Introducing Evernote Plus and the new Evernote Premium


Introducing Evernote Plus and the new Evernote Premium

Posted by on 29 Apr 2015

Posted by on 29 Apr 2015

Premium models are tricky. To make them work, you need to strike the perfect balance between price, function, and audience. From the start, we focused ourselves on building Evernote over devoting time and energy to pricing theory. We knew that premium offering wasn’t optimized for revenue, but there were always other things to think about. Over the past several months we’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the years and applied rigorous research to get our paid offering right. Say hello to the three new levels of Evernote.


Evernote Basic
This is our free, starter option. This is where you’ll familiarize yourself with Evernote, install it on multiple devices, define your organizational style, and establish a workflow. You’ll learn, explore, and grow in this tier. There are a few limitations, but nothing that would slow an early user down. Stay here as long as you like. When you’re ready, check out our more advanced levels.

Meet Evernote Plus: $2.99/mo
Evernote Plus is new. It’s designed around the engaged, active Evernote user. You’ve figured out the basics and are looking for more space and more flexibility. This tier unlocks 1GB monthly uploads, offline access to notes on mobile, passcode lock, and the ability to automatically turn emails into notes in Evernote. All this for $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year.

The new Evernote Premium: Professional workhorse
Evernote Premium is the professional workhorse. We’ve upgraded it with 10GB monthly uploads and larger individual note sizes because having all aspects of your projects together in one place is key. We also packed every business-critical feature into Premium in a beautifully designed way that matches your needs. All of your writing, research, discussions, and presentations are kept together in a single place. No app switching. No digging for content. It’s all in Evernote. Go Premium for $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Get Premium for your team
Share your productivity secret with the people around you. Evernote Business is the easy way to give your team Evernote Premium accounts with bonus collaboration and administration functionality. Check it out.

penultimate tiers illustrations

The price is right for everyone
In addition to choosing features to match user needs, we also made sure that our prices were optimized in each country. In certain places, the price of Premium went up slightly or stayed the same. In other regions, the price went down. We feel strongly that price should be appropriate to your region and it shouldn’t be a barrier to getting the best productivity tool in the world.

If you’re currently paying and the price of Premium went up in your region, then we’ve locked you into your rate for a year, or more. As long as you continue in your current plan, your price will adjust at your first renewal after April 29, 2016. For those paying users in regions where the price decreased, please read our FAQ on how to switch to the lower price.

The choice is yours
Evernote is not static. It flexes and molds around your changing needs. That’s why we’re introducing these new levels. There’s one that fits you today, and another that will be perfect for your future self. Explore the three levels to find the one that’s right for you.


Evernote Premium

Upgrade for features to help you live and work smarter.

Go Premium
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  • Tevya

    Does Plus include the business card recognition features on Android? Right now I’m using it free for 1-yr with LinkedIn integration. But wondering what level I’ll have to have after the year is up?

    • Devon

      According to their new plan pages, that’ll be part of Premium.

      • Tevya

        That’s lame! I know they need to put some features in the top tier. But that seems like a basic one that should be more readily available. Especially since it’s one other apps can easily replicate. Most of us don’t need the contact info in Evernote. We need it in our contacts. So if another app will do it for free, we’ll go there. Should a plus feature. I think a lot of us would gladly pay that small amount, especially when we don’t use all the other Premium features.

        • Peter

          The price difference is $0.55 per week

        • Geert

          Pay something for quality instead of supporting copycats that offer generic versions for free

  • Mark

    Price is right for everyone?! Wow you must think we are stupid in the UK. Why is the plus half price of premium in the U.S. but nearly 15% more than half cost in UK?! Don’t use exchange rates as an excuse as they have no bearing on the cost ratio between plans.

    • Peter

      15% of the difference is just under $5 per year or $0.10 per week!!!! I’m not sure how this is such a big deal.

      • Jas

        Multiply that difference between thousands of users and it adds up. Funny how you are trying to put it all in “weekly” amounts like car dealers. We live in a 365 day year. 🙂

        • Joe

          International companies are getting lots of bad press in Australia over Regional Pricing. in the digital age, when development, service and support is centralised in one country why are some regions in the ‘global economy’ priced higher than the home jurisdiction? The quantum may be small, the principal is big.

          • IJ

            Regional pricing could be different because of the increased cost of meeting specific regulatory burdens in a given country. To end users the product might ‘appear’ to be the same but meeting region specific laws or adding additional data centers for faster application response does in fact add to operational costs.

