Evernote to end support for Evernote Food apps


Evernote to end support for Evernote Food apps

Posted by Ronda Scott on 26 Aug 2015

Posted by Ronda Scott on 26 Aug 2015

Two years ago, we created Evernote Food to help people chronicle the universal experience of enjoying great food. Food’s most popular features were clipping recipes and snapping photos of meals. Today, our core Evernote apps and Evernote Web Clipper have evolved to do both of these things very well.

As of September 30th, we’ll no longer support Evernote Food for iOS and Android. This means the apps will no longer be available for download and we won’t be making any further updates to them. It also means that features within the apps, including sync with the Evernote service, will no longer work.

Alternatives to try
If you enjoyed using Food, please give Web Clipper a spin for collecting recipes and cooking inspiration and try Evernote for capturing your favorite meal experiences. Our App Center Food Collection also features Evernote-integrated food-centric apps that you might like.

More information
Our Evernote Food Support FAQ should answer any questions you have for transitioning from Food to Evernote and Web Clipper.

We appreciate your continued support for all of our apps. We’re confident you’ll find  the features and functionality you liked best in Food in Evernote, the Web Clipper, and through our App Center integrated apps. By focusing our talents more effectively on our core products, we’re able to create the best Evernote experience for you possible.



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  • Richard Careaga

    Big disappointment, means our household is going to have to go back to sharing by email.

    • bramjak

      thanks for sharing.
      i thinks using this food app is very flexible and good, and this app may simplify different things for people.

  • Ridwan

    I never fancied using Evernote Food app.

  • Jason.

    Evernote Food is more than collecting recipes. It’s about taking notes in a task-specific manner that ends up in an attractive format in Evernote.

    All the people I know who use Food use it when they’re out at a restaurant and want to capture the location, food and related notes, so they can go back later to relive or recall the meal.

    This reads like one of those instances of assuming a particular use case rather than understanding how your customers actually use the app.

    A sad day.

    • Paul

      I think you have nailed the issue there, Evernote assume people use it for just recipes.

      I don’t think I have ever really used it to store or view recipes, personally it was always about storing and remembering places and meals.

    • Graham

      Spot on – It was really the layout and app-specific features of the Food app that made it so attractive for us to use on a tablet as a recipe book. The screen stays on automatically – and best of all, you could sync just the recipe notebook with no need to have access to all of your notes on a secondary device. My kids play with the tablet, so Im not going to put the full evernote app on there.

    • Allan Weinbaum

      This is my favourite app, primarily because of the Restaurants and My Meals features. This news release is somewhat tone deaf in the way it assumes we won’t miss those features.

      Evernote Food uses Foursquare to make those features work. You can still go into Foursquare and search for restaurants. If you want to remember a particular restaurant or meal, you can use the share feature within Foursquare to send the information about the restaurant into an Evernote note. It’s not as clean or efficient as Evernote Food, but it works.

      • andrew

        any one have any alternatives for the my meals tab that i used to track all of my eating out meals?

        • PF

          Personal Foodie is an alternative – personalfoodie.com

        • Andy

          Hey Andrew, I wanted an app to do exactly what you said–to rememer meals and the company I was with. I started a pet project called Memory Bite to solve this problem. It’s currently available for Android. Check out http://www.MemoryBite.com for more info!


  • Jeff H

    I’ve kept using Foid for iOS for just one feature: the disabled Auto-Lock. When I’m cooking with both hands, I can’t stop to unlock my phone or iPad. Any chance that could be added as an option in the main iOS app?

    • Jeff H

      I meant Food, of course.

      • Michael Q

        Exactly! Turning off the auto-lock when cooking was my favorite reason to use Food. So sad that we’re losing it now.

  • Mark

    Very disappointing. A beautiful app. Use it every time I’m out dining. Wows my friends. Fabulous way to remember meals you ‘ve had. Think you should reconsider. Maybe you didn’t push this product enough so more people would use it?

