10 reasons I really love the Evernote Web Clipper

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10 reasons I really love the Evernote Web Clipper

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 07 Jul 2015

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 07 Jul 2015

Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Time and tide. Abbott and Costello. Web Clipper and Evernote.

Using Web Clipper and Evernote together is sublime. Here’s why:

1) It’s kinda like cheating If I think an article or piece of inspiration will come in handy one day, Web Clipper lets me make it mine. I don’t need to think about where it is because I know it’s in Evernote.

2) Bookmarks suck Bookmarks don’t sync to mobile and bookmarking every good gif I’ve found would break my browser.

3) Sometimes you need to share I don’t even like cats, but my friend sure would love this listicle of cat gifs. Bam. Sent. Right from Web Clipper.

4) It’s permanent and it’s yours – Even the best content rots on the internet. In Evernote, your pages will never be unhosted.

5) It keeps me on point – I highlight important sections with Web Clipper so that I can remember why I clipped in the first place.

6) Goodbye, copy + paste – I’ll never need to copy and paste from the web into a note again.

7) It cleans pages up – Web Clipper strips out the ads and social tools, leaving me with just the content I want. This works especially well when clipping from Gmail, Amazon, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

8) It’s smart – The Web Clipper learns which notebook I want to save specific pages to. It sends recipes to ‘Cooking’ and travel confirmations into ‘Travel’.

9) It makes Google better – By turning on a setting, my own personal Evernote results show up alongside Google’s. It’s a good reminder of what I’ve clipped.

10) I can clip on mobile – Web clipping is now possible on Evernote for iOS and Android. Now I can clip where I do my most meaningful browsing: the bathroom. I mean… mobile. Yeah, mobile.

I use a lot of great extensions, but If I were to use only one, it’d be Web Clipper. I’d go so far as to say that if someone is using Evernote but not Web Clipper, they’re not even really using Evernote yet. Get it, fall in love with it, and thank me later.

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  • Brent

    Web Clipper is great, but I wish there was a way to change the default folder to which it saves. Especially a different folder from the general default folder for Evernote.

    As it is now, they must be the same folder.

    • Dean

      In the options of the Clipper you can set the default notebook to one of three options:
      1) Smart filing (I suppose this looks at the content you are clipping and looks for similar content in your Evernote)
      2) Last used notebook
      3) A notebook selected to be the default

  • Bradley Elliot

    I know few from above but above there are some points new to me, nice post!

  • Philip Sinewe

    So, what is the “setting” you can change to show clippings along side google searches?

    • Victor Nava

      The setting is “Related results” within the web clipper options menu. Be sure it is checked and when you execute a web search (Google) the results page will have an additional area where Evernote will also display matching results based on the criteria searched.


  • Sergio

    Can you please fix the memory consumption when using the Evernote WebClipper in Firefox with a lot of open tabs? see my ticket #1017234 for reference. I see you updated the WebClipper for all browser except Firefox. Is due to this?

  • David

    I’d don’t love it because you took out the feature of fast account switching that is in your desktop clients:


  • Dave Yuhas

    The IOS web clipper needs to be improved. I use the version in Pocket. If the Pocket developer can build a useful clipper, why can’t the Evernote developers?

  • Gomes

    why the web clipper is always updated to the chrome? chrome is better compared to other browsers? or is there any partnership between Google and evernote? Where are the updates for firefox and safari?

  • J

    I love the clipper, but I can’t figure out how to add a comment to the clipped website. I can’t seem to annotate the way I can if I print the webpage to a pdf, but that’s a pain and doesn’t work as well as Clipper.

  • Vinessa

    I love WebClipper too, but I wish it had the ability to select several clips at once and put them into different notebooks. When I first started using it all my clips went into my main notebook. Now I’d like to sort them out and put them into categories, but I only see how to do it one by one. Since I have hundreds of clips now it’s a real pain! Is there something I’m missing, where I can select several clips at once and just move them to a different notebook?

    • Jeremy Brand Yuan

      Vinessa, if you hold ctrl on the Windows version (or command on Mac version) and click other notes, you’ll be able to multiselect and take action on more than one note at a time. Hope this helps.

  • Terri

    The one downfall to web clipper, imho, is in iOS. I love that can I clip from my phone, but wish I could add tags to it!

  • Melissa

    How do you save your notes in Evernote? I don’t have that option anywhere and have accidentally deleted notes!!

    • Forrest Dylan Bryant

      Hi, Melissa: Notes are saved automatically, and are moved to your Trash notebook when deleted. To restore notes from the Trash notebook, select the note or notes you want to restore, then click the Restore, Restore Note or Restore Selected Notes button, depending on your device.

  • Christie

    Is there a way to create a new note within a notebook from the Clipper?

  • San Diego John

    I have an older (but quite reliable) CanoScan LIDE 500F scanner and I would like to scan business cards into EVERNOTE. I use a scanning program called VueScan. Is it possible for me to scan business cards into EVERNOTE with the description of the assets I have to scan? If so, then how do I use EVERNOTE to scan business cards?

  • Aayush

    Is there any way to view saved notes on webclipper without having to open evernote web separately?

  • Bill Hall

    Web Clipper is lame compared to your earlier clipper Evernote Clearly. Clearly did a better job of formatting clips and had more options. Please bring it back.

  • roza

    I am looking for a bookmark-hyperlink tool.
    I DO NOT want to put links to websites.

    I just want to put links to specific places in my long note. Like a table of contents tool. So my coworkers can easily find what they are looking for without scrolling through the whole note.
    (like a bookmark-hyperlink tool in Word)