Introducing the New Evernote Web Client


Introducing the New Evernote Web Client

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 13 Aug 2015

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 13 Aug 2015

The internet has changed a lot in the seven years since the first Evernote web client. Today, the best experiences we have on the web are at once simple and sophisticated, light and powerful.

We had this balance in mind when we set out to redesign Evernote Web. Since then, the beta version has evolved into an exceptionally ambitious and thoughtful Evernote client. It’s clean, beautiful, and incorporates months of community feedback. The result is an amazing web app that’s easy to learn and use.

Today, we’re happy to graduate the new Evernote Web out of beta. Beginning this week, it will be rolling out to a browser near you. Here’s what you can expect.


Fresh new look
For years, the web version was designed to mimic Evernote’s desktop interfaces. Last October, we set out to rethink that.

Rather than be derivative of another client, we felt it should exemplify the speed and lightness of the modern web. And because it’s often the first touchpoint for many Evernote users, underneath an approachable UI should be the productivity power to spark the beginnings of a lifelong Evernote workflow. The new Evernote Web does just that.



Streamlined navigation, familiar feel
We revisited every element of the user interface and concentrated on making things as streamlined as possible. Work happily in a clutter-free workspace that only shows you information when you want to see it. When navigating with the left sidebar, just click any of the icons to have your shortcuts, notebooks, or tags gracefully slide open.



Distraction-free writing
Sometimes you just want to write. When you need a clean workspace, click the expand button to work in a full-screen view that cuts out the distractions and let’s you focus on the note at hand. New notes open to the expanded view by default, so you can jump right in, get in the zone, and let your ideas flow.

Earlier this year the web client beta was nominated for a Webby Award in the Best User Interface category. We were honored, and feel that it spoke to how well the feel of the new Evernote Web balances with its powerful functionality. With many improvements since, that’s even more true today.

The Evernote Web rollout will phase in for everyone over the next couple weeks. While you familiarize yourself with the new interface, you’ll be able to switch back to the old version as you wish. We don’t have a hard date on when the old client will be completely phased out, but we will let you know well in advance of when it does. In the meantime, expect even more updates to make the new Evernote Web even better.

For more information on the new Evernote Web, check out the transition guide and FAQ.


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  • Mantas (Twitter: @mvilcis)

    I love the web interface, it’s miles better than the app on the Windows Store for example or in some ways the desktop app.

  • Brian Schultze

    So still no way to select multiple notes at a time and tag/move them? This is something I do everyday in Evernote. It was literally the first thing I did when I tried the new version. Please please please please add this before you take the old version away.

  • Marcos Douglas

    How can I search notes using more than one tag (CTRL+click) as I can do using the “old” version?

  • Robert

    Oh crap. It’s been so long since that godawful “new” version was released in beta that I hoped you’d come to your senses and scrapped it.

    I don’t want a (highly subjective) beautiful and lightweight app – I want a fully featured client that has the power of the desktop app.

    I have a real love/hate relationship with Evernote. It’s a fantastic service, but the core problems (e.g. poor editing) never get fixed. Instead, we get new features that nobody asked for whilst bugs & features that people bring up time and time again in the forums are completely ignored.

    • Mark Warner

      I couldn’t agree more. I don’t want new features; I want the editor improved. I love evernote, and I use it all-day, everyday, but the the editor needs to be brought up to modern standards, and output in standard RTF or similar formatting that the rest of the world uses. I spend way too much time post-exporting stuff I started in Evernote, fixing the formatting. Fix what you have now; don’t add new unasked-for stuff.

      • Troy

        Here Here Mark!

        • Bart

          I’m not sure what this adds to those of us who have used Evernote for years.

          I would rather see the editor improved and improve basics like table handling. Does Microsfot have the rights to a format paint tool? If not, why isn’t it part of the editor?

          Spend a little time with One Note editor – this should be the starting point for the Evernote team to build on. Simple, stable.

          And let’s have a go at tidying up encryption. Why can you only encrypt on a desktop? Why isn’t there an option to leave decryption active for a period of our choosing on a mobile device?

          And please tell me how to change may password – danged if there isn’t an obvious way (to me) to do it?

