Evernote to end support for Clearly, Evernote for Pebble, and versions of Skitch

Posted by Jack Hirsch on 17 Dec 2015

Posted by Jack Hirsch on 17 Dec 2015

Over the past few years we’ve introduced several standalone apps to the Evernote family that accomplish specific tasks. The Clearly extension made web pages more readable, and Skitch for Windows and mobile platforms made annotating images easy.

Today, you can find the most popular features from these two apps in many versions of Evernote and Web Clipper. As part of our promise to focus on improving the core Evernote experience, we are ending support for several of these standalone apps:

  • Skitch for Windows, Windows Touch, iOS, Android
    (Note: We will continue to offer and support Skitch for Mac)
  • Evernote Clearly
  • Evernote for Pebble

Specifically this means that as of today, we will no longer be making updates to these apps and as of January 22, they’ll no longer be available for download.

If you currently use any of these apps, you’ll find that they may continue to work for some time beyond January. We are not turning these apps “off,” but external changes like updates to your operating system or browser may break features or functionality at any point in the future.

Options for current users
We’ve incorporated many of the best features of Skitch and Clearly in our core applications. Skitch users will find nearly identical annotation functionality in the Evernote Windows and iOS apps. And the article simplification features from Clearly are available in our Web Clipper. People with Pebble watches can find similar Evernote features with the Powernoter app.

Thanks to you
We realize fans of Clearly and Skitch may be disappointed and we don’t take these decisions lightly. We’ve learned a lot from your feedback and are using it to improve Evernote every day. We’ve got big plans for 2016 and beyond, and our goal is very straightforward: make Evernote better than ever. Thanks to your support, that’s something we’re really excited about.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

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  • Ann

    Are you insane?! Skitch is literally the only app I can use for certain forms of pdf and photo markup on my iOS devices. Are you trying to cut the number of users, let alone paying ones, by the hundreds of thousands? I suggest FINISHING the addition of features to Evernote *before* you drop those features on your most popular acquired apps.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Ann, Skitch for iOS will continue working after January 22. We we no longer offer it for download or make updates to it, but it will still work.

      • Jim

        Of course it’ll work!!! …until ios 9.4 comes out. An app that is not maintained is destined to break… sooner or later.

      • Don

        Until it doesn’t, at which time oh well too bad for you.

  • Antonie

    Closing Clearly!! Why on earth, it’s a function I use multiple times per day, likely the best available in the market. Maybe it’s not marketed to it’s potential in that likely the userbase is not big enough for Evernote, but hey, I agree with Ann, are you wanting to estrange people from Evernote into the arms of OneNote?

    • Jack Hirsch

      The extension should continue to work, even after Jan 22. I’d also recommend giving the web clipper a try. It has a great “simplified article” mode that’s inspired by Clearly.

      • Steve M

        Except that the simplified article feature of Evernote assumes that I want to save every article in Evernote, open Evernote to read it, delete after reading and go back to browsing. How is that at all like having the Clearly app?

        • Jonaz

          You don’t actually have to clip/save the article to Evernote, just click the Simplified article button and read away. (Press Save if you want to save the article to Evernote.) The interface is a bit more in the way than in Clearly though.

          • Paul

            To think I just signed up for premium yesterday, and they cancel critical features I use every day. I’ll have to reconsider, evidently, as the company seems out of touch with customers.

            ‘clearly’ is like web clipper in the same way that a word processor is like a text editor. If you’re deprecating ‘clearly’ how about getting rid of the dialog to save because it’s in the way when I try to use web clipper to emulate ‘clearly’. Or just replace web clipper with ‘clearly’ as it’s the more functional app. Not everything is worth saving to Evernote. In fact, most I use ‘clearly’ to read is never saved to Evernote.

          • Carlos

            Web Clipper doesn’t allow highlight direct on the web content. Clearly allowed.

  • Shawn

    I too am disappointed. I use Skitch for Windows to capture screen images, point to problem areas, and send the image in an email off to a developer. It’s a workflow that works really well and doesn’t involve Evernote at all.

  • Dave

    Count me in as being very disappointed about Evernote for Pebble. It’s not as though this is a product that needs or has received a ton of development effort, but it’s incredibly useful to be able to make something available to my Pebble just by making a Shortcut. I’ve literally sold people on both a Pebble and Evernote subscription by showing off how well this works.

    • Ronda Scott

      Hi Dave, Evernote for Pebble will continue to work and you shouldn’t experience a disruption on January 22nd. We do encourage you to check out Powernoter. It’s developed by the same person who created our own Pebble app, so you should see a lot of similarities!

      • Jonaz

        I would love to use/try Powernoter, but unfortunately it seems to rely on voice for creating/searching note and is only available for the newer Time pebbles. I would be happy to be able to just scroll trough notes/notebooks/tags and be able to check of checkboxes – like in the old Evernote for pebble. Perhaps the developer of Powernoter might be interested in supporting older Pebbles as well, now when Evernote’s own app is pulled.

        • Damian Mehers

          Damian here … creator of Powernoter. Working on supporting the original pebble right now.

          • Damian Mehers

            I just released V1.2, with support for the original Pebble.

