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How to Meet Less, Brainstorm More

How to Meet Less, Brainstorm More

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 21 Sep 2015

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 21 Sep 2015

Meetings are one of the biggest time-sucks of the workday. As author and paperless productivity wizard, Jamie Todd Rubin notes, “meetings are where minutes are taken, and hours are lost.”

One of the biggest culprits is the brainstorm.

Inevitably, these idea-generating sessions present challenges and pitfalls that can be addressed prior the meeting. If the point of your brainstorm is to find a solution to a challenging problem, or to isolate ideas for upcoming projects, it helps to set some ground rules to channel team creativity and get people on track beforehand.

Here are some tips to coordinate your team’s best ideas directly into Evernote so everyone can participate.

Set standards
Meetings tend to have standard documents. Using Evernote Business, you can create templates for these notes, giving your team a pre-formatted structure to save them time and allow for input of ideas prior to your meeting.

To get started, create a shared Business Notebook to put all of your “template” notes, and create notes that have the key fields you need for meeting-related info.

Create space for creativity
Clip Internet research using the Web Clipper, share those notes with your team as well.

When your team members walk into a meeting with their tablet, phone, or computer, they’ll have full access to everything they need for the meeting, right within Evernote – without printing a single sheet of paper.

Add agenda items
As you’re getting ready for the brainstorm meeting, attach files and documents directly to your meeting agenda note, and the team members you’ve shared that note with will automatically get access to those files.

Allow participation
Establish a team meeting coordinator who can monitor the notebook for questions that can help create an outline of discussion points for the brainstorm. A moderator can also help facilitate all the ideas and by having those archived in Evernote, you can compare previous brainstorms to future ones.

Present ideas
Evernote’s Presentation Mode is the way to have fast, collaborative meetings without ever creating a single slide. Project ideas on a television monitor and rally around them as a group to come to a consensus.

With shared notes, you provide the opportunity for colleagues to supply valuable opinions and help brainstorms be a better process designed to get your idea moving forward or find solutions.

Here is a list of some other tools to incorporate into your next brainstorm session:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.31.59 PM

Post-it Notes – Digitally capture, organize, and share concepts, ideas, and workflows. Learn more >>

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.30.12 PMMoleskine Notebooks  – Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine are the first paper notebooks specifically designed for users who would like to create digitized versions of handwritten notes.  Jot your ideas down, sketch drawings from whiteboard sessions, and preserve team notes for future meetings. Learn more >>

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