      • Bill

        Mine just went from $3.49 to $5.49 in Canada. Thanks but no thanks, OneNote here i come.

    • Jakob

      Have you realized that instead of Plus being 15% higher than half cost it could be instead that Premium is 23% cheaper than usual? That’s a matter of perspective.

    • John Gardner

      yes – excessive pricing in the UK really ticks me off too!

      What quite often works is to see what options are open with your credit cards!
      via Amex I often get offered pricing in USD.
      and use to work out which is cheaper.

  • Jaymoon

    Before this announcement I had just the regular Evernote Premium for $45/year. What will happen automatically when my subscription runs out? Will it try to auto-renew at $49 or do I need to actively switch to Plus.

    (Storage space & bandwidth really don’t matter to me, purchasing Premium before was more for just supporting a service I use daily to keep notes)

    • Nicola

      Based on my understanding of the post above, if your renewal is scheduled before April 29, 2016 – then you’ll renew at the old price (i.e. $45), and the one after that would be $49.

  • Josh

    What does “automatically turn emails into notes in Evernote” mean?

    • Ronda Scott

      Hi Josh,

      You can send emails into Evernote, where they become notes. You can direct the emails into specific notebooks and even add tags. Learn more:!/article/23480523

      • Joel

        I already forward emails to my Evernote upload address to create new notes. Is this “ability to automatically turn emails into notes” the same thing? If so, does this mean I should upgrade to Plus or Premium to keep on using this service?

        • Ronda Scott

          Emailing into Evernote is now a paid feature included in the Plus, Premium, and Business levels of service.

      • Bill Campbell

        Emailing to Evernote is a great feature for getting to Inbox Zero. I no longer access reference materials in email. I forward them into Evernote putting everything is one place including web clippings, reference PDF/Word docs, photos of paper and emailed information. The attachments in the email become part of the Evernote database too.

      • Bob I

        Wasn’t sending emails to Evernote a feature in the free version before? What a loss!

        • Jenny

          I’m surprised Evernote is turning a free function that users have gotten used to, into a premium function. Anti-cool. I understand new features which you would decide to pay for – but I kind of feel robbed. This is one of the most used function for me. I now feel forced to start premium account, instead of feeling that I want to start premium on my own decision.

      • Scott

        Emailing into Evernote used to be a free feature. It’s not new. What’s new is that you now need to pay to use this.

      • Latte

        Isn’t “email to evernote” an existing feature for Basic ? Does that mean now we need to pay for that ?

        • Samir

          Yes, it seems that E-mailing into Evernote is no longer a free features. I knew it was bad news for consumers when they announced they were hiring a new CFO. I stopped paying for Premium after several years because I hated how Android and Windows features always came later.

      • Tom

        This is a great feature. Probsbly one I use the most.

      • Kelly

        I use the email into Evernote daily. I am doing this with the free package. Does this mean I will now how to pay for it? And if so when does this take effect?

        • Drew Smith

          I’m thinking that existing Evernote Basic users don’t lost the ability to email into their accounts, but that new Basic users won’t get that feature. Because my Basic account is still letting me email.

        • Samir

          I believe the cutoff on E-mailing notes is May 29 or somewhere around then. After that, unless we paid to be a Plus member, we won’t be able to E-mail anymore. Not happy.

          • Martin

            really disappointed that email is now paid for feature. I use it regularly even with the app there. Maybe time to look at OneNote and how that is now. Massive fail by Evernote.

      • Max

        I’m not a hardcore user but have been using the email into evernote feature to have my printer mail scans to evernote. Unfortunately only today I found out this feature is not in the free version anymore. I now am missing a number of scans since June or so without any warning. Nice one!
        I missed the mail that was sent about this downgrade.
        I could upgrade to the plus account but that way I would support this move on their side, not attractive!

    • Keith Kendall

      Emailing into Evernote has always been available in the free version, and now it requires a paid account. What a raw deal. I regret that I let myself become so dependent on Evernote. So much for going with what I perceived as the market leader.

  • David

    Where do sharing/collaborative notebooks fall in the new tiered system?

    • Ronda Scott

      Hi David — shared notebooks are available for all levels of Evernote.

      • David

        Thanks for the info. What about collaborating/editing shared notes and notebooks?