  • Devon

    Wow. This seems asinine. Skitch is the best in its market. Any reason why you aren’t developing Skitch for Windows to be as good as Skitch for Mac instead of dumping it? I use it every single day and am a bit shell-shocked at this decision.

    Perhaps it’s time you guys stop fragmenting your apps. Don’t have separate teams for the various versions of software – it’s getting really tiring to have wildly different experiences on different platforms. I use Windows at work, a Mac at home. It’s not fun to get use to a setup in one environment and then have it be completely different to do the same thing in another, all because I’m using a different OS. This plan makes no sense. First Dropbox dumping Mailbox, and now this. I’m really getting disenfranchised with app creators.

    • Neil Kong

      First Drop dumping Mailbox and Carousel. Now Evernote. Unicorns are really having issues. So sorry to see all these great apps gone.

    • Devon

      Oh goodness, yes. I was very active over there until company behavior made me drop Todoist completely. What a waste 🙁

    • A dev

      Just a tip – tying your boat to the SS Apple is a great way to demolish and hinder your business. Buh-bye now.

  • ed

    Skitch?!?!?!? Seriously? AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    This is insane. Dropping Skitch for Windows is a slap in the face to a massive chunk of your user base.

    I can’t believe you are also dropping Evernote for Pebble.

    Are you being pressed by Apple to remove your service from their competitors’ devices? I hope that’s not the case. Apple doesn’t pay you anything, I don’t think.

  • Lee Brown

    Well, time to look for another service. Bye bye, Evernote. 🙁

    • Severine

      I thought the same and tried many other apps to replace Evernote including automation and integration between other apps.

      The bottom line is Evernote still kicks ass over other apps and software. I tried One Note and it’s sluggish and copped 5 viruses which unbeknown to me were on my work computer.
      I truly hope that Evernote will develop the core of the app/sofware to be more user friendly including colours because there may not be an alternative today, but they will be soon enough.

  • Luke

    Are there any alternatives for Skitch on Android? It’s more a usability thing which held me on Skitch…

  • Michael Bond

    If Evernote for iOS adds a Photos extension for marking up photos in my library, the way Skitch currently does, then there’d be no need for me to have Skitch installed at all. Is that something that could be done?

  • Michael

    The web clipper does not replace Clearly, unless to think we should read with the web clipper in the top right of the page.

    If Skitch features are in Evernote for Windows they are very well hidden.

    What’s the real reason for dropping these products?

  • Eveline

    Helloooooo… I pay for these features every month!!! If you remove them, I expect your monthly fee to drop as well. Looking forward…

    • James

      Please give the repo for skitch for iOS, I’ll re-release it, and you won’t have to support it any longer. I will miss skitch for IOS. It along with skitch on all platforms, and Scannable are my go to apps. 🙁 As a premium member for far too long, please discontinue that chat thing in evernote instead.

  • Will

    Evernote Team, thank you for all the updates you have made to Evernote. It, in my mind, is the best app/software hands down. I use it all day long on my Surface Pro 3 and Galaxy Note 5. Skitch is an important part of my and other users App arsenal. It has a few challenges, but it is still a great app. I’ve been looking forward to an update. I’ve anticipated the Evernote Team wowing users with even more functionality in Skitch. So it is a bit of a shock to learn it is being abandoned, effective today. I know I’m just one voice, but I ask you to reconsider your decision.

  • Rebecca

    SKITCH? Are you kidding me? I love Skitch, agree with others commenting here that it is the best in the marketplace. I use Skitch all the time. It’s easy, fast, reliable. Clearly, I like as well – but I do tend to use the Web Clipper more often than Clearly. However, I am reeling from this news about Skitch. Bad move. Mistake. Wrong decision. ERROR.

  • Richard

    Save a copy of this blogpost. One time with Clearly and another time in Webclipper (without formatting). Then compare the result in the desktop app that is 80% of your customer base using: Windows (ok, I know, you don’t have Windows Machines. You are Apple only. Never mind. Simply walk to a Best Buy nearby and buy. a. Windows. Machine. Please.) You will then see that that Clearly produces a clear document without annoying formatting. And then examine the ‘result’ that Webclipper produced. With some ugly formatting left behind. Why do you hate your customers so badly?

    • Joe

      Spot on. I can’t figure out why you’d want to discontinue Clearly. The cost of maintaining it is negligible to you, guys.

      • ct236

        I agree. I don’t use Skitch at all, but use Clearly all the time independent of my constantly use of Evernote Desktop in Windows.

  • David

    Skitch functionality will still work for Windows and iOS. I guess that’s good. No mention of Android, but then, who uses THAT?

  • Gary

    wow – i use Skitch almost everyday – way more than Evernote…

  • Paige

    NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO. I can’t believe Clearly is going away. It is part of my clipping experience because I want to look at the articles in Clearly to remove all the unwanted extras before clipping them to make sure I really want the article. Plus clipping directly from Clearly has always resulted in a much better clip then going directly from a web site. I’m so sorry to see this go. Unfortunately I will have to go shopping for a replacement product.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Clearly should continue to work and as mentioned above, give the Web Clipper a try. It does wonderfully as a clearly alternative.

