Todoist Launches PowerApp Integration With Evernote


Todoist Launches PowerApp Integration With Evernote

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 05 Jun 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 05 Jun 2015

Whether you’re a creative freelancer, knowledge worker or writer, it’s all about getting things done.

Now it’s easier than ever to bridge the gap between the knowledge you capture and save into Evernote and the tasks you need to manage. Todoist, the task management and to-do app, now syncs with Evernote.

This is courtesy of PowerApp, a newly released platform that allows for more powerful integrations between Todoist and services like Evernote. As an Evernote Premium user, here is how you can make the most of your work.


Stay synced
Sync notes, tasks, and photos between Evernote and Todoist.

Manage projects
Convert your Evernote notebooks into Todoist projects and notes into Todoist tasks. When a task is completed in Todoist, your Evernote reminders will auto-magically be marked complete.

Aside from Evernote, Todoist also supports integrations with Google Calendar and Github. To learn more about the technical details of PowerApp, read this article from the Todoist Blog.

If you’re up to the task

Looking for the ultimate trifecta of productivity? Then try out some of these awesome recipes to supercharge your use of Evernote, IFTTT, and Todoist. Learn more.

User stories

Mike Vardy is a writer, speaker, productivity strategist, and recently wrote about how he uses Evernote and Todoist to help him tackle his monthly writing and an upcoming book project. Read his blog post on powering productivity.

Mike has many articles featuring tips about combining Todoist & Evernote. Check them out here.

The power of technology today is your work can be available anywhere. That can be a huge boost to your productivity.

It’s easier than ever to tackle projects and get projects accomplished because your work follows you, whether you’re traveling on a commuter bus, plane, train, and everywhere in between.

Learn how David Barber uses Evernote daily in conjunction with Todoist to stay organized in personal life and at work.

How do you use the Todoist and Evernote to get your work done? Share your story and tips below. 

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  • Frank McPherson

    Unfortunately, right now there is something wrong with the IFTTT Todoist to Evernote integration causing duplicate items to be sent to Evernote.

  • Steve

    Hi. Just wondering whether there is any chance of integrating Evernote with Amazon Kindle (for note taking & comments). Right now, it’s a real pain to get to read one’s annotations (made on Kindle) on Amazon webpage. I assume this integration may have a huge potential for Kindle owners. Thanks

    • Taylor Pipes

      Here is an article we published recently that shows how you can save Kindle Notes + Highlights into Evernote. Hope this helps:

  • Christopher

    Evernote is a 100% platform agnostic app. This is one of the reasons I’ve chosen to use it. Todoist unfortunately refuses to create a BlackBerry 10 app, and one of my mobile devices I am required to use is a BlackBerry. So like many, I’m not using TD.

    Evernote should demande a similar digital ethics policy of any app / services they partner up with.

  • Gan Sharma

    Frankly, I don’t need Todoist or any other task management app. I have 150+ “Next Action” GTD tasks and 12,000+ notes, and I stay fully within the Evernote environment. I have implemented GTD within Evernote itself, and it works like a charm. GTD’s David Allen has published an excellent paper on how to implement GTD within Evernote, and if it is good enough for him, it is good enough for me.

  • Gan Sharma

    And oh, by the way, I can manage projects, tasks, reminders, the whole GTD shebang, right within Evernote.

    • Michael Shelton

      Gan Sharma’s line of thinking resonates with me. Why add complexity to the process of keeping projects and next steps by adding layers of applications? I too use the GTD methodology within Evernote to always know what I could be doing from any of my devices at anytime. My high-performance workspace structure in Evernote is beautiful in it’s simplicity and powerfully capable.

      • Gan Sharma

        Not to sound like a mutual admiration society, but Michael Shelton has articulated better than I can, exactly my thoughts on this subject. Again, not for a moment am I saying we don’t need specialized apps, but there is nothing that I know David Allen has taught about GTD that can’t be implemented easily, elegantly and cleanly in Evernote. It takes a bit of time to “get it”, but once you do, Evernote is the easiest environment to be productive in.

        • Luke

          @Gan Sharma & @Michael Shelton: would you mind to share your EN-only GTD structure including to-do management philosophy with us?

          • DOD

            Luke, for complete instructions on GTD/Evernote integration see:

  • Bradley D Elliot

    WoW! that’s good news, i really love this site, you publish such a great news and content.

  • Marc

    Unfortunately, the Powerapp is still not working for the Todoist / Evernote integration. I am a Todoist and Evernote user, but I at the point to switch to Nozbe

  • Charlie

    It seems that this functionality has been temporarily disabled in Todoist…

  • Tys

    Can someone get this connection to work again? I’d love to see my 2 favourite productivity apps to be connected!