          So, I’d love to see some of the basics attended instead of bling which at the moment I really can’t see a need for.

          Evernote is still great, but is could be so much better.

    • Víctor

      I also agree, for example… OneNote has a great editing possibilities (but is slower)

      • Joel

        Are you referring to the web version of OneNote? Hope so because the desktop version flies circles around Evernote on Windows OS.

    • Joel Fannin

      “Yes! Now I can stop using the desktop version and move to the web version since it has all the functionality of the desktop versions! Thanks Evernote!”

      Said no one ever.

    • Keiran

      Just chiming in here, in the hope that someone takes notice as the groundswell. I LOVE evernote, but core editing sucks. Ive been with you guys for years and i keep hoping you will get to this.. .but never seem to?! time to refocus guys…..

    • Slickfiche

      Soooo many awesome ‘features’ you need to improve in the client guys. I realise web interfaces are all the rage but completely agree with all these comments. Give us what we’re asking for, not just what improves your brand…

    • Anton von Sierakowski

      Robert – could’nt agree more. Editing tools are the issue, and I don’t think we are talking about full blown Desktop Publishing. For me the biggest issue is accidently deleting a note and then not having a restore or even a settings option to prompt on delete. Where this is a n ongoing issue for me is when there is any lag in screen refreshing and I go to delete a note, only to find that at the moment I press delete, the screen jumps and I end up deleting some other note. In this case it happens that quick that you don’t even see what note has been deleted. like others I use EN ever day and have done for over 5 years now and this has always been the biggest issue.

  • Riley

    “For years, the web version was designed to mimic Evernote’s desktop interfaces.” Which was a very good thing for users who work with laptop computers and a desktop browser. The essential problem with the new Web interface is that it’s clumsy and essentially unusable *except* for mobile users. As an “Evernote Premium” cu$tomer, and as one who works with a keyboard and mouse, and as one who has tried the “new Evernote Web” interface four or so times and disliked it every time, I’m sorry to see yet another company assume that mobile interfaces are good for everyone.

    • iAnonGuy

      Lol. Making a Web App for a service that has Windows, Windows Mobile, iOS, OS X, Android apps optimized for mobile.

      I’m sorry, but the logic evades me.

    • Janet

      Couldn’t agree more. There are a LOT of people that still use desktop computers and laptops. I used to love Evernote. Unfortunately this new interface is just another example of how usability should never be sacrificed for the sake of aesthetics. Implementing a mobile design has rendered the web app unusable for desktop and laptop users.

    • Gatrdave

      (2015 08 28) Yes, I agree. This trend to make EVERYTHING look and act like you’re using a phone is the pits. I just came back to Evernote and found the new version. I dislike things opening and closing and moving around when all I really want to do is type. I found that I could go back to the old version and did and now I see how easy and simple and clean the old web version is. I can see my notebooks and next to that a list of the notes in that notebook and then I can just type next to that. Easy. Nice. If people like the new mobile device style web version, that’s great, but please keep the simple old version and option too. Thanks!

  • Josh

    How do I highlight text in the web version?

  • Troy

    I echo Brian’s comments. In fact, I’ve intentionally not upgraded one of my desktops to ensure that an upgrade doesn’t wipe out functionality. Meantime, I’ve attempted to use ONLY the web version as my sense is that’s where EN is headed. This prolonged BETA, without upgrades to bring some of the desktop functionality online makes me think either EN can’t (techically) or does not want to (cost prohibitive) bring those functions online. As a premium customer that’s been trying to encourage our company to consider the business version, this really concerns me.

    Please, no more PenUltimate-like upgrades. I’m now off that mobile app and onto something else. The EN desktop works well. Please keep it active. I drink the EN kool-aid. Please don’t make it sour!

  • SC

    1. Please… please… please… provide a setting to get rid of the “easing” transitions. GODS how I hate that… please…

    2. Please return the recent notes.

    3. Please add a high contrast option for the UI. ie… no grey text or lines in the ui. Black. When you get old you’ll understand, until then, please trust me

  • stuball

    The interface is very nice. I see there is a way to insert a link but I still can’t find a way to create a link to note, particularly a “classic” or private link…why is that not a menu choice within the “share” button (on the OS X desktop too for that matter).