  • f*ckit

    good that we move to Monosnap, works fine on windows & mac.

  • Floyd

    Looks like I will be cancelling my Evernote account. Skitch was used on a daily basis by me. Looks like I’ll be switching over to OneNote

  • Pancho

    Btw…im angry cause skitch was a cool app. I dont know why you brought it just to let it die.

  • David

    I’d love to see Skitch for Mac get an update soon because it crashes on me a lot and I send in the reports every single time.

  • Will

    Boo. Skitch was insanely handy, and Clearly’s functionality isn’t met by the web clipper. Being able to read and highlight … I am just sad. This, together with the lousy new web interface on its way, will hasten my departure from Evernote after nearly eight years.

    • Jonaz

      The webclipper’s interface isn’t as clean (or clear…) as Clearly’s and I hate to see Clearly go. But you can in fact highlight in the webclipper’s Simplified article view as well; it’s just that the highlighter is ”always on/always in hand” – there’s no button to click to get the highlighter.

  • Mike Power

    I don’t know what on earth is going on at Evernote but someone somewhere seems determined to strip it of all it’s early promise. Google “Why I’m Leaving Evernote” or similar to see just how unhappy people are becoming. Yes, there have been improvements this year, but this latest move looks like madness. I suspect this has come from someone at Evernote who doesn’t actually use Evernote.

  • Ye`Mon Aung

    This is the worst new I’ve heard after email-to-Evernote feature was ditched.
    Skitch is only other app I use most across all the possible platforms I can get on in the Evernote family apart from Evernote.
    Most of the people I introduced Evernote to love Skitch better than Evernote itself.
    That’s because of it’s simplicity, easy to use and effectiveness.
    People love it.
    I love it.
    You guys have no idea how many hours Skitch saved for us in our team communications across the members and third parties.
    Only three out of five Skitch users know and use Evernote.
    Maybe you’re thinking that by discarding Skitch, people will migrate into the Evernote.
    I don’t think so.
    People who’re using only Skitch are potential Evernote users.
    Now every single one of them is cut off.
    So sad.

  • me

    I’m constantly using Skitch on my Android tablet to annotate PDF files during meetings. There seems to be no alternative to this, so discontinuing this product is a very bad idea.
    Are there plans to integrate this functionality into the main product?

  • Bobby Vulture

    Using my evernote’s lists on my wrist via my pebble was nice…
    Sad to hear that. 🙁

    • Jack Hirsch

      Have you tried Powernoter? It’s made by the same person that wrote our Pebble app!

  • Paul Emmert

    I’m cancelling my premium account. Enough is enough. You guys are out of touch with the “real world” apparently. You’re taking a perfectly competent app and folding it into Evernote, so now I have to get an image into Evernote to do the same task. How many more keystrokes are you forcing on us so I get to see your green motif? It’s not all about you guys and how much you can drive us to your app…pretty soon I’ll have to start up Evernote to flush my toilet.

  • Ramniwas Bhushanrajwada Dheet

    I am having too much disappoint with this formality of news

  • ronjon

    evernote has a long history of dissapointing their (paying) customers. several apps are being abandoned (now but also in the past, think about the business card import app), and not all devices were evenly supported . i think it’s time to move on and look for an alternative. If anyone has suggestions for the next evernote, put it in the comments or in the evernote forums

  • Chris Meadows

    Can you please explain how to use the web clipper to duplicate the article simplification functionality from Clearly? When I use the web clipper, it just puts a drawing tool on the screen to let me screen-capture to Evernote. That’s not the same thing at all.

    If that functionality is still there somehow, can you please let me know how to use it?

    • Ronda Scott

      Hi, Chris. With Web Clipper installed, you can use “Simplified article” to achieve the same effect as using Clearly would. In fact, the feature in Web Clipper is directly inspired by Clearly. You can also use Web Clipper to take screenshots as you mention. “Simplified article” can be found in the same menu as “Screenshot.” I hope that helps!

      • Angela

        Hi, when I use Clearly, I can set font size and font types for my reading (i.e. themes). How do I do that in Evernote’s Simplified View?

  • Gary

    I use Skitch every day for work and personal reasons and far more often than I use Evernote.

    Quite a bit disturbed this tool is on its way to the door whilst recently was going to purchase a licence to “get back” the email to Evernote feature, will now have to reconsider this, with this latest news… 🙁

  • Giacomo Lawrance

    Why are you ending Skitch for Windows but not Skitch for Mac?

    • Oletros

      Because Apple users are first class citizens

  • Bogdan

    Well, about time to ditch all those side apps. Focus on the main stuff already. Don’t forget about the AppCenter though.

  • swoge

    Me too:
    “Skitch?!?!?!? Seriously? AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”
    Exactly my t toughts.

  • Dean

    So current Android Skitch users don’t get anything in the way of a replacement? My Android Evernote app was updated 2 days ago so after reading this, I uninstalled Skitch, tried to annotate an image only to be told to install Skitch.

    Way to go.