      • IJ

        Free sharing actually brings down the total cost of the application. I am a power user and pay for Prem but I needed to share specific notebooks with my wife, brother or business partner. Now I can do that without adding additional costs.

  • Dave Mac

    What’s the new single note size limit? Can’t find it anywhere in the FAQ or website.

    • Ronda Scott

      Hello Dave,

      Maximum note size is 25MB for Basic, 50MB for Plus and 200MB for Premium. Our knowledge base has a detailed breakdown of the features by level.!/article/23258452

      • Joal Curtis

        This is reason enough to purchase the premium account in my opinion.

  • Dan DeGriselles

    The unlimited upload helps immensely. I love the program. Even with a slight price increase, the program is well worth the money. I use it daily, most of the day, for work and for personal needs.

  • Karla

    Is the individual note size maximum going to increase in the new Premium over the 100 MB limit it currently has?

    • Ronda Scott

      Yes, maximum note size for Premium is now 200MB.

  • Joseph R. Jones

    I’ve been paying for Evernote Premium since its inception, but not because I needed any of the additional features. I paid for it simply because I like the product/service and want it to continue to exist. I wanted to give Evernote money. That won’t change.

    However, as EN becomes a bigger, more stable company I can start evaluating the level of service that I actually need. These levels seem reasonably well-calibrated and differentiated.

    • Sondra

      Thank you Joseph, None of these tools are free to produce. “Free” apps and people’s expectations they should get something for nothing is going to undermine great software. If you apps do not give you a reasonable ROI then don’t use them.

  • Molly Gordon

    What happens to existing Premium accounts?

    • Nicola

      Price will be the same until April 29, 2016 – and you’ll be under the new Premium (you can see it now in your account details, you get unlimited uploads, etc.).

      From the post above:
      — BEGIN ——————————
      If you’re currently paying and the price of Premium went up in your region, then we’ve locked you into your rate for a year, or more. As long as you continue in your current plan, your price will adjust at your first renewal after April 29, 2016. For those paying users in regions where the price decreased, please read our FAQ on how to switch to the lower price.
      — END ——————————

  • John

    I think this is a WONDERFUL idea! I use Evernote constantly, every day, as my digital brain. The offline notebooks & passcode lock features led me to become a premium user but now I can save a little cash on the PLUS option since file size isnt an issue for me. BIG THANKYOU Evernote!

  • Daniel

    Is it still possible to search text in scanned images when user has Evernote Free or Plus?

    • Ronda Scott

      Text in image search continues to be available at all levels: Basic, Plus, Premium.

  • Nadine Nys

    I hope now it will be possible to keep You Tube or other video’s as note (and not only the URL). I would love this…

  • David

    So am I reading this correctly (subscription management comparison) to retain access to your note version history you will need to bump up your subscription from Plus to Premium?

    • David

      I should have said retain premium subscription. So not really an issue. Just a small increase price.

      • Ronda Scott

        That’s correct, note version history stays an Evernote Premium feature. Thanks, David!

  • Miffed

    The key takeaway for me: after April 29, 2016 I will have to pay more to search in new attachments and view previous versions of notes.


  • Gary V

    Thanks for the new tier! Now I can pay $25 and get rid of the guilt even though I am not a big user. I’ve been a fan since I downloaded a beta version way back when…

  • Jorge

    Can you share a table with the difference between basic, plus and premium please?

    • Ronda Scott

      Here you are:!/article/23258452

  • derlinzer

    no matter what the price for Evernote is: as long as they don’t fix Spotlight search, i wouldn’t pay a single dime for it, nor recommend it to anyone…

    • Ridwan

      What are you talking about? I think Evernote Search is powerful as it is.

  • Sarah

    I’m happy to pay for Premium but only if there is an Outlook plug in for Mac. We’ve been waiting for a very long time. When is that happening?

  • homeion

    I see that I’m in the Plus category as far as my needs are concerned, but I love Evernote and will stay a Premium member. However, it’s now easier to recommend Evernote to others, thanks to the Plus-category.

  • marc

    I have been toying with the idea of paying for Evernote Premium for years, but the main thing holding me back has always been the upload limit and the file size limits. Now there is no upload limit, which is great, but the note size limit is still unbelievably small at 200 MB. Most of the documents I would like to include in notes are far larger than that.

  • Flemming Pedersen

    Greating from Denmark. As a teacher I use the pressenter tool all the time. Do I need premium for that. Money is an issue on most schools so it would be nice if that was a plus feature.

