Meet Evernote: Android team's Theresa Pittappilly

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Meet Evernote: Android team’s Theresa Pittappilly

Posted by Jenn Davis on 10 Aug 2015

Posted by Jenn Davis on 10 Aug 2015

This is the first in a series of interviews that’ll introduce the people who make Evernote happen. We’ll feature people from around the world and in myriad roles from design and development to legal and support.

Meet Theresa Pittappilly, Evernote’s product manager for Android.
As our fastest growing platform, Android is often the first touchpoint for introducing new users around the world to the benefits of Evernote as a productivity solution.

We sat down with Theresa to learn more about her role and the work the Android team is doing around design and user experience.

What do you do at Evernote?
I’m a product manager on the Android team. The most interesting part of my job is working directly with our users to get feedback on our product.

Android is our fastest growing platform, especially in emerging markets where affordable smartphones are generally the only device people use. The breadth of devices and different form factors on the Android platform definitely keep us on our toes. It’s a unique and exciting design and UX challenge to build an app that suits everyone’s needs across these varied devices. In fact, I’m going to China next month to meet with some of our users there and learn more about how they use technology and what we can do to better align our app with their experience.

How did you get started in product management?
In high school I really loved coding and decided to major in engineering and computer science. After taking a human user interaction course in college, I realized that my passion was really in user experience (UX) so I decided to pursue a career in product management instead.

After college, I spent three years as a program manager for Microsoft where I led the strategy and design of new UX features for Windows 8. In 2012, I joined Hulu as a product manager where I oversaw the company’s social integration strategy. I came to Evernote just over a year ago.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Having a positive impact on those who use Evernote in their daily lives. It’s always exciting to hear people talk about how much they love our product, whether it’s a great review in the app store or feedback from our beta community.

Work’s not everything. What are you most passionate about outside of the office?
I’m very passionate about education. When I lived in Los Angeles, I spent many years as a volunteer with Schools on Wheels tutoring homeless children in Math. I just signed up for a similar opportunity here in San Francisco. I’m also a big foodie and love discovering new food to try out in San Francisco.

What’s your favorite food?
This is tough because I love everything! But if I had to narrow it down, it’d be sashimi. A close second would be home cooked Indian food.

What is the one Evernote pro tip or hack that you can’t live without?
The feature I love the most is the mobile Web Clipper. When I’m on the go, I don’t always have time to read all the interesting articles I come across online. I use mobile Web Clipper to save them to my reading list and tag them as “read later.”

Your favorite time-saving Evernote tip:
Set reminders on notes that you need to access quickly and often. The note will stay at the top of the notebook so you don’t have to dig around or overload your shortcuts.


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  • Ridwan

    I need to start using the reminders often. It’s an invaluable tool to review old notes.

  • Bertil Andreasson

    Further development in Evernote:
    I like to have the possibility to choose or filter in several tags. Just now I only can select one tag. But I like for example be able to select tag IT: plus Tag History: Plus Tag not read:…
    For a person which save a lot of web pages it would be nice to have this possibilites to easy select a set of interesting tags to read. I hope you understand what I mean 🙂

  • ebony cook

    work can be everything for some people.