  • Heart1010

    As mentioned here above… multi select notes should be added (to tag notes for example)!

    Also merging notes (multi select 2 or more notes and merge these notes to one note) should really be added again in this new version!!!

  • James

    Wow, what a mess this new web version has become. It looks like a poorly crafted mobile phone version. There is so much wasted screen space and icons without labels, it really looks oversimplified. It even has quite a bit of stripped functionality. This may sound awful, but I hope whoever is responsible for this design is no longer working for you, as I’d hate to dislike and even stop using Evermore should this mistake spread to the other platforms.

    • Justin

      I agree. If the web app design replaces the desktop version I will likely stop using it altogether.

      Winning an award for “design” might have been the worst thing that could have happened. Apparently the judges weren’t real users.

      • Gatrdave

        I agree. I don’t want it to look “beautiful.” I want it to be functional and efficient and this new web interface is not (for me). It seems that “beautiful” is really code for lots of empty space and no labels on icons. Oh, and lots of moving parts….

  • Martynas

    Hi I haven’t found a way to submit a bug report in evernote web interface so I’m writing it here.

    I’m using new web version in Ubuntu chrome and then I’m writing a note and then the note gets long enough that it needs a scroll and then I paste something in using ctlr+v the note scrolls back to the top. It’s so annoying.

    If you need more information contact me via email I left in this comment.

    • Jan Klocperk

      I have experienced the same problem. Just when typing a longer text = more than 1 screen, when EN saves the data, the screen moves up, so the cursor is below the screen / verified with different web browsers. Apparently a bug.

  • kmf

    The Web interface is my Primary, interface. I’m a Linux user. I don’t have an “Official” Evernote Application. So I’m happy with the mimicking

  • Royi


    Could you add support for Common Mark + MathJax.
    Something like StackEdit,

    Thank You.

  • Brian Schultze

    “For years, the web version was designed to mimic Evernote’s desktop interfaces. Last October, we set out to rethink that.”

    This coming October can you re-rethink it?

    Search is basically broken also. In the previous version it would suggest tags that matched what I was typing. LOVED that. Now? Not so much.
    Just don’t take the old version away until the new version is a true replacement of it.

  • Will

    Please no, I’ve seen the beta in the past and tried it. Definately does not work with my workflow (mainly The Secret Weapon and data organization). Saw the announcement that there are plans for the beta to go live soon, so I had to try again. Still don’t care for it.

    I make use of Evernote Web at work fro the government where installing the desktop application is not possible and often a cellular connection is not available or allowed.

    These are the issues I have with the new Evernote Web:

    Low Contract – horrible reading experience. At least give an option for a higher contrast so I can actually see my notes.

    Wasted Space – With the rediculiously large and unadjustable font sizes and the white space provided where it’s not necessary far to much space is wasted.

    No multi note select – I often scan in a batch of documents that will end up in the same place. So with the new EN web I have to do that one by one.

    No reminders view – As a light modification to The Secret Weapon’s design, I apply a reminder to my urgent tasks so when I view Now tasks they show up at the very top. Not so much with the new EV web

    Imitation of the desktop is a good thing in my mind. It makes transitioning between the two smoother.

    Why a mobile only site for a niche of devices that have dedicated apps?

  • Julian

    I’m all for progress, but this doesn’t feel like it.
    There is too much white space, and too much missing functionality.
    Crucially, the ability to link to notes – TOC – not possible now!
    Please get the basics into the web version before you alientate your user base. Us. The people who pay real money – but the product is going backwards.
    Hope someone, somewhere, is listening.

  • AM

    lot’s of folks love the old web interface. please keep it

  • David Nguyen

    Please, please, please consider making a simple UI view of the evernote mac/windows applike siimplenote or alternote. I’ve been with you guys the early days (when gary vaynerchuck posted how he uses it for his wine business) and you guys are getting better, but’s been too long. I know a number of people that tried and wanted to like the app, but feel like the client is too bloated with too much going on.

