a forward leap that will inevitably make memories of our pre-Apple Watch wrists seem grainy and sepia-toned.

We’ve long believed that wearable technology isn’t about miniaturizing apps to a new platform, it’s about rethinking apps to be quick and glanceable. An app on a watch doesn’t replace an app on the phone, it complements it. That’s how Apple Watch is designed, and it’s exactly what Evernote for Apple Watch is all about.

Evernote for Apple Watch

The iPhone and Apple Watch versions of Evernote work together beautifully. Dictate notes, perform searches, and see recent content on your watch when you need it. Set reminders and check items off your list without ever taking out your phone. Start reading a note on Apple Watch, then continue reading it on your iPhone with a swipe of the lock screen. It’s one app that moves with you from wrist to hand and back again.

We’re incredibly excited to be on the Apple Watch at launch. Stay tuned for more.


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  • CascadeHush

    Once again, Evernote waste their time with functionality that is irrelevant to 99% of users, and will be soon forgotten by the other 1%.

    I presume this has only been done for a bit of publicity, because you seriously can’t think this is going to be genuinely useful.

    Meanwhile, basic functionality, like a proper search function, goes neglected.

    • Gbill15

      Umm…the first thing that stood out to me was a search icon on the UI screenshot. I believe that to mean that it has search function.

    • slp

      I frequently use Evernote on my Pebble. One of my favorite uses is with shopping lists, not having to awkwardly carry my phone and keep unlocking it while carrying groceries. I, for one, look forward to the Watch version.

    • R

      I use Evernote when I go to the gym to keep track of my workout. I end up pulling my phone out of my pocket more than 20 times.

      I’m also a professional musician and like to make audio recordings when the moment strikes, which usually requires that I am able to hit record before I lose the idea.

      So yes being able to do these things instantly on my wrist is insanely helpful and I’m very excited.

    • Cck

      CascadeHush you must be on another planet to think only 1 percent of users will be using the watch… You must have some amazing data or crystal ball and it must be very very broken.

    • Brent Danley

      Search is one of the things I love most about Evernote. Especially within documents, etc. And that Evernote will have an app for the Apple Watch launch is one of the most compelling reasons for me to get one.

      • CascadeHush

        Search in Evernote is broken, in a bad way

        Not a week goes past when I don’t hear someone on a productivity podcast bemoan Evernote’s broken search.

        The evernote forum is full of post about people having issues.

        Just because there is a search box there, doesn’t mean search works. It does not allow you to limit the scope of your search in useful ways, and it routinely fails to find exact matches of text I know is in there.

        I have almost 10,000 notes in evernote. Evernote says ‘remember everything’ and ‘the more you put in, the more useful it gets’.

        Nothing could be further from the truth.

        It is completely unmanagable.

        The slogan should be ‘forget everything’, because unless you know exactly where something is, you are almost guaranteed never to find it again.

        I am angry that a product I have spent so much time learning to use has such serious flaws, whilst the creators try to grab headlines and not fix basic issue.

        HELLO EVERNOTE – the basic functions have to work first!

        • Austin

          Have you taken some time to look over the search grammar & advanced syntax articles?


          They discuss a lot of different ways to limit searches.

          If you’re still experiencing specific issues, don’t hesitate to contact support.

  • Adam Wright

    @CascadeHush – are you on apple or windows or android or what? My ‘find’ (search) experience has been perfect.

    I want Evernote to develop for Oculus Rift … & other VR platforms. And I realize the current user base won’t care about that or have use for it… doesn’t change the fact that EN can capture an entirely new user base to add onto it’s current w/

  • Joshua Risley

    Thank you EN! Haters will hate and innovators will innovate! Looking forward to this apple watch!

  • Debi Billing

    Yay! Just one more reason I want an Apple Watch! 🙂

  • Dan Ripke

    Looking forward to this SOO much. Will be a game changer!

  • Seanpharry

    this does not make me happy at all! I’m drooling over the apple watch but the timing is not right to buy it. EN just gave me another reason to feel bad about it!

  • Aaron_Feyd

    I was hoping to hear about this from EN. While a watch isn’t the perfect interface to use the full breadth of EN services, here’s what people should focus on: on-the-go note updating, lists, and reminders. ESPECIALLY REMINDERS. This gives EN uses a quick way to see what reminders are popping up at a glance and keep on doing what are doing, wherever they are. I applaud EN for jumping in with 4 feet and a trunk instead of playing it safe.

  • Christoph

    If Apple Watch would be interesting for me than that app would be interesting. But since the price of the Apple Watch and the battery time is a mess, i’m not willing to buy her.

  • Scott Hunt

    As Evernote lovers we’ve incorporated the note books you can sync such as the “Why did I eat all that?” note book in to the new ptWatch released on the 1st of April

  • Conrad

    It is great to see how an App works on the watch will inter grate with the IPhone. Well done it is a start.

  • Gan Sharma

    If there is just one reason I’ll get the Apple Watch, it’s because it will have Evernote on it on Day 1

  • Alex

    The watch app only displays a handful notes (mist recent one i looked at).. And it does not search from my entire note database.. So it is not useful for now. Hopefully they will improve it..