  • Stephan

    I’m really disappointed. Clearly and Skitch are important tools in my workflow. I’m not sure, if Evernote will be my preferred knowledge database in the future! To kill parts of the Evernote tool family and different bugs in Evernote (logterm and also new bugs) means to me, you are not reliable anymore! Sorry for that, but it’s true.

  • Jeewoong

    I don’t care whether Skitch for Mac is discontinued or not – Evernote client has enough markup features. But on Android, Skitch app is required to make annotations. How am I suppose to work on mobile now?

  • HeberJames

    By closing Clearly you are severely limiting the usefulness of Evernote! This is a feature I use very often to clean up often cluttered sites – Web Clipper is not an alternative!. I willing add my objection to the loss, in common with obviously many more and sincerely hope you reconsider.

  • Peter

    I’m also shocked by this news. The issue I have with this news is that the screen capture built into Evernote isn’t easily found. Although its UX is reminiscent of Skitch, I can’t save a screen shot as a .jpg file. uhg!

    • Laura

      This. The ease of getting to a easily sharable .jpg is key. Evernote does not have this capability, and it’s the number one reason I use Skitch daily.

      With this announcement, my faith in Evernote is shaken. I have been a paying premium customer for years, but now I need to start making an escape plan.

  • Kevin

    Are you saying that Evernote will be getting some Skitch advising functionality natively?

  • ben

    What’s next …. killing Evernote for Windows?

  • Rich

    Really disappointed that you’re discontinuing support for Evernote for Pebble – it’s been really useful, and will be sorely missed.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Give Powernoter a try. It should feel very familiar!

      • Dan

        Powernoter doesn’t seem to permit the same approach to finding notes–is it possible to scroll through a list of notebooks, open a notebook, and then see the notes inside? It doesn’t look like it.

        • Damian Mehers

          You are right – no tags, saved searches or notebooks for now. It does put recently modified notes into your timeline in the past, and reminders into your timeline in the future.

          You can also find notes by searching for them (if you have a Pebble Time), and it lets you get to notes you have shortcutted, todo notes, and other recently modified notes.

          I’m open to feature requests (

          • Dan

            You, my friend, are a welcome breath of fresh air. Thank you for your work on the app!

  • Amber

    I’m completely shocked by this. I just skitch regularly for work and there simply is no competition. If and when it breaks, you will be adding more work to my already hectic work schedule. Please reconsider. You have a big enough following that uses skitch

  • Handiwork

    Wow. Greatly disappointed to hear about Skitch. Like others have noted, I use it several times a day.

    Anyone know of an alternative?



  • Michael

    With the killing of clearly you just lost me as a customer. This was the one reason I kept paying for Evernote instead of doing it all in OneNote (which I use for actual note taking).

    Good job there guys. Guess you don’t really want my money.

    Oh and as for Skitch: I have not used it regularly, but it was a very useful tool. So although that’s not the biggest loss here, it’s definitely another nail in the coffin.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Michael, have you tried Web Clipper’s “Simplified article” mode? It’s inspired by Clearly

      • Gerald

        One extremely significant difference: it is not possible to print the simplified view from the web clipper. The only action available is to save it to Evernote. Once in Evernote, it is unformatted text (which is NOT the same experience as the clean but typographically attractive layout available in Clearly).

  • Ziad

    Why shutting down an application that is so useful and handy. I use skitch on iOS and windows almost everyday. now by shutting it down that means no more updates, no more improvements and the app will be gone after the next iOS update to iOS 10. I don’t think this is right decision. are we going to be able to use them in Evernote as a built in feature or it’s just gone and we have to deal with it ? I’m a premium Evernote user and I don’t think I will stay the same way if I don’t have such a feature in my app.

  • Bob

    I am a teacher and move from PC to Mac every day. I use Skitch daily and it was part of the cross-platform experience of Evernote. As a long time user of EN (2009 Premium) I am concerned about this step away from the cross-platform capability of EN apps. Please reconsider your plans for Skitch. Very few of us want to use multiple platforms for work as we go from home, to mobile to office. As much as I like and use EN, I’m already studying alternatives should you abandon something in my workflow. Most of us have a lot invested in our EN accounts and placed a lot of trust in your platform. We do not take changes to the functionality of the platform lightly.

  • TC

    Not sure this is the smartest decision I’ve heard.

    Can you at least please build Skitch into Evernote for Android before you switch off the updates. Honestly, for multi-device testing and markup it’s my best tool and fits into how I use Evernote for project logs.

  • Oletros

    ” Skitch users will find nearly identical annotation functionality in the Evernote Windows and iOS apps. ”

    So, Android users still are second class citizens for all the situations but taking the money of their subscriptions. Then they are first class citizens and pay the same amount but receive a lot less

    • Scott Matics

      Exactly… If Evernote are going to segregate features for Android, then maybe we should be paying less for the service?

  • Scott

    I use skitch at work on windows standalone without the evernote desktop app, paste into email, etc. Sometimes drag into evernote web since I don’t have evernote installed on my work laptop. This is really too bad. Does anyone know of another simple windows tool that provides skitch like functionality?