  • Anselm Lionel-Rajah

    It’s disappointing as I was trying to make my iPhone an Evernote friendly device and was just re-committing to EN Food to organise my Cookbook.

    I’ll miss the gorgeous UI. I think that’s the way to go as it not only looked good but worked really good for me.

    It is a great shame that it’s going and maybe there can be an EN Food 2.0 but it made the food stand out and I’ll miss using it.

    Bon Appetit (I’ve been watching way too much of #MyKitchenRulesAustralia

  • Mirror

    This is very disappointing and actually quite insulting to your loyal user base. I have used Food (as well as Hello) from their inception and both had features that are irreplaceable with any other apps. Food in particular, had the Meal feature which allowed a beautiful memory to be created that was shared routinely with others when we traveled and had meals with our friends. To say that your present features like the photo clipper in your existing Evernote app “can do these things very well ” is simply not true. Perhaps you should consider adding this technology to your core app so that the meal photo option is still avilable. Instead of eliminating products why don’t you look at their features and add those capabilities to your core app instead of pretending that it is adequate?

  • Derek

    Very disappointed, this is one app I use frequently, even more so than Evernote. It is invaluable when dining on trips; great way to preserve memories and even just a way to give recommendations to friends who are traveling to that same location. Many times I thought “what was the name of that restaurant in New Orleans…” and I would just pull it up on Food. One of my top 5 apps I use on my iPhone.

  • bill w

    Well that sucks. Any other options for Mac recipe management other than sticking with Evernote? Cooking’? MacGourmet?

  • slfisher

    Aw. I just started using it.

  • Jos

    The whole point of using Food for me is the fact that it is a dedicated app. It is my digital cookbook. Pity we’re forced to use Evernote for this. I’ve tried using Evernote but it somehow never really became part of my routine. Food did. Too bad. bye Evernote, thanks for the great app.

  • Ed


  • Norman

    Huge loss! I constantly use Evernote Food to access the recipes I have in Evernote. So disappointed! Very sad indeed!

  • d

    I think you should still enable Sync even if you decomission the app. I’ve been using it to log my meals for the past three years and now I need to find another app that can do this. What a shame.

  • Jared

    Will miss this–the interface was one of my favorite to use on my iPad while actually cooking. Sure, I can just use Evernote, but the food-specific view was nice.

  • Sujit

    Very disappointing. Used Food for over a hundred meal memories.

  • Janet

    I’m disappointed! I found out about Evernote Food yesterday when I was looking up recipe management apps. I can’t find any others that would allow the flexibility to document my own photos and add them to the clippings. Terrible timing. Any suggestions for apps that do this?

  • Beth

    I’ve been using a different app to store my recipes for some time now – I wanted something with nutritional information – if anyone else is looking for a good alternative, spoonacular might fill the void. https://spoonacular.com/

  • Mirror

    As I am reading all the comments I realize how disappointing it is to have an app that you rely on and use everyday as a part of your routine to suddenly have this taken away without warning etc. I have been a loyal Evernote pro user for years, mainly because I believed in the unique nature of a company that tried to develop apps that made life easier. For example “Hello” was similar which helped you remember people you met and their details in a user friendly format with great graphics. This too was abruptly discontinued and I am still searching in vain for a replacement. To have apps suddenly dropped to concentrate on the core app which is becoming bulky and not user friendly is clearly the new CEO’s strategy to make Evernote a corporate business tool. Goodbye Evernote

  • Barney Simon

    I too use Food more than all other EN features combined. So, assuming EN really does pull the plug, and Food really does stop working. It seems a template in EN that mimics anything near the functionality of Food is out of the question, so which databases can we use to fill the void?

  • Baz

    Huge disappointment. A really well designed app that allowed one to capture food related memories and share effortlessly. The cookbook & restaurant functions were helpful but not as Evernote seem to think the main attraction. Are there any viable alternatives any of you have come across?

