Meet Evernote’s Creative Director of Global Brand Design, John Barretto

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Meet Evernote’s Creative Director of Global Brand Design, John Barretto

Posted by Jenn Davis on 14 Sep 2015

Posted by Jenn Davis on 14 Sep 2015

We really value design at Evernote. In addition to building a great app, we put a lot of attention and detail into creating amazing visual experiences for our users. Evernote’s brand is recognized by more than 150 million people around the world, and it takes a village of talented graphic and web user experience (UX) designers, production artists, and videographers to bring that brand identity to life.

We sat down with John Barretto to learn more about his role in leading the creative process for Evernote’s marketing organization and the design and development of Evernote Market’s physical products.

What do you do at Evernote?
I was originally brought on two years ago to design the look and feel of Evernote Market’s line of curated physical products and online and in-app shopping experiences. I now lead the creative team responsible for marketing and communications projects, including web UX, design, and video. The most interesting part of my job is the opportunity to unify our brand identity across the multiple touchpoints that our users encounter, such as our website, emails, and in-app experiences.

What’s the story behind the physical goods?
Our goal at Evernote is to help people do their best work, and this isn’t limited to just our apps. Our physical products are an extension of our brand, connecting your digital and physical workspaces so you can be more productive and organized. My personal favorite product is the Triangle Commuter Bag—this bag has changed my life by keeping everything organized and accessible as I hop between personal life and work situations.

How did you get started in the Creative field?
I’ve been doing brand design for more than 20 years and started on the agency side consulting for large brands ranging from consumer retail to technology. In 2004, I joined Apple as an art director where I helped design and launch retail stores—we went from 80 stores to 250 worldwide during my time there. I really enjoy leading creative projects on a global scale, which is what attracted me to Evernote.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
It’s been an opportunity of a lifetime to build Evernote Market from the ground up and grow our team from one person to a fully functional creative group. I can’t think of another place where I could have taken my skills as a traditional print graphic designer and help build patented physical products. It’s a fascinating job and I love the challenge.

Work’s not everything. What are you most passionate about outside of the office?
I’m most passionate about spending time with my wife and daughter. I also collect a lot of things. I have thousands of comic books and a growing collection of sports memorabilia, toy robots, and Kokeshi dolls. Some of these items actually come in handy for styling photo shoots at Evernote—this is how I justify my obsessive collecting to my wife.

What is the one Evernote feature or hack that you can’t live without?
I think the most magical thing in Evernote is the camera feature. On the creative team we often brainstorm ideas on whiteboards, and it’s a huge time-saver to capture these with my phone and have them automatically saved into Evernote. And when I need to find these notes later, Evernote’s search feature makes it easy since it recognizes text within images.

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