    • Ronda Scott

      Glad to hear that Presentation mode is very useful to you! The feature remains an Evernote Premium feature. It’s a part of the work-related suite of features and we do not currently have plans to make it a part of the Evernote Plus level.

      • RapmasterD

        Wah wah wah! Wine wine wine!! But NOT from me. I will gladly pay an extra $12 per year once my time is due. Keep on rocking, Redwood City peeps!!

  • Alex

    Plus sounds good to me, but I was hoping to see *lite* version of history feature. Something like up to 10 stages (e.g Dropbox).

    Once I have experienced losing some documents accidentally when my iPad went crazy with its charging cable. Very rare case but that’s what the history is for.

    Since then I write things first in Simplenote then move to Evernote.

  • George

    Any plans to update the 250 max notebook limits ? Even a per notebook bundle add on upgrade would be nice i.e. extra 250 notebooks for $XX/month or $XX/yr would be great

    • Lolitta Gevorkova

      This is possible with an Evernote Business account. Please see here:!/article/23283158

  • Kurt

    I’ve been paying for Premium not because of the features, but simply to support the awesome platform/company, and with hopes that more R&D is done on the encryption side of things. Where is the “sexy encryption” that the CEO mentioned in his interview with Kevin Rose?

    Anyway, I hope there will be a more solid and OPEN encryption to come in the future release. I recall the cipher chosen in the past was deem “weird”.

    I know folks will definitely say “well, if it’s encrypted, then it’s not searchable, which defeats the main purpose” … but I believe encryption is still loved by many for those handful of notes we want to keep private yet mobile.

  • Sam Fahnle

    wondering why my comment has been awaiting moderation for 5 days? I’m trying to determine if you are removing the email feature for Existing free users? I notice it is still working?

    • Vishnu

      Almost everyone who cares to come here and post comments love evernote. Why such strict moderation of comments

      • Cameron

        I’m also confused about this moderation. My comments having been pending for a week (they’re a question, and a pretty innocuous one), and plenty of comments have been posted after mine. All I want to know is if a notebook shared from a Plus tier account can be edited by people on the free tier or not.

        • Ronda Scott

          Sorry about that, I thought your question had been answered. Sharing notes and notebooks is a free feature, so you can share as much as you’d like across all types of accounts.

          • Sam Fahnle

            Hi Ronda,

            My question still hasn’t been answered. My email functionality is still working on the Free tier. Will this be removed at some point or remain for existing free users?

  • Andrew Ashton

    How about an option where you can get some sort of customer support? I was a premium member, it took FIVE DAYS to get an answer to a simple question. Don’t call yourself “business friendly” until you can do better than this.

  • Matt

    Guess it is back to MS OneNote.

    Love Evernote but taking away free features to entice me to buy a paid version is not a great idea.

    Next time maybe add something better than passcode locks to make me want to come back.

    • Sam Fahnle

      I agree, I love evernote and use it everyday, but I never needed the premium features so couldn’t justify upgrading. This mid-tier doesn’t add anything I need and just takes away the one feature I actually use and says “Hey, give us $30 AU for it”

      • Vishnu

        Complete agree with you Sam

  • Barron

    Can we really not access our notes offline anymore in the free tier? That’s the primary use case I had for the app. I suppose I’m moving over to notepad or something, but that’s so unfortunate.

    • Ronda Scott

      Thanks for your question. The ability to work via the desktop or web app and then make those notes available via any mobile device while offline has always been a paid-level feature. If you’ve created a note on a mobile device directly, it’ll be available to you on that device, online or offline.

  • Rich

    By “offline access to notes on mobile” do they mean that users of the free tier will no longer be able to use the mobile apps without a data connection?

    If so, it’s a very bold move that would push me to another service in an instant.

    • Animesh Mishra

      Are you insane? Since evernote’s inception, the offline notes feature has been a premium one. Do you even use evernote? Or just trolling in here?! Huh!!

  • David

    Can you change your username at the Plus level? Or do you have to be premium?

    • Lolitta Gevorkova

      Please see here for information:!/article/24935568

  • sam

    I have several of the Evernote Moleskines with the 3 month Premium code. Will this code now give me the New Premium or the Plus?

    • Ronda Scott

      The codes are redeemed for Evernote Premium.