  • Paul

    Real shame, always liked Evernote Food and being an Android user the advice “Our App Center Food Collection also features Evernote-integrated food-centric apps that you might like.” is a bit wasted as there are only four apps, none of them do the same as Evernote Food in regards to recording a meal and three of them aren’t available on Android anyway.

    Also not sure exactly what the quote “…our core products, we’re able to create the best Evernote experience for you possible.” is really refering to either. On the Windows platform the editor is really showing it’s age with poor editing tools and the inability to easily mix images and text in a free flowing way.

    All in all One Note is looking a lot more tempting with multiple notebooks, sections is a notebook and pages within a section, the chrome clipper is getting a lot better and the Windows app is a lot more flexible in how it handles a mixture of content in a single page.

    That, plus the fact the android app will sync without a subscription, is starting to become a compelling reason to leave Evernote behind.

    Been feeling a little disappointed for a while as an Android user as it always seemed second fiddle to the various Apple devices, this is just another disappointment really.

  • wilrobertson

    I will miss this App, I am a committed Evernote user/subscriber, and use the Food App pretty much daily. If I get the same or similar integration form a 3rd party App than that will be OK (I guess)

  • Robert

    I create my first meal in Evernote Food in January 2012 and I have been a keen user ever since. It was the usefulness of this app that inspired me to become a premium subscriber. I love the flexibility of capturing a meal with my iPhone in a restaurant and then reliving my meals on my iPad at home. Evernote Food has served me well in my home city and on vacation around the world. I am very disappointed that Evernote is going to discontinue support for Evernote Food and especially with no viable alternative on offer.

  • Jon

    As far as I can tell, one should be very careful about using the specialized evernote apps, as they are often canceled. Evernote Hello is one example, this is another, of evernote not really providing a good migration path for users who tried to store information using their app.

    Evernote, I strongly encourage you to build an exit plan with each additional app you deploy, with a clear means of migrating the data back into the core evernote service if you decide to kill the app at some point.

  • Vladimir Campos

    Sad day 🙁 I’ve been using it to log restaurantes, wine, coffee and other nice meals all over the world. I don’t see any other app in the market as nice and as efficient as Evernote Food. Like some have already pointed, being a stand alone app was an important feature and the easy input method, including pictures, notes etc. is not an easy task at the Evernote main app 🙁

    • Jody

      It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who’s very very disappointed. I’ve been using the Food App since I started with Evernote a year ago (about to pay for an annual Premium subscription now since my complimentary one is expiring). I LOVE Evernote in lots of ways and would really like to have an app that would enable me to keep storing and reliving wonderful meals in the same easy wonderful way that Food did…

  • Deirdre

    Bring back Food Evernote! I don’t care if you update it EVER, I really liked it the way it is. I used it every time I go out to eat. The Evernote app itself is not nearly as easy and quick to use. When I’m out with friends, I want to add the info quickly and not be rude to the other people. Food was great for that!


  • Grace Lee

    I’m a EN premium user. I used EN Food primarily to remember and share the many wonderful meals I’ve had. My first meal was captured in May 2012. Clipper does not do the same thing. Sure, I can import photos, but they are all pushed together, with no white border, nor can I add the name of the restaurant and add a location. I’m really disappointed in the decision to discontinue this.

  • Mary

    We use Evernote Food instead of just using Evernote for many reasons. It is simple to use and when cooking I depend on the fact that it automatically stays on so I don’t have to touch the device. Evernote doesn’t do that to my knowledge.

    Evernote Food and Hello differentiated Evernote from some very formidable competitors and its hard to believe Evernote will survive long without them – especially since there is an issue of trust now. I’m glad I’m not an investor!

  • Carol

    Tremendously disappointing. I used this app every day as my digital cookbook. I spent countless hours adding hundreds of recipes and photos to my collection. Evernote does not provide the same simple, beautiful interface. I frequently explored recipes through the app, as well. I will be looking for an alternative. Sadly, though, in this era, nothing lasts for long.