  • dmacleo

    on firefox clearly often works a lot better than web clipper. I use it multiple times a day.

  • Don

    I guess I should feel relieved that I largely stopped using Skitch when it was eviscerated and other destination uploading removed in order to tie it more tightly to Evernote. Ironically I’m mac-only so I could keep using (the inferior to v1 version) if I wanted to.

    I’m a very happy Evernote user and don’t see that changing, but I wish you wouldn’t buy & kill other tools I like along the way to improving Evernote.

  • Paul Gallaway

    I work in IT and Skitch for Windows is my app of choice for documenting screen images to end users. This hurts bad :\'(

  • William

    Let me make sure this is what’s happening, you’re killing Clearly and Skitch to work on your core products?

    What exactly is your core product nowadays?

    I’ve been a premium account holder for nearly three years because I saw the benefit of paying for good software, I use Clearly daily and really don’t know what I will do for an alternative. Likewise, I’m confused what Evernote’s real product is anymore, as it seems I get more junk mail from your company about Moleskin notebooks, laptop sleeves and other stuff I can buy from Office Depot.

    Please reconsider these actions as I suspect more of your paid users will not renew their plans and explore other options out there for their computing environments.

  • Paul Parkinson

    Clearly to be switched off? Are you out of your minds? I use Clearly on multiple computers many many times a day. It’s the one app which gateways me into an Evernote note more than any other?

    Please please reconsider this. Without it, I’m going to have to downscale my use of Evernote and, quite possible, switch out of Premium.

    After all, if I’m going to be using a much slower way of ‘Note-ing, I’ll be making much less of Evernote and, then, what’s the point of Premium.
    Honestly, you lot really need to ask you customers what they want before making decisions about what you think they NEED….


    • Jack Hirsch

      Paul, Clearly isn’t getting switched off or disabled. We just won’t be supporting it going forward. Web Clipper has many of the same features and will be supported if you want peace of mind.

      • Paul Parkinson

        Jack Jack Jack. Clearly isn’t being switched off, no, but it is being left out in the cold to wait for the dark day when Chrome no longer supports it and it dies.

        WebClipper is NOT the same as Clearly.

        These “improvements” are death by a thousand cuts for Evernote. I don’t know what the problem is, but I have an easy solution. OneNote.

  • Larry

    I see the point of getting features to center on the core Evernote platform. I think this would have been better handled by upgrading the built in support to match the separate apps.

  • Phil Simon

    As Evernote is learning, building a platform is much easier said than done.

  • Thomas

    Unless I’m missing something, Clearly’s functionality is **not** available in Web Clipper, certainly not to the same level of customisability and ease of use.

    If Clearly is dropped, it will reflect badly on my opinion of Evernote as a company that simply does not understand or respect its user base.

  • Pissed off Evernote user

    I sincerely hope you are only killing off Clearly because you plan to integrate its functionalities into the Evernote web clipper. Otherwise it’s an extremely boneheaded move.

  • Robert

    Clearly is of use to everyone that must save a readable note — I do not think it would be good to take away functionality, and clarity, that everyone can use? I, like most users, am confused and disappointed with the plan to do away with clearly. I also agree with the comments that Evernote clipper has not been of much use in the past.

  • Hemant Shah

    I am particularly sad that Clearly is being retired. I just checked Clipper and as of now it seems like a poor cousin of Clearly. In addition, when I am interested in only reading a page without clipping, the Clipper hanging over my shoulder like a big brother is distracting. I hope Evernote reconsiders its decision.

  • Amanda

    Dear developers, I respect your decision, but could you please make a poll to see how many of your loyal users are using Skitch and Clearly? To me, they are the core parts of Evernote, and they are the main reason that I am not transferring to Onenote.

  • J

    So does this mean the Evernote Web Clipper for Firefox will be fixed by January 22? The only reason I use Clearly is that I can’t even get the Web Clipper to show up in my browser (and if you check the comments and dismal ratings on, you see I’m not the only one). If you’re not going to fix that then you are basically taking Evernote away from me — I can’t install another browser on my locked-down work computer.

  • Nick

    Skitch is really important to our weekly workflow. We are all on Macs and so I will still be Skitching all the time in the true Skitch environment. But this is distressing for a number of reasons. I won’t reiterate, just casting my vote for one of your best products.

  • dave

    whats everybody complaining about? the monthly fee will obviously be cheaper now that they are taking away features from evernote

  • sato

    In Web Clipper, would you give me an option to turn off auto loading paginated web pages? Clearly and Web Clipper behave differently in this function. Web Clipper and a Chrome extension, AutoPagerize, conflict with each other, while Clearly and AutoPagerize don’t; so, I use Clearly when AutoPagerize is working. Thank you.

  • James Moreau-Drew

    What about more integrated Skitch features for Evernote for Android?

  • dennis

    Some people just love to complain….if you use the evernote web clipper for firefox and use the ‘screenshot’ option, you can do all the skitching your heart desires.
    None of these products came with guarantees. Evernote is not the only software company to take things off the market. Look no further than Googl to see their vast cemetary of abandoned products. Evernote is obviously focusing on their core product and that just means a better Evernote for everyone.

