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Creative Writing Templates to Kick-start Your Novel

Creative Writing Templates to Kick-start Your Novel

Posted by Forrest Dylan Bryant on 27 Oct 2015

Posted by Forrest Dylan Bryant on 27 Oct 2015

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, a little organization can go a long way when tackling a creative writing project. Whether you’re plotting out every detail of your story or just making quick notes as you go, getting the ideas out of your head and into Evernote can free up brain cells for actual writing.

With the kickoff of National Novel Writing Month just around the corner, we’ve made some writing templates that can help you get your NaNoWriMo novel in gear. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

To use these templates in your own project, just click the link for the template you want, then click the “Save to Evernote” button at the top of the note. The template will be added to your Evernote account where you can modify it at will.

Creative writing template

Story premise template
A good story starts with a strong premise. A few minutes spent working out the core elements of your story—the protagonist, situation, conflicts, and goals—can clarify everything that comes after.

Get the story premise template »

Character profile template
The realism of your characters can make or break a story. Give your characters more depth by thinking about what they look like, their backgrounds, and the ways they speak, behave, and think.

Get the character profile template »

Novel plotting template (3-act structure)
A classic model of storytelling is based on three “acts”—the beginning, middle, and end. The first act contains the setup for your story, the longer second act contains rising action and conflict, and the third act resolves the situation.

Get the 3-act plotting template »

Novel plotting template (story beats)
There are many ways of plotting a novel, but the concept of story beats (borrowed from screenwriting) is gaining popularity. Beats are a simple list of milestones and turning points that provide a bare-bones structure and rhythm for your story. As you write your scenes, the next beat provides a clear direction and goal to aim for, while leaving the path completely open to your creativity. It’s an approachable, fun system that’s especially suited to genre fiction.

Get the story beat plotting template »

Worldbuilding basics template
Worldbuilding” isn’t just for epic fantasies and strange planets. Just like it’s a good idea to know as much as you can about your characters, the more you know about your setting, the more realistically you can write about it.

Get the worldbuilding basics template »

We hope these templates will help you get your novel in gear. Let us know in the comments how well they work for you.


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  • Giacomo Lawrance

    Great post! Thanks for these! 😀

  • Andre

    Great! I’m beginner in writing novels and these templates are very usefull for me! Thank you

  • Ralph Weaver

    Downloading each one now… I’m participating with NaNoWriMo and am so thankful for EverNote’s input & help !

  • Samantha Fury

    Thanks so much for these and if you didn’t know it looks like you can edit them too. I will be sharing these with my Christian Indie Authors Network

    • Jessica Chirambaguwa

      Awesome templates! Thanks so much for this information.
      I wonder what would be the best order in which to use them? Which one would you start off with?

  • John Par Kagl

    Just discovered this great site. I am about to begin.See you soon

  • Mary Ellen

    KM, Since I woke to the usual Friday (sun is hibernating, I guess) I was glad to have gone to the market for some bread and milk. Apparently, KC area should expect ICE from this afternoon until Sunday. I am not quite dressed … another sweater would be great, and I have the snuggle slippers. And after an energizing session with therapist yesterday, I’m really psyched. Deadline for memoir Easter Sunday (April 16th, I think). Closing in. btw, I must have broken down a mental pile of blocks. I’ve been active on Twitter since January 2015, and have never gone back to view or share any of my 15 published creative non-fiction books! Well, I feel better! The batteries are revving up…. just to get a cup of coffee. Have a great day! Mary Ellen (in Missouri)

  • Annika

    This is great! I have always been inspired by everyday life, and this helps!