  • Titilola

    I seriously can’t believe you guys are discontinuing this. I have been using this since the very beginning. You guys can’t do this 🙁 there is no app like Evernote Food. Where am I gonna store my recipes now???

    • Ana

      Pepperplate is great for storing recipes.

  • Willow

    Big disappointment, we used this app all the time! Especially on vacations. This doesn’t lend confidence in Evernote brand. Food goes the way of other Evernote apps… and the “our core app does all these things well” is just not true. The main reason I used food was to capture food memories and pictures with captioned photos and location/restaurant/geolocation information — this isn’t really possible with the core application. The suggested alternatives have nothing to do with food memories and alternatives don’t seem to exist on Android (there are journal apps like Diaro but these are limited too) — This is really sad. 🙁

  • Sandie

    Really disappointed. I don’t find Evernote at all intuitive to use on the iPad, so resort to only using it to look up stuff when I can’t access my main computer. The Food app was easy to use on the iPad and great for use in the kitchen. Really feel that the display functionality of Food needs to be ported into the core Evernote app BEFORE support ceases on the Food app. Plus we need the ability to quickly access the Food sections from the main menu in the Core app., and for them to automatically display the same way they did in the Food app. Plus how do we add the data in the same format as the Food App? Pretty poor customer service to not outline how we can now best use the Core app to work with the Food items.

  • Corey Pudhorodsky

    Countering all the negative comments here, I’m glad to hear this news. While I liked Food and enjoyed using it from time to time, I would much rather see Evernote focus on their core product and add features to the primary app and services. Thanks Evernote!

  • chusgom

    Total disappointment, estoy en desacuerdo totalmente, no se puede dejar colgada a la gente como yo que llevamos utilizando evernotefood desde hace 3 años.
    Estais obligados moralmente a darnos una solución igual o mejor. Espero seais respetuosos con vuestros seguidores y continuéis manteniendo evernotefood.

  • Kate Hodges

    I am so sad. I use Food every single day as my cookbook. I do clip to Evernote using the web clipper, but I use Food as a recipe viewer while cooking. The fact that the screen never goes to sleep makes it indispensable for this. I checked out the other apps. There’s no other cookbook app that syncs with Evernote. Very sad day indeed.

  • Thanos23

    Really disappointing. Gutted that it’s going but can’t you at least compromise and leave it as it is, i.e. no further development but at least it would still work. You’ve really let us down on this one and should be ashamed.

    • Barney Simon

      While i agree with the idea of leaving it as an orphan, you and i both know, some day, somehow, someway, an update of EN’s primary coding, will cause Food to experience a catastrophic failure, and we will all unexpectedly be screwed.

  • Gail

    I too am very disappointed the Evenote is discontinuing EN Food. It is my favorite app and I use it far more than I go into Evernote. It has everything I need in one place, I like to document our meals as we travel and Food was perfect for that. I also like the recipe feature. I am also a premium subscriber and hope you will reconsider this decision.

  • Mark

    With Evernote dropping Peek, Hello and Food, I’ve really been considering a move away from Evernote. I’ve been a premium subscriber since they offered Premium but would really like to investigate alternatives. As an iOS users, the new Notes in iOS9 has become a possible alternative for quick notes. I found by adding my own “tag” with the top of a note I can search and quickly find notes. But Evernotes real strength is as digital shoebox and for this, I haven’t found a good alternative. The only competitions was Springpad and they are now gone…..

  • Barney Simon

    Happy to see so many others will miss this Food app. I think the only hope is for someone to buy and maintain the app. Does anyone know someone at Zagat? They are the original crowd sourced restaurant review aggregators. It seems a perfect fit. Maybe Bon Apetite, Food and Wine, the Food Network. All of these could easily integrate and market the recipe aspect and the restaurant review aspect of the food app into their mission. I suspect they could by the program cheap – EN is already throwing it away – this is like dumpster diving, pull it out of the trash, re-brand it, continue to integrate with EN, and bam, everyone is happy!