  • Chat

    The new version went out of beta just days after I left my feedback on the site 🙁
    I was using the new version until I realized I can switch back to the old one. Not that I hate change, but my problem with the beta was that the header fonts were just unnecessarily too big. It was trendy, but did not really help usability. I hope there is at least an option to customize these sizes for those who don’t like it. Ditto with the all white theme. I hope the messages area can get a little darker just to split the areas visually. It could also be an optional thing for those who wish to customize it.

  • Justin

    I really love the new web interface. It’s clean but everything is there if you need it. Nice work. I hope you feed some of this great UI balance back into the desktop app

  • Sarath

    I wish a light weight client; something like Quip did. For many regular users, the heavy client doesn’t make much sense.

  • David Mee

    Maybe the fact that you’re having to force us to use the new version should ring alarm bells – either keep it as an option or scrap it all together – its crap

  • Chris

    “For years, the web version was designed to mimic Evernote’s desktop interfaces. Last October, we set out to rethink that.”

    I find this such a strange statement. Surely having something perfectly mimic the desktop client is a GOOD thing? Why would you want to change that?

    The feedback for the new web client seemed overwhelmingly negative in beta, yet it’s been foisted on users anyway. What a weird decision.

  • Tom

    I went back to the “Old Version” very quickly. This is definitely not ready for prime time and not up to the quality that we expect.

  • Ramon B. Nuez Jr.

    I enjoy using EN. But….

    – The formating between desktop and web app needs work
    – I would like to have a word count for notes
    – I would like support for markup

    Other than that EN is a very useful tool.

  • Karin

    I don’t really use the web client, because I like the OS X app a lot better – the performance, the design and the look and feel are unmatched by the web client. I’m having trouble with the new web client, although I can not pinpoint the exact trouble spots. For Mac users, the apps are still a lot better, in my opinion at least.

  • Gomes

    THATS GREAT!! Great option using third computers.. Easy tool!! 🙂

  • Mike Byrnes

    Great another unwanted and unneeded “advancement” in the name of distraction free writing. The web interface needs to provide all the functions of the desktop. Distraction free writing can be had with a pen and blank piece of paper. Thanks for nothing and making this unusable for people actually trying to get work done.

  • Mike Byrnes

    For a company that wants to go public, you don’t seem interested in listening to what paying customers want. If your goal is to help Microsoft expand the user base of OneNote, you are succeeding.

  • Jeff Byers

    Headers on the search page are such light gray that they appear almost white. Use of gray in general significantly reduces readability. Designers think it’s trendy. This user thinks it’s not helpful. Usability should be a first priority. Looking cool should take a back seat.

  • Jeremy

    This thing is unusable now. How did you mess it up this bad? I can only really use the mobile app now, because the web version is so needlessly confusing.

  • Jeff

    Just please don’t take away the classic interface. The new one is so much harder to use and slower to find things.

  • shoaib

    Could you keep the old web version and the new one as two options for how to use evernote. They are both decent. That would mean people who don’t have the desktop client for whatever reason can have that same functionality in the web. Plus the new web design when it suits them

  • Nathan Jones

    So glad I don’t use Linux or a Chromebook. I share the concerns of several other commenters here. Would hate the see the desktop apps follow in the same direction.

  • Ivan Siladji

    Search function, notebooks, images etc. all work seemlessly and smoothly. It makes my blogging so much easier. I can capture a lot of my content When I’m away from my Mac or my iPhone is busy doing other things. It’s a great blogging companion. I’ve been trailing the beta version for months on and off now and I am growing to it more each and every time. I use the desktop client when working from my MacBook Pro and it’s brilliant. When I’m logged in to a different PC I use the web version and it’s great. Looks beautiful, which I think is very important today, especially for the brand.Still has full functionality. Makes writing enjoyable and simplifies the mess many word processors come with. Happy user.

    Ivan Siladji

  • Dan

    Not to sound too critical, but I really, REALLY wish you guys would update the windows desktop UI, at least to the standard of the os x version. It, to be blunt, looks old and ugly. Plus, it doesn’t scale well at all to high resolution displays (I have a 1080p screen and it is either way too blurry or way too small). I am a premium member that uses it very regularly and I really wish it wasn’t such an eyesore. I know you have a windows store version, but that is too basic (same problem I have with the web version) for my needs. Love using Evernote, again, I just wish the windows desktop app looked as good as it functions. Thanks!

