Productivity, at a Glance: Evernote for Apple Watch


Productivity, at a Glance: Evernote for Apple Watch

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 14 Apr 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 14 Apr 2015

We’re always excited when a major new platform launches. This has been especially true for wearables.

Designing and developing for an on-wrist screen presents unique challenges, but being able to extend the Evernote experience through glanceable content has been well worth the work. That’s exactly what we’ve learned designing for the Apple Watch—now available for pre-order.

As we previewed a few weeks ago, at launch, Evernote for Apple Watch will display notes relevant to what you’re doing at that moment, set reminders, and—perhaps most satisfying for many of us—it’ll let you check items off your to-do list.

Jamie Hull, our VP of mobile products, recently published some of the insights our team has learned about the impact wearables have on the future of software design at Evernote. We’ve excerpted a few sections from her article below.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.29.13 AM

What have we learned building products for wearables like Pebble or Android Wear?

Luckily we had plenty of past experience building for other wearables such as Pebble and Android Wear, and were able to apply key learnings to our Apple Watch app. Ultimately, we decided on a simple, approachable UI designed around a few discrete actions that would be valuable on your wrist.

Can you describe the Evernote for Apple Watch experience?

You can create a new note, search for a note in your Evernote account, receive note reminders, mark something done on a checklist, or view a short list of notes custom tailored to your situation, right now. Headed to a meeting? You might see the last meeting’s agenda and contact notes for attendees. Just landed in a new location for a business trip? Your note list could update to show your travel itinerary and restaurant reviews you made the last time you were in town.

The work experience is fundamentally changing with wearables. How did that play a role in building Evernote for Apple Watch?

For the note list, we knew that timely and contextually-driven content is particularly important on a small screen like a watch, and we wanted to build something optimized to work without a lot of scrolling. So we tapped our augmented intelligence (AI) team to create an algorithm that surfaces only the top five notes that are most useful to you in that exact moment, based on your location, meetings in your calendar, and how often you access certain notes. If you need to dig deeper into your content for more information, you can pick up right where you left off and access the same note from your phone.


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  • Chris Handy

    Not sure how the watch will shake out. I’m not buying yet. However, I’m willing to beta test for ya’! I know that if/when I do get one, Evernote will be one of the first things I set up.

  • Ryan

    Very excited for this! It looks like the only way to enter notes is to dictate text. Is it possible to make audio recordings from the Watch as well?

  • Leon

    As always I am happy to try something new from Evernote. I can’t wait to get the watch to try this new app. I can’t do without my Evernote.

  • John Clayton

    It’d be great if I could tell Evernote which note must always appear on top – in my case that’s my days todo list.