  • Ana

    Sad news! I use it to keep and remember meals in restaurants. Am I supposed to use plain Evernote for this? I think it involves much more effort. Any alternatives?

  • Eric Baesel

    I too am disappointed with the loss of the Food app. As many have said, this was my dedicated Digital Recipe Box. It looks like they have a partnership now with New York Times Cooking. My recipes saved in Evernote can be sync’d to the app, but it doesn’t appear to keep the screen turned on, which is a big hassle. These days devices need to be turned on and a passcode entered which is plain inconvenient when my hands are messy with food prep. Bad call, Evernote.

  • Jess

    also really disappointed. i use it to chronicle my events with friends and culinary adventures. I use evernote too, but for different things. the UI is much better on food for the other reason

  • Mauricio

    Please, realese it as open source. Don’t let this app die!!!

  • Susie

    will i be able to retrieve all of my recipes and pictures i saved on my meals?

  • Shelley

    I travel for business and am always trying new restaurants. I loved Food because it allowed me to take photos, comment, and it had the map feature so I knew exactly where the restaurant was if I wanted to return. I would share the Food note with others if I wanted to recommend a place. So disappointed. It was one of my favorite apps.

  • Anna

    Is there any way I can get back all the recipes I had stored on Food? I have recently moved overseas and stored them in there instead of bringing a hard copy notebook of recipes (and was in the process of transferring the to paper when I checked today to find I have lost all my recipes). Please help me sort this out – it is really not good enough, I had no warning this would happen and now have to deal with the consequences when it wasn’t my fault as I was not informed. You must have a record of them somewhere. You can’t just delete people’s documents without telling them.

  • Amélie

    Huge HUGE loss! I constantly use Evernote Food to access the recipes I have in Evernote. So disappointed! Very sad indeed!

  • Kevin

    Yeah your “core products” don’t have near the functionality we all enjoyed in Food. The Food app had an attractive AI and to be honest I used it way more than I did the main evernote app.

    You could still at least allow us to sync the app with evernote even if you aren’t going to continue to develop it. Now i have some recipes in an app that I like to use and other new recipes in an app I don’t like to use.

  • Ann

    It has been two/three months since Food being stopped. I miss it so much. I used it not for storing receipts, but for memories. It is part of my diary. What’s more disappointing is, I couldn’t find an equivalent app alternative… Is there any chance to bring back the Food to us in future??

  • Max

    very disappointing!

  • Elisa

    I have not found anything to replace the Food app. I loved it and used it for much more than recipes. My meals were filled with memories and photos of eating experiences. It was a huge part of my journal/diary. I would really like to have it back.

  • Eduardo Fandangle

    Was disappointed to find the reason my login to the app was failing was due to its discontinuation. I used it to record the restaurants I enjoyed and the meals that I had there. The notes it created were, in turn, shared with people I met travelling.

    Evernote, would you consider releasing the source code to allow a different developer the option to continue? I’d happily buy it again, having really appreciated the elegance and sinplicity of the app and also its integration with the core Evernote app. From this thread, it would appear there is still a market. It would also return some goodwill to the customers who have had this useful service cut.

  • Ssimon

    Does any one know how to access all the recipes I had stored in Evernote food?

  • Brit

    6 months later and I have yet to find a decent replacement app for Food. I refuse to use any of the “foodie” apps on iOS that I’ve found so far because they just don’t measure up and it disappoints me. I just wish Food was available again..

  • Chris

    That’s it for me. Food was the best thing about Evernote. Goodbye.

  • No

    I miss this app so much! I used to use it just to catalog my meals and I have yet to find a good replacement app. PLEASE BRING IT BACK! PLEASE!!

  • Samantha Williams

    I loved this Food app. There actually isn’t an alternative. Nothing looks as attractive, while syncing between devises. Maybe you could relaunch at a cost? I would pay extra for it! Just saying.