From Evernote to published book with FastPencil

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From Evernote to published book with FastPencil

Posted by Mariena Foley on 23 Nov 2015

Posted by Mariena Foley on 23 Nov 2015

As National Novel Writing Month enters its final days, some writers will be happy just getting to the finish line, while others are looking ahead and thinking about turning their rough manuscripts into polished, self-published books.

If you’ve been writing in Evernote, publishing your work is easy thanks to our friends at FastPencil. FastPencil’s platform can import your notes with just a few clicks, format them into a professional-quality print or e-book, and push the final product to major distribution channels including Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo.

This guest post from FastPencil’s customer success team tells you all you need to know.

Writing with Evernote? Here’s How to Publish in 4 Steps

If you’ve been using Evernote to work towards your writing goals all November, we’re sure you’ve heard a ton of writing advice about how to write a sub-plot or how to organize your book project. As we move toward closing out this month’s 50,000-word writing challenge, let’s turn towards the next step of the book creation process: preparing your notes and notebooks for publishing. Although your ultimate goal may be to publish your novel, we realize that printing your notebooks and publishing a book are two very different projects. That’s why FastPencil gives you the option to do both — print and publish your projects — as needed.

Step 1: Compile and organize

Compiling and organizing your notes into a novel is simple. Import content directly from Evernote, upload Microsoft Word documents, images, and other digital files, and preview your book in seconds.


Step 2: Polish and preview

Once notes are pulled into FastPencil’s publishing app, you can edit your content, collaborate, add images, and prepare your manuscript for publishing. Then, preview your book in multiple print and e-book formats. High-quality services paired with free design templates give authors the freedom to concentrate on creating content instead of page layouts.

Step 3: Print and revise

Are you ready to publish?

Probably not, and that’s fine. The draft you’ve written will need refinement and polish. But writing a 50,000-word draft in one month is already a huge accomplishment, so pat yourself of the back for coming this far! Then take a deep breath and print your draft privately, on-demand, before you lose the nerve.

Printing a copy of your draft can give you a good feel for how close your novel is to being publication-ready. With FastPencil’s free book and e-book offer for NaNoWriMo winners (valid until January 31, 2016), you can have a printed copy in your hands in about 10 business days.

Revising your book

The first time an author prints out a draft book, there are typically two reactions:

“Yaaaaaaaas, my book is sooo pretty!”

And… wait for it …

“GASP! Is that a TYPO? Noooooooooo…”

Okay, so it isn’t perfect. So what?! Remember, the draft you’ve printed does NOT have to be the book you ultimately publish. Mark up your printed copy and have others review it. Voila! You’ve created a better version already.

Once you’ve revised the words, simply use FastPencil’s powerful publishing workspace to re-create, edit, preview, and prepare your manuscript for your global audience.

Step 4: Publish!

Finally, it’s time to hit the publish button. Don’t be scared, be excited! FastPencil has a special publishing offer just for NaNoWriMo winners, with 70% off global distribution, including two ISBNs, when you publish by 6/30/16. Rejoice!

Getting started with FastPencil

So, ready to make a book? This quick video covers the whole process of importing your notes from Evernote in only two minutes:

Join the publishing revolution: Your team. Your timeline. Your budget. Your book. FastPencil is publishing simplified.


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  • Janak Kumar Yadav

    Good to see that apart from taking notes and writing blogs, one can also publish a book directly from evernote.