    • Paul

      Perhaps you are happy with how things are working for you, however if a person is paying for the premium content then having an application that is integral to their daily work suddenly dropped it is understandable they might have an opinion.

      So if a person is happily using Skitch and isn’t running Firefox as their browser of choice then they need to install a new browser just to get the functionality they previously had.

      This also assumes they are running on a desktop and not on an Android phone as it is no longer supported on Android.

    • Debbi

      Please, Dennis, do tell me how I can do ‘all the skitching my heart desires’ in the Android or Windows Touch apps, which do not have any annotation features at all.

  • Scott Matics

    Dropping support for Skitch for Android is insane. This is one of my most used apps. This decision really makes me question why I am a premium subscriber. What a slap in the face to paying Android users.

  • Nico

    Well… It’s to bad such great apps will disappear… but… I guess it’s necessary to survive. Evernote itself is falling behind and I already tried to migrate to Onenote… fortunately that wasn’t too easy on a Mac and sanity came back quick… I’m still a proud Evernote user.

  • Clark

    Skitch on Windows has been indispensable as a general purpose screen capture tool in my development group. It’s great for issue reporting where a picture is worth a thousand words. And a picture with an arrow or box is worth ten thousand.

    Please reconsider.

  • JP

    I’ve used Skitch for Mac for several years now and just recently started using it on my work computer which runs Windows. I would be prepared to pay a fee to use Skitch.

  • Chen I-Hung

    I am a evernote premium user and just cancelled my subscription. Evernote Clearly can use custom fonts and custom CSS. That’s essential for me. You drop support for Clearly, and I drop your premium service. Just that simple.

  • Ana

    WTF? Just as I was contemplating getting the premium subscription just to show my love for Evernote, you drop two of my most used features!

  • John

    I have been having issues with Skitch on iOS since early Dec, and now I find out the answer is sorry its broke and we are not continuing support. I am sorry, but having Skitch across Mac, PCV, Android was the Big selling point for Evernote. And I along with others have highly recommended the app system because of it, including Creative Confidence by Kelley and Kelley.

    And to add to Ann Point what annotation features do you have in Evernote?

    I am sorry I just re up on Evernote Premium. I might have to re think that decision.

  • JLP

    I BEG YOU…PLEASE don’t end Skitch!!!!!!!!!!!! If anything, make it better.

  • Jeff

    Long time premium EN user here. I’ve been concerned with the direction this company has been taking for quite a while and this is the final straw for me. As I type this I am migrating all my notes over to Onenote. I will be cancelling my subscription as well.

  • Thom Blake

    What a crazy decision. Skitch is a brilliant and very useful program. While I do not use it as much as Evernote, it is a very handy extra. Why get rid of it? I am currently writing an article for historians about useful tools. I was intending to give the highest accolades to Evernote – it is a brilliant research tool – but now I am somewhat wary about what Evernote might do to it. It makes no corporates sense to me instilling a sense of uncertainty in users particularly when you decided to ditch something that many users find very helpful.

  • Doug

    Well…sounds like EN should be paying attention…unless no one actually reads these comments. I want to add my disappointment as well. I use Clearly daily at work, but the Webclipper doesn’t work in my work environment (blocked?). Skitch also is a GREAT tool. Please reconsider!

  • Cynd

    I use Skitch on both my Mac and iPad almost daily. I am a teacher and use it to create instructions and tutorials in my Education tech class for pre-service teachers. I would have to agree with the first comment in the list. ARE YOU INSANE!! Skitch is extremely useful and I even teach it to my students each semester. It is one of their favorite apps. Common guys, get off you high horse and keep Skitch in the loop. We need it!!

  • Joseph

    I’m a new user, 22, currently living near Shanghai, China. I advise the organization of a weekly gathering of about 50 bilingual masters and Phd students in various engineering fields. I began using SKITCH because it was most powerful tool for communicating with my audience, with its toolkit of precise and customizable stickers to highlight and describe information in sizable and frameable text. It worked perfectly for taking a snapshot of a map, highlighting the location with an slim arrow and matching color bilingual caption.
    I downloaded Evernote only as a free cloud storage service for the creations i made on SKITCH.
    Now i’ve begun downloading and syncing Evernote on my laptop and two phones because of the utility and brilliance i found in SKITCH.
    If your developing team is dropping the development of SKITCH to another lucky group of developers, please ensure that SKITCH and Evernote will remain compatible as they continue to update and improve independently.
    Thank You.

  • Grace McCarter

    No! I love the Evernote app on my pebble! I don’t want it to go away!

    I have a classic Pebble, there’s no voice control for it meaning the official one is incredibly important for me! D:


  • Casey

    Dropping Sktch is BRUTAL. Like many, many others here I use it daily across multiple platforms. So instead of being able to markup images, which we do all the time, you’re focusing instead on being able to hand write notes, which I bet hardly anyone does? Argh. I really can’t believe Skitch s getting dropped. I’m almost in denial. I am a premium subscriber with like 18 months still to go but, for the first time ever, now really have to give a serious look at alternatives. I thought EN had indicated they were going to focus on making it easier/better to take rich notes. Dropping Skitch seems diametrically opposed to that philosophy, so now I’m wondering what does the executive team want EN to be? Man, this is really a drag. Seriously.

