Brit Morin on Creative Entrepreneurship

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Brit Morin on Creative Entrepreneurship

Posted by Forrest Dylan Bryant on 19 Nov 2015

Posted by Forrest Dylan Bryant on 19 Nov 2015

In recognition of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we’ve asked several entrepreneurs to share their unique stories and insights so we can see what makes them—and their businesses—tick. In this episode, we spoke with Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co

“Human beings were made to be creators,” says Brit Morin, and that belief is the driving force behind her company, Brit + Co. Fostering creativity through a combination of craft, tech, and fun, Brit + Co reaches over 12 million visitors each month.

When asked where she turned for advice in the company’s early days, Brit replied: “Where didn’t I turn for advice?”

“I was literally 25 when I started this,” Brit said. “And I knew I would only succeed if I had the best brains and voices surrounding me. So I turned to all kinds of people, from other entrepreneurs who had grown their own companies here in Silicon Valley to seasoned executives I’d worked with… I think everyone is your mentor when you’re an entrepreneur, especially a young entrepreneur.”

In this podcast, we explore how Brit turned a passion for making things into a powerhouse brand, and how creativity forms the foundation of Brit + Co’s business philosophy.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Nov 16-22, 2015


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