Evernote Announces Linda Kozlowski COO


Evernote Announces Linda Kozlowski COO

Posted by Phil Libin on 01 Jun 2015

Posted by Phil Libin on 01 Jun 2015

I’m excited to announce the promotion of Linda Findley Kozlowski to Chief Operating Officer of Evernote.

During her tenure, Linda has worked tirelessly to bring Evernote to individuals and teams around the world. As VP of Worldwide Operations, she ran all of Evernote’s global initiatives and oversaw the expansion of Evernote into China and Brazil. More recently, Linda directed Evernote’s global pricing strategy, which culminated in the successful launch of the new Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium tiers.

Prior to Evernote, Linda headed global marketing and business development for Alibaba.com in Hong Kong. As COO, she will draw on her experience there, in addition to her three years with Evernote, to lead our marketing, sales, partnerships, and customer support teams, along with global operations.

In the first years of Evernote’s existence, our focus was on creating groundbreaking new products. Now that we’re a maturing company, we need to balance innovation with quality, disruption with continuity, and user growth with revenue growth. Linda will bring that balance to Evernote.

Today’s news builds on our announcement a few months ago naming Jeff Shotts as our first CFO. It’s an honor be part of such an incredibly talented team.

Please join me in congratulating Linda!


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  • Kamera Sistemleri

    thank you very much =)

  • Larry

    Congratulations. Met you when you you visited Australia (Sydney) with Evernote.
    Job well done. Keep it going.
    2015JN02 17:50 Sydney

  • Mitko Ivanov

    Congratulations Linda!

    I’ll be happy to contribute to achieving that balance 🙂


  • Matt egan

    Greta maybe you can bring back the old version. This new one is terrible. They destroyed the look and feel of the old version. I am looking for a new app. I can’t believe you guys missed by so much. Wow.