Popular sites perfectly captured with the new Web Clipper


Popular sites perfectly captured with the new Web Clipper

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 30 Jun 2015

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 30 Jun 2015

Browsing the web is a key part of your daily routine. Collecting the best of what you browse should be easy, but it’s not. Bookmarks are serviceable, but they’re hard to manage in quantity and they aren’t searchable. This is why we built Web Clipper. Today, we’re launching an update that makes it even better.

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The idea behind Web Clipper has always been simple: when you find something good on the web, clip it. It’ll be saved to Evernote, where it’s kept forever as a searchable note. It seems straightforward, but the peace of mind it provides is powerful enough to make it a favorite of millions of people.

Now it’s been updated on Chrome, Opera, and Safari to make the clipping experience even better. (Be sure to restart your browser once it’s updated to the new 6.5 version.)

Your favorite sites, perfectly captured

Web Clipper works great with any site, but saving the sites you browse most often is now improved. Clipping from Gmail, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Amazon? These sites are treated differently to allow you to clip only the portions of the page that you want. Then, save it to Evernote as a clean and clutter-free note. In Gmail’s case, Web Clipper will even include the email’s attachments!


Draw attention, send it on

Some clips are for you. Others you’ll want to share. You can do that right from the Web Clipper. If you want to say more, you can add text and visual callouts to show others exactly what you want them to check out.


Keep clipping

Organize clips by assigning notebooks and tags right from the clip screen. The more you save, the better Web Clipper gets at predicting your destination. Clip often and train it well.

The updated Web Clipper will make saving stuff from the web smarter. You won’t know how you ever browsed without it.

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  • JAST

    i have been using evernote Webclipper for quite some time, but recently it became not responsive on my safari, and so i went to uninstall, to reinstall, only to found out that web clipper link there error as well.

    please advise. thanks!

    • Jeremy Brand Yuan

      Jast, we were updating the Web Clipper page to a new layout, but everything should be working now.

  • Kruno

    I didn’t notice any update? On not of the Browsers actually. What exactly is the version that you updated it to and what version do you think its the old one? Also where can we access any actual release notes? Thank you.

    I hope this is not another “red herring” from your marketing department.

    • JonY

      On Chrome at least, you will not receive a notification of update unless there are changes to the extentions permissions. It’s automatic in the background. You can check to see which version you have by going to the Menu>Settings and selecting Extensions in the upper left. If you go to the Details of an extension you can find the information you are looking for. The latest version is 6.5 and was released on June 30, 2015.

      • Kruno

        JonY ok, that would explain it, but could you please point me or write what version of each of those extentions did you update and to what version along with a relaese notes so we can actually see what is new. Thank you.

  • Etienne

    And what about Firefox, this is not a third zone one….. 🙁

    • Lazza

      For Evernote, only OS X and Chrome exist. They don’t realize many people are using Firefox or high quality free and open source operating systems such as Linux.

  • Gan Sharma

    A very lovely enhancement, particularly for LinkedIn profiles. The cleanliness is incredible. Thank you.

  • Giacomo Lawrance

    Can you make the web clipper work on the UK version of Amazon?

  • Riz

    Awesome. Clipping YouTube is what I’ve been waiting for! Great update.

  • biro jasa sim

    thank you for this information 😀 is very help

  • Linda Stufflebean

    I tried the link to the new web clipper in your post, but on the iPad, it only goes to the Chrome store. How do I access the Safari link?

  • Sandy Morgan

    Does the new Web Clipper work with Outlook and Firefox to clip images?

    • GT

      I have that question too. I posted in the forums yesterday..no response so far 🙁

  • John Frazier

    How about an opt-in when you update? Your invasion of my search-results were jarring to say the least! Do you really have my best-interests at heart? I wonder!

    • Jeremy Brand Yuan

      John, if you are referring to the Google related results, you can turn that off if it’s not to your liking. In Web Clipper’s options, just un-check related results. These related results are for your convenience only. For more information on privacy, check out https://evernote.com/privacy/

  • Ben

    Is it possible to embed a YouTube video in an Evernote note, or to clip only part of a video? I tried with new Webclipper and while it strips away most of page, the video still links back to YouTube – so it can’t be used offline for example. It also only seems to clip the entire video.

  • Lukas

    Is there a list of “supported” websites?

  • Shewey

    I’m enjoying the extended clip support for certain sites.

    @Lukas There’s a list here (sort of, under “Custom clips”)
    “Save specially formatted clips of popular sites, such as…”

  • Susan

    I am not sure why some of the websites I go to are not captured by Evernote web clipper like YouTube, but others (like Amazon) work just fine. Any others have this experience?

  • MarioSpeedwagon


    I may be missing something here, but when you clip to Simplified Article (usually an amazing tool) when the webpage has embedded video links (which show the Thumbnail image with the option to play, ie. Vimeo and Youtube) these are at least displayed in the preview with working links. I don’t expect to clip the entire video. I just want the Image and link to save as displayed in the Web Clipper Preview.

    As of right now, the only link that is saved into Evernote is the webpage where the clip came from.

    It seems that the Elephant does forget quite a bit of information after all…

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


  • Rony

    Hello, I’ve enjoyed using the web clipper on my android but recently it clips links rather than the page selected. Can anyone tell me how can I correct that and clip pages when using my smartphone?


  • Eric

    Thanks for bringing more features to the Evernote app. I’ll keep using this.