  • Gerry W.

    I love the web app, but why make it different from the desktop app?? I think the desktop app needs to be a seamless and beautifully clean copy of the web app?

  • Dan

    No handwriting support unfortunately. Still useless on the Surface Pro. Or more correctly, the Surface Pro is still useless, without decent applications.

  • Qasim

    Hi, I really liked the font used for this page. Can you please let me know its name?

  • Martin

    Really enjoying the new web interface – like the distraction free writing function – thanks!

  • Dylan

    Looks nice been using it for a while in beta but i can create links within notes to other notes, if you can i can’t figure it out.

  • Gaelyne Gasson

    Please don’t get rid of the older web app until you add in functionality it has that the new version doesn’t. Such as the ability to pop out a note into a new browser window. Selecting multiple notes for further actions like delete, merge and move to a new notebook. The new version is pleasing to the eye, but it’s very frustrating that it’s missing so much of the functionality of the older version.

  • coastalrev

    Glad mine is not the only voice of dissent. Already on mobile I am forced to use third-party apps to get the functionality I enjoy on desktop. Now we’ll need web add-ons!

  • Gaurav Tiwari

    I was using the beta web app since months and expect the same font & UI to come in Windows’ desktop app.

  • David

    As a student, I’d like to be able to save articles using the web client and then add highlighting and notes to the articles.

    • Jeremy Brand Yuan

      Hi David, have you tried the Evernote Web Clipper? It’s great for saving articles and highlighting the important bits before you save to Evernote. Get it here:

  • Margaret

    I want to know when I will be able to rename my recordings. I could do it in the earlier versions but not beta. Despite asking and asking, it still hasn’t happened!

  • Kate

    The new version might be clean, but it’s too clean. I want to be able to see and access different notes and notebooks with as few clicks as possible. It’s also much slower. You seem to have removed the option to open a note in a new window. Now the only way to work on two different notes at once is to open the web interface in two different browsers. Very efficient, I don’t think. There doesn’t seem to be an option to tag/move/merge multiple notes anymore either. So that’s another way you’ve massively reduced the efficiency of the web interface. What were you thinking with this update?! I love the service Evernote provides but I wish you’d stop adding ‘improvements’ that no one wants whilst removing all the features people rely on as part of their workflow.

    • Kate

      My other complaint is I keep accidentally removing shortcuts. I don’t even know how I’m doing it, so it’s obviously far too easy to do. A ‘do you want to remove this shortcut’ pop up would be nice.

  • chris dean

    First impressions. Very poor and much harder to use than the old version. Looks good but functionality has gone backwards.

  • Garry

    This vast expanse of screen-hogging “beautiful” white space that allows customers “to work without distraction” really sux.

    I’m using EN on desktop machines, not on tablets or cellphones. The big blocky UI is completely distracting, the white space is selfish paen to iPhone aesthetics, and the font (size and type) is actually quite ugly.

  • Janet

    There needs to be a paintbrush tool to enable us to format easier. Sometimes if i’ve cut and paste my formatting is all over the place and it’s cumbersome to try and find the right font to match. Maybe this feature is already available but i’m just missing it…?

  • Pedro

    I like the new interface: it is indeed clean and cluter-free. However, the new interface also seems to have significantly reduced functionality compared with the older one. For instance, I still haven’t been able to figure out how to rename a notebook, or search my notes with filters (eg notes with certain tags, or within a given notebook…). Very annoying… I’m afraid that for the moment that means i have (once again) to go back to the older version.

  • Fran

    Just joining in on the discussion so say not happy. Why is it designers think that a mobile based design is suitable for desktop. I have a large screen so I can fit in lots more and now I just have loads of white space and a very light font I cannot read and loads of frustration with other problems.