  • Bezerk

    Skitch was a perfect addition to Evernote to allow me to get a small clip of something on my screen/windows apps into Evernote quickly. There is nothing in the core that does this. The one thing that I was worried about in Evernote that it was clear the team was biased towards Mac from the beginning and now some of those fears of what would happen are being confirmed.

  • Julia

    Oh NO! Web clipper ‘simplified article’ is no replacement of Clearly! They are totally diferent apps!

  • Michael H. Gerloff

    As a daily user of Clearly i was disappointed, of course. But gave Web Clipper a try. But on Firefox (43.0.2) it does not appear at all. Any ideas?

  • SRV

    I really think that is a BIG mistake to close SKITCH and Clearly

  • Jared Bronson

    Hmm…clearly nobody is in favor of this. Will that influence the decision at all? I wonder….

  • Ron

    Any chance on open sourcing Clearly? It’s a godsend for anyone who is colorblind or has other visual impairments. I’m not interested in saving everything I read to Evernote.

  • JLP

    PLEASE don’t end support for Skitch. LISTEN to the people who use your products. I’m a paying customer.

  • Matt

    Thanks for moving the Clearly features to Web Clipper. I just checked out the clipper and see that for what I want I just need to press C for the simplified view. I also have a Pebble, but won’t really miss that app.

    As for Skitch, I like many other people use it every day.
    Are there similar capture features built into the desktop version of Evernote for Windows? And if so how would I find info about them? Thanks! m@

  • Josh Einstein

    Remember when you guys bought Skitch and everyone was pissed because they assumed a great app was going to be ruined by a company trying to push their other commercial products?

    Guess we were right.

    And the fact that you refer to Evernote’s annotations as a replacement for Skitch shows that you really don’t understand or appreciate the use case for Skitch. Too bad, because up until this point, you’ve done a great job with it. But now it’s going to be hard for me to put much trust in anything that Evernote has to offer.

  • Chris

    Add another user incredulous that you are discontinuing Skitch. I use Skitch every day and don’t want to have to open Evernote, or add Evernote to my very simple capture and annotate workflow just to get similar functions. Thanks for acquiring an application only to kill it.

    Open source the Skitch code then and let the community continue to support it.

  • Erico

    I think the main tool, the main Evernote app can embrace all independent apps ( Skitch , Penultimate and scanable ). No sense in being independent. My opinion.

  • Tammy Rizzo

    Tell me, please, do you have ANY plans for making a night mode for Evernote, either for the web app or for the mobile app? There are millions of us out here who are losing our vision, and who cannot see dark text on a blinding bright background. That was what I loved the most about Clearly – using it, I could actually see most websites! The other options for my browser, Chrome, only invert pages, which inverts the images as well, while Clearly does it right! With Clearly, I don’t have to switch back and forth several times on a single web page, turning the inverter on to read the text, then off again to see the image. I will miss this functionality of Clearly the most, and yet, your news releases don’t mention this vital core function porting over to Evernote.

  • Olden

    I, too, use Clearly every day to make webpages more readable. I’ve tried Web Clipper, but can’t find a way to increase default font size as I can with Clearly. That is a significant disadvantage of Web Clipper.

  • Haemish Kyd

    I understand the need to consolidate etc but at this juncture I use Skitch quite regularly to annotate notes from meetings etc. The alternative provided above suggests that one can annotate in iOS, Windows and Mac. What do you suggest Android users do going forward?

  • Koen De Vos

    Clearly is easily one of the most useful extensions of Evernote as a product, as it enhances focus and productivity enormously.

    If you really want us to use Web Clipper instead, then add functionality like font selection, custom themes, an uncluttered reading view, etc by the time the extension breaks.

  • Frank

    Skitch and Clearly are perfectly integrated into Web Clipper. I do not understand all this complaining. Now we just have to use one App and one Extension. That´s perfect.

  • Jamie

    I am very disappointed that Skitch for Android will no longer be supported, but I guess that explains why support for the app up to this point has been so lackluster.

    Skitch for Android and “premium support” were the primary reasons I signed up for Evernote Premium, so with its end-of-life announcement I’ve decided to cancel my yearly Premium subscription. I was already put off by having to do so much testing and documentation and bug reporting on my own (all with few actual fixes implemented by Support), but with there no longer being hope for new features or support, it simply no longer makes sense for me to continue paying for a subscription.


  • Niraj Shah

    Discontinuing Skitch? It’s lightweight, and the most useful app for annotating images for me. Haven’t used anything else since downloading it. No other app makes blurring out content, or annotating images as easy. It’s a real shame!

  • Debbi

    What the hell? Why ditch Skitch? Where are these supposed “nearly identical features” in the Windows Touch & Android apps? I just tried looking in both those apps & there’s nothing. I *did* find the Skitch features in the Windows desktop program (which I only have in the first place because the clipper refuses to acknowledge the Touch app) but that’s frustrating to use next to the Touch app, & still doesn’t help me annotate stuff on the go using my Android phone & tablet. I am totally on board with bringing everything into a single app rather than spread across several, but that isn’t what is happening here. Especially while keeping the Mac version – what makes them so special that they get to keep an app that is apparently too much trouble for you to bother with in other formats?

