The Day's Work, at Hand: Evernote for Apple Watch


The Day’s Work, at Hand: Evernote for Apple Watch

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 24 Apr 2015

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 24 Apr 2015

With the Apple Watch now hitting our wrists, it’s time to explore the newest edition of Evernote for a wrist-sized screen.

We envisioned the Evernote for Apple Watch as an experience that would enhance–not replace–how you use Evernote everywhere else. Open the app and you’ll quickly see that it’s not merely a shrunken version of Evernote for iOS.

Based on our previous experience designing for smart watches, we optimized every Evernote for Apple Watch interaction for highly-productive 3-5 second glances. With these moments in mind, here’s how you can use Evernote for Apple Watch to enhance your everyday.

Remember everything

For matters big and small, you’ve never had a more immediate way to stay ahead of the day’s tasks. Set an Evernote reminder on your phone or desktop computer and it will surface on your Apple Watch at the right moment. Or, create new reminder notes on the watch itself.

Get stuff done

Whether you’re running around town or in the office away from your desk, keep your to-do’s and lists on track . Say you’ve completed a checklist item. Just open the checklist note, view your tasks, and tap that check box. Boom. Bask in the satisfaction of taking care of business.

Capture inspiration

The muses are fleeting, so capture your brilliant ideas as they happen. On your commute, on a hike, or after a thoughtful moment, just tap the plus symbol and dictate your thoughts. The Apple Watch will transcribe it and save it all to a note. If it’s time-sensitive, tack on a reminder. Huzzah!

Recall, totally

When you need to find a note fast, do a voice search to find and open it right from your wrist. Quickly reference a scanned business card before a meeting, review the day’s to-do list, or find a piece of vital information.

We’re excited to make Evernote available on the Apple Watch from the get-go. We’re eager to hear what you think. Tell us your thoughts and how you’d use Evernote on your Apple Watch in the comments.



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  • Simon

    I basically just want an Apple Watch so I can get Evernote on it. This is huge.

  • Rick

    I’d like to know if offline notes are possible. Kinda the way the music app stores up to 2GB of music without having the iPhone on/nearby. Reason being is that I work in a secure room and cannot have any type of recording device, etc camera, which means no iPhone. And there is no WiFi or cell signal available either. But it would be great if I could download certain docs/notes to the watch so I can access them when my iPhone is off and locked away. Thanks!

    • Chuck

      Hi Rick – Currently third parties cannot store data other than the app icon and UI elements on the watch. As capabilities improve, we’ll look to add new features such as this.

  • Hillol Sarkar

    Beautiful! Fantastic. Love it!

  • Giacomo Lawrance

    Really want an Apple Watch now so I can get Evernote on it!

  • James

    I’m looking for a way of syncing notes – sometimes lengthy notes – between my computer, phone and watch. I had hoped that Evernote would do this, but as far as I can see it only syncs the first few lines of text to the watch. Is there a way to ensure that the entire note, however long it is, is available on the watch? Thanks

  • Tobias Goebel

    On your “capture inspiration” feature: In addition to creating new notes through dictation quickly, I’d like to use Evernote on my Watch to keep adding to the same note. That doesn’t seem to be possible currently. Please add that feature!

    • Drewgong

      i agree. It would be better to add more than a brief sentence
      Being able to ‘blog’ on a subject would be good

  • Lori

    One of the big reasons I got the watch was for Evernote. I’m an author and I live in Evernote to record ideas. I love the dictation, and it’s surprisingly accurate… but God forbid I pause for a second! It forgets everything! That’s insanity. So I have to talk quickly and press DONE often. It’ll do for now, but it’s certainly not my normal routine. Having 1,000 notes already in my library, I can’t imagine how that number will exponentially increase with tiny snippets being added every few seconds! Is this a limitation of the app, or can this be expanded in a future update?

  • Marty Kaplan

    I can’t seem to get the app to show up in glances on my apple watch. When I went to my iPhone to install the app on my watch (“show app on apple watch”), there wasn’t an option (as there is with other apps on the apple watch) to “show in glances,” which would seem to be the MOST convenient way to access the app. Is this a capability that has not been developed yet, or am I doing something wrong?

  • David

    Evsrnote for the Apple watch does not work. My evernotes do not appear on my Apple watch even after I tried uninstalling the app on my iPhone 6plus, even after I deleted the notes and re-wrote them, even after I went into notifications on the iPhone and pressed every button possible. And guess what? When some of the evernotes did actually show up on the Apple Watch, while the other evernotes decided not to show up, the ones that did were incomplete, yet on the iPhone they were complete notes

  • Sid

    Which notebook does a note dictated from Apple Watch go on Evernote? I can’t find it on the Mac or the phone after I save it on Apple Watch

    • Ronda Scott

      A note created on Watch is saved in your default notebook. The note is saved locally on your iPhone until the next time it syncs with Evernote. You’ll see a green triangle with an arrow in the upper right corner of the note on your phone until it syncs. Make sure after you stop dictating the note, you both tap ‘Done’ and then ‘Save.”

  • Patricia Hogan

    Love the watch and the app! But, haven’t found out how to delete a note once I’ve done the task.

  • homeion

    needs work
    I like the EN on the watch, just to see the latest notes and to add a new note on the run, but the search function doesn’t work. Regardless of search terms, I always get the answer: “no notes found”.

  • Alicia

    Would love it if Evernote for Apple Watch allowed for specifics date and time to be added to the reminders like in the iPhone and Mac versions.

  • Mike

    It would be a lot more useful to me if watch displayed your shortcuts rather than your most recent notes.

  • Jeff

    I was hoping the reminder would tap/ping in a similar way as the reminders, am I missing something or is this not available?

  • cestasol5

    nice app 4 apple …

  • Melissa

    I bought an apple watch series 2, I installed evernote to my watch, but I have syncing problem. I cannot view the updated content of my old notes. And I cannot even view the content of newly created note. Does anybody get any clues?

  • Steve

    Are we able to search tags on the iwatch evernote app?