  • Lindsay

    This new web version is a step in the wrong direction. I truly hate the low contrast, tiny gray icon look. The old web version of EN at least had a distinct look that would separate the sidebar from the snippets and notes. My eyes are older now and using the new EN online is not an option for me. After prolonged use, I develop an eye strain headache. I downgraded my Mac OSX desktop version from the new version to v5.7.2 for the same reason. I use EN all day everyday. So, I don’t think I should have to worry about if my go-to productivity software is going to make me less productive in the long run. I also echo the other comments with regards to adding new features. “Work Chat”, Really? How much time did that take? That time could have been used to improve the editor. I love EN, but its starting to feel like EN doesn’t love its Premium customers.

    • Wilrobertson

      I have just changed back to the previous web version. And I feel that I am more productive.

  • Cari

    Can you guys PLEASE at least give me the option to pin the notebooks section open??? PLEASE!!!

  • Kirk

    I was hoping that you’d all come to your senses and scrap the new beta version of the web client. Yet you are moving forward with it. PLEASE keep the old version alive forever those of us who appreciate working in a web environment that matches (as close as possible) the desktop environment. Part of the appeal of Evernote is the consistent look across all points of access, whether it’s my desktop or the web. You only serve to create confusion by forcing us to adapt to a different look with each form of access.

  • Anurag

    How to merge notes in reverse order I.e. In the merged note content of Old note to appear at top before newer note

  • Trond

    How long would the old version be available ?

  • Cbacca

    You’ve added extra clicks to my normal workflow. If anything you should at least have the option to expand the left panel like in the desktop app and old web interface. The new interface works for users looking for a simple note taking application, but gets in the way of productivity for certain power user. Please consider having an “advance” mode where your power users get the same functionality as the existing desktop application.

  • Camilo Contreras

    I saw you fixed the issue of not having nested tags. Well done! That was the first step.

    Now you need to make the tag list always visible in the left, at least as an on/off option (Like it was pinned”). It is really annoying to click in the tag icon and then click in the tag I’m looking for, because in my GTD flow, I need to have a list of tags, which shows me the number of items I have in each tag (stack of tasks, in my GTD flow). It is not a good idea to have to click in the tag first (and lose the view of my notes) or, instead search for the tag, when I know exactly where my tag is, because I already have a nice structure set based upon tags, which was in the first place the reason I chose EN over other tools.

    Why this tag list has to have a completely different behaviour than the desktop version?

    Please improve this, I’m forced to use the web version given that I’m on Linux, and we don’t have a decent option for desktop. 🙁

  • Randall LeBlanc

    Mr. Yuan are you living in some alternate reality? The new interface has half the features of the old interface and is extremely frustrating to use. Unless of course you enjoy pretending that you are on a smartphone instead of a PC. What a load of corporate crap.

  • Simon Jäggi

    Dear Evernote, I wish you will transfer the Webdesign soon to the Application.

  • Nancy

    Yes, this “app” really does not work on desktops or laptops. Huge amount of wasted space. No instructions or toggles to help change the view. Pretty useless for any serious research or web collection. Only marginally better than Pocket at this point.

    • prosen

      I’m sorry you’re having this difficulty, Nancy! I’m sure we can help you make it work to your expectations. Visit our help page at, or tweet to @EvernoteHelps!

  • Chris

    VERY FRUSTRATING. I’ve been a premium user for a long time (over 11,000 notes since 2009), almost exclusively on a windows version, and I love Evernote. Recently my workflow has moved online, and I do about 50% of my work from a Chromebook, and I find the web version of Evernote virtually unusable. It looks great, but it doesn’t work nearly as efficiently as the desktop. No multi-note select is a huge drawback, and I find myself often deciding to just wait until tomorrow when I can get things done more easily from my office computer. What a bummer. If my work continues to migrate online I’ll be looking for a different solution before long. Please, Evernote, Please – make the web version more like the desktop version.

  • Steve

    I have tried the new interface many times over the past year, and I still come back to the old one. I think if we had the option to “pin” the notebooks and tags you would gain total adoption from a lot of users.

    I work, like many people with two big screens (28 inches+). It simply does not make sense to have everything cramed on the left side and have to click on notebooks and then on the note I want to work on.

    Thanks for listening, for now I am keeping the old version.

  • Arka Roy

    Definitely want the ability to pin the sidebar on the left so it stays open. Preferably this behaviour can be turned On and Off.