11 Reasons to Love Evernote Premium

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11 Reasons to Love Evernote Premium

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 06 Oct 2015

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 06 Oct 2015

Everything you wanted to know about Premium (and some awesome features you may not have even known existed).

Evernote Premium is the collection of the features that’ll take your productivity to the next level. Here’s a quick look at eleven reasons that millions of people rely on it to get more done:

1) Bigger monthly uploads and notes
Don’t let space limit how much you get done in Evernote. Give your projects the room they need. With Premium, get 10 GB of uploads per month (compared to 60 MB for Basic) and 200 MB of content per note. Learn more.

2) Access notes when you’re offline
Don’t lose access to your notes just because you’ve lost your signal. Whether you’re on the road, in the air, or in the middle of an unpredictable day, having offline access to your notes on mobile ensures they’ll always be handy. Learn more.

3) Save emails into Evernote
Important emails can quickly get lost in a busy inbox. Save them to Evernote and keep them organized with the rest of the project. You can even assign tags, notebooks, and reminders from the subject line. Learn how.

4) Search in Office docs and attachments
When finding files, you’re limited to searching filenames and folders. With Premium, search inside the content of any Office doc, PDF, or image in your account. Once it’s in Evernote, finding anything becomes a no-brainer. See it in action.

5) Annotate attached PDFs
PDFs are great, but they’re hard to edit. Rather than send a long email to give feedback, just use Evernote Premium’s annotation tools to add text, shapes, and visual callouts right on top of the PDF. Learn how.

6) Turn notes into presentations
Unless every meeting you have is a TED Talk, you shouldn’t be spending so much time formatting slides. All the content is already in Evernote anyway, so just use presentation mode to beautifully format the note at your next team sync. See it in action.

7) Scan and digitize business cards
Keeping track of business cards is a pain. Scan your cards with Premium and have it digitize the info, ready to save to your phone’s contacts or to the notebook of your choice. Once scanned, you can even add someone on LinkedIn right from Evernote. Manage business cards with Premium and have them forever. Learn how.

8) Passcode lock on mobile apps
Keep your Evernote account safe from prying eyes by adding a PIN (or Touch ID) lock to the Evernote app on mobile devices. It adds an extra layer of privacy to ensure that notes for your eyes only stay that way. Learn more.

9) View previous versions of notes
Make a mistake? No problem. Premium tracks the versions of your notes as you work on them. If you ever needed to jump back to the way a note was before your cat walked all over your keyboard and changed everything, that’s now possible. Learn how.

10) See content related to your notes
Let Premium surface the most relevant content as you work. Based on what you’re working on, it’ll subtly display notes from your account or those shared to Evernote Business, and, if you want, external news from sources you trust. It’s a great way to save yourself from double work and let your project be as strong and informed as it can be. Learn more.

11) Premium support
Ever have a question or need some help? Premium gets you access to the expert team of smart people who can solve your problem. No one knows Evernote better these guys and gals, and they’ll be there to help you if you ever hit a snag. Explore help and learning.

Don’t just take my word for it. Give these eleven features a go and watch as work gets easier and tasks just get done.


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  • Giacomo Lawrance

    Evernote Premium is great. Could you add styles like in MS Word to Evernote?

    • Jeremy Brand Yuan

      Thanks for saying so, and your suggestion is appreciated!

  • BB

    MARKDOWN, all than we need!

  • Shane Phillips

    i wish u could encrypt personal info in the web version

  • David

    I wish that there is a one off payment for Evernote instead of a monthly subscription. No one likes being enslaved by a monthly sbscription

    • Kevin

      I am approaching retirement and would prefer to “own” the app rather than feel that I am just renting it. I really don’t want to be committed for a lifelong rental plan; honestly, this is the only thing holding me back. If I learned nothing else, I know that others usually share my views.

      • Ken

        The only thing holding me back is the constant monthly payments. I am retired and my periodic use cannot justify a monthly subscription. If I can’t purchase a permanent use program then I will just have to look for another similar program that can be purchased with a single payment.
        Perhaps Evernote could provide a program that would meet the needs of people like me.

  • Jiafeng

    It would be great if you guys can encrypt PC desktop software as well

  • Jenny Mackenzie

    I’m an Evernote newbie, but I LOVE what I see so far!! This is a brilliant tool, which I discovered cos it was on my new Microsoft Lumia phone – perhaps a promotional tie-in or something? (I seem to have Premium for a year, and already know that I’ll be renewing the subscription next December!! It’s now on my laptop too, and it syncs seamlessly between devices, and it honestly is one of those utilities you wonder how on earth you managed without for so long!! I can’t wait to discover more thru’ the forums or browsing the tips here on this blog. I just KNOW it’s going to make me more productive, and can’t wait to introduce friends, family and colleagues. To everyone on the Evernote team: Thanks guys, and have a great New Year!! 🙂

  • Ray Parfitt

    I have to agree with the reservations expressed by some other prospective users about the lifetime annual membership. This is a real put-off.


      I agree with views of others. the app was great. we was using basic with our little knowledge. the app added us the premium now we are using it not even year completed. now messages come that we need to renew subscription. we are personal users with no business or other purpose we are using it. purpose we are using this app. we agree while development of app like this so much amount spent. the users base also increased in my view. why don’t give personal users with slightly working on Evernote more than basic or plus like me at free or with very nominal fee to feel responsibility. it shouldn’t constraint for using good app like this.

  • DK Pahwa

    It’s great to work on Evernote. But monthly rental means you are bound to a payment plan which you may not be requiring for some period of time. Monthly binding plans to be avoided.

  • Chandan Sarkar

    I want to write a journal / dairy on my evernote , can we have a ready made dairy inside evernote , or may be templates that look like pages from a dairy or planner… and / or can be customized as required.

  • Sunil

    Give an option to buy the product for life time and then charge for the updates every year. Who ever needs the updates would pay and get their version upgraded.

    This would help many of them who are holding back themselves because of monthly subscriptions.

    Premium features actually make us more productive and I would be upgrading to it.


    App is fantastic. No doubt. But while syc to Microsoft desktop LSP top some time errors occurred. It take longer than required time. And in setting there is no option for offline in laptops.

  • bryan

    I am a starving college student. I need a student discoount