  • Dave

    I can’t believe all the whining about this price increase. The fee for Evernote is reasonable, even at premium levels. It’s especially astonishing to hear people who have been using this product free for so long complaining about having to pay a few bucks a month for it. Give up a Starbucks or a pint of beer for a day or two, and you’ve got the cost covered. Do you really think they can afford to keep serving freeloaders with a great product?

  • Michael Murphy

    Hello I signed and paid for up for Evernote Plus via iTUNES and I was looking forward to using the more features. However I discovered that for some technical reason that my subscription is still showing up as free… SO I tried to use the support to contact Evernote Team only to find that I cannot get to “chat to” somebody unless I am a paid up member (as the system think I am not). So I have gone from somebody being very positive on the thing to be very negative on the experience. Very frustrating and disappointing indeed. Regards, Michael.

    • Lolitta Gevorkova

      Hi Michael –

      Thanks for reaching out. My name is Lolitta and I’m part of Evernote’s Customer Support team.

      Have you tried to log out and then back into your application? This should resolve the issue. If not, please open up a support ticket and log a ‘bug’. Once you do this, you’ll receive an email with a ticket number. Please let me know this number and I’ll go ahead and escalate your issue to urgent status within our support system.

      Thank you!

  • Hubi

    Still waiting for moderation for more than two weeks…

  • Moe

    I’m really disappointed about all this! I used the free version and used the email feature. I think it’s really wrong to take away a feature from the Free and move it paid plan. If you are truly trying to do whats best for the customers, why would you take something free away? I can’t afford to the Plus plan and feel that this wrong. Am I alone?

  • ion-christopher

    I would do the PLUS level if it includes presentation and email. I don’t want to use the cloud for anything, ever. I have an entirely different use model.

  • Heidi

    The reaction to app pricing upgrades always surprises me. Nobody is entitled to a free service that someone else created and has the rights to. I am grateful when they are free, and when the good ones have upgrades, I am happy to pay (as someone said, the price of a latte). Evernote has been fun to get to know. The business card app. has saved my sanity. Proud (and slightly envious) of any app. maker who “makes it.”

  • Kim Letkeman

    We always had emails to notes. You are actually taking that away and forcing us to pay for it to get it back.

    Forcing people to pay to keep what they already have is often called extortion.

    One supposes, though, that removing a key feature and forcing people to buy it back is what passes for “getting the premium offerings right” in a corporate profits world.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything lol …

  • Karl

    How about throwing the Premium Users a bone and increase the folder limit from 205 to 500 for Premium?

  • Rob

    Hi, I have had a surf around but can’t find the answer to my question which is “If I signup for the paid version of the service, can I create a local notebook using the web interface?”. My scenario here is I want to generate meeting minutes on a machine which I do not have admin rights for and for them to be stored on that local machine. Hope this is clear. Thanks, looks like a good tool for me, hope I can get it to work.

  • M

    Really disappointed that you took away a free service completely and there is no option to send emails to folders for the basic user. A certain amount per month should be allowed before you have to buy up.

  • ikomrad

    if the new pricing model pays for Evernote to stop pushing work chat and other features on me, I’m for it! I’m a premium user and use Evernote 100% for private, sensitive personal information. I definitely don’t want to share my birth certificate with people over chat or notes sharing!

  • Chris

    And now the Premium Monthly Upload Limit goes from Unlimited to 10G. I still don’t use 10G, but will the next decrease affect me adversely? Or the next price increase? I understand honing the price/usage/cost equation, but I’m getting nervous. Evernote shouldn’t have started off by making outrageous claims, Unlimited Anything isn’t really economical. I should have known better.

  • Benicio

    Normally, a “new feature” should not equate “removal of previously free feature” such as sending notes via e-mail. After all your customer base started because you had free features. Normally you grandfather in the people who built your business. But not to worry because that’s where competition comes in.

    • John

      Come on people, $49 bucks a year, give up Starbucks for a week. Been using EN for years and am glad to pay for a very useful product. Employees at EN have bills just like everyone else,they can’t work for free!

  • Shane

    So incredibly angry just got the message from the Apple store that the price is going up by $15 a year only for Australians what a complete rort. Don’t pretend to try and make it a regional licensing issue is a complete price couch and I will turn from an Evernote evangelist to a bagger extremely angry.

  • kayce lesperance

    my boss was searching for a form this month and was made aware of an online service that has lots of fillable forms . If others are requiring it too , here’s a

  • Jenni Winfrey

    I don’t see note history listed in the benefits of either the plus or premium plan. Which plans is it included in?