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5 Ways Evernote Embraces Handwriting

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 23 Jun 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 23 Jun 2015

There is just something about putting pen to paper. Whether it’s born from a sense of nostalgia for our childhood or a love for that feeling of achievement when you’ve penciled out a game-changing idea, writing by hand holds a special place in our work.

Despite scientific evidence that writing by hand has great benefits for understanding and remembering ideas, it’s becoming something of a relic. Tapping and swiping have become the norm for data capture both there and in our professional lives.

Don’t let handwriting go the way of the dodo. Here are five ways you can get the cognitive benefits of writing by hand plus have the flexibility of keeping notes digitally:

  1. Search handwriting

Regardless of how much digital content we capture and catalog into our computers, smartphones, and tablets, chances are there’s also plenty of hand-written information that is important to your personal or professional endeavors.

Snap a photo of paper or a whiteboard using Evernote. Then, type the specific text you’re looking for in the search bar. You should find the image including the text you searched for in the note results. It really works!

Searching keywords in images.

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  1. Moleskine

Moleskine notebooks are the perfect medium to sketch designs and jot inspirational thoughts.

With Moleskine notebooks specially designed for Evernote, your handwritten notes are instantly captured as clean images that are searchable and shareable from any device.

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  1. Evernote for Android

Sometimes you’re out and about and there’s no better way to capture an idea than to write it down or sketch it out on your phone. With Evernote for Android, you’ve got handwriting built in.

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  1. Post-It Note Camera

With Post-It ® Notes, you can doodle, scribble, write out your best ideas, or capture to-dos quickly with pen on Post-it® Note. Then use the Evernote camera to take a picture. Your handwriting is digitized and the note goes right into Evernote.

Post-it Notes in app

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  1. Penultimate

The best handwriting app for the iPad. Use Penultimate on its own or with Evernote to capture your thoughts in long form with a pen-to-paper feel.

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  • Robert

    Scannable works really great as well. I used to have the Echo and ditched it for paper once I could scan them with Scannable.

  • Gan Sharma

    I am VERY surprised that the Livescribe Pen is not included in this list. It has transformed the way I take notes; and the pen’s deep integration with Evernote makes it invaluable.

    • Deb

      I too am surprised LiveScribe isn’t in this mix! I use the document camera all the time, but writing things out with my LiveScribe pen and then saving them as PDF in Evernote is the bomb-diggity! Just sayin’ 😉

  • Caleena

    Hey guys,

    I LOVE the evernote for android app and have been using the handwriting feature for almost a year now. The only thing is…I wish there were more options for pen color. The basic 4 are great, but as a Biology major I draw lots of diagrams/pictures in my notes, and it would be great to have more color options. Do you think this is a feature you guys will add? Thanks!

  • charlali

    Why is Penultimate a separate app? it’s so annoying not to be able to write directly into Evernote on the iPad or iPhone – especially when you are selling a pen that works on those platforms. This is my only criticism of Evernote it’s great otherwise.

  • Wade

    What about Windows? I have a Surface Pro 4 and would love to be able to take handwritten notes in Evernote directly from my PC.

    • David

      Same here – used evernote on a samsung note 8.0 for ages with mix of handwriting and typed text; then got a surface 3. disappointed I can’t use the stylus in evernote. Why not??

  • Sebastian

    I would love to be have my handwritten notes scanned and transformed into text. Is there a feature to accomplish this?

  • miranda laurent

    Valuable suggestions ! I Appreciate the details , Does anyone know if my assistant can find a template CA CDCR 1902 version to type on ?

  • Kalpetta Homestay

    i want so say the scanning option of the document is the unique feature of evernote. thank you