  • Dean

    Noooo! Clearly is the only thing that makes the internet readable for me. So sorry to see it go.

  • Woyt

    I agree with others that Web Clipper is no replacement for Clearly. It’s not possible to save docs with marked content directly into Evernote without turning it into static format. This is the core functionality of Clearly which is handy and useful. Additionaly, would you really want me to go through pages with WC frame being active all the time. My vote is to drop Web Clipper instead of Clearly

  • Julia Katsy

    Please! Please keep Skitch alive! Can not imagine my work flow without it.

  • Thomas Mansenal

    What about you open source the applications you are dropping support of?

    • Mark Evans


  • Greg

    Dropping Skitch – A blatant money-grabbing move; They’re pushing us towards using the annotation tools in Evernote because they want free users to upload their images, so that their monthly bandwidth cap is reached quickly, pushing them towards purchasing premium. They’re starving the free users out to draw them into subscription fees.

    Evernote team, with Skitch, you’re the king of the iOS annotation market right now. You can take it any direction you want, and you’ve decided to kill Skitch to desperately funnel users into your bloated, sloppily expanded client to push subscriptions. Tell your management team this: by pulling Skitch, you are creating a void that will inevitably be filled by a free Skitch alternative app. Evernote’s annotation function will lose its luster to users, as the client is too clumsy and bulky to make and share quick annotations (plus limiting pdf annotations to premium only.) Killing Skitch cuts the gateway into Evernote that Skitch has been, preventing potential new user growth.

    As a founder of a Silicon Valley startup that has sold for over half a billion, I am giving you solid advice: Keep Skitch development going and use your market dominance to expand it as a standalone app.

  • Ashley

    Can you not just make skitch a seperate product we can pay our 5$ for to keep?

  • Thomas

    Would you please consider at least releasing Clearly as an open source project so that other developers can take over?

  • mandoran

    I have to add my voice to those complaining about the loss of Clearly. Since it is presumably pointless to think Evernote will change its mind, I at least hope that developers will work to improve the clipper – while they obviously duplicate tasks to a great degree, Clearly is vastly superior to the clipper.

    Nothing illustrates this better than using them. Clearly always intelligently chooses a collection to save to, Clipper never does, and only uses the default. This single aspect alone would make me toss out Clipper in favor of Clearly if given a choice.

    I also note that Clearly for Firefox is gone, so that I cannot even continue to use it until it breaks, so this process is unfriendly as well as promoting the inferior product. Not great signs for users.

  • P.

    I just want to add my name to this long list of disappointment. Clearly is my day-to-day app. I’ve tried web clipper and is far from functional. I just tried several pages, and I can have a clear view and annotate the articles, I can’t seem to do that with the web-clipper. I wonder what kind of feedback where you having. I was an Evernote strong supporter until now.

  • Thomas Jespersen

    Here is a Clearly alternative that works on Firefox and Chrome:

  • Robin Slowley

    I have Evernote, I have pebble, was so happy to have automatic syncing to my watch, was thinking of buying premium Evernote, now I am glad I didn’t as yet again I would have bought something that is temporary and not permanent. It is sad that whatever app you pay for these days can be trashed or changed into something else without your permission.
    It’s like buying a TV and finding out the manufacturer has installed a self destruct it can energize remotely whenever it wants you to buy a new one.
    The tech world is the only world we have been taught to accept this kind of dissatisfaction as normal.

  • Christopher Plummer

    Thank you Evernote for making a bold, risky, and painful move in order to focus on your core product. I too was fond of Skitch, especially on iOS, but I’m sure there are alternatives. It has been broken for a long time now, and I appreciate finally getting a straight answer. (Be great if you could announce this on the App Store.) As for Windows, I liked Skitch there too, but there are a zillion screenshot apps on Windows. (Take a look at Clarify from Blue Mango, which also has a Mac version, and is really great for creating documentation.) Having been through “the platform wars” and experienced this sort of retrenchment, I see it as a good thing, that means that Evernote sees there is a big issue with their way too big “Eco-system” approach. This is what Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple. It’s not easy, but it just might save the company and the product. I hope so. Apple’s Notes is an alternative for us Mac people; I find OneNote way too clunky. If you can fix some of the interface “wrongness” in the Mac version of Evernote it would be great. I have sent in several bug reports and tickets on that. Thank you.

  • Josh

    To be honest, this is kinda sad… I used clearly more as a reading mode on chrome and firefox (and I found it nicer than other reading mode apps).

    So I feel I just lost my favorite reading mode app…

    Even if that wasn’t the point, that was my favorite part about Clearly…

    I don’t usually want to save most of the articles I read (though I do some), but to lose such a great reading mode app :/

    Maybe you can change your mind and give it back :\'(

  • hans

    not enough revenue on clearly?
    “Today, you can find the most popular features from these two apps in many versions of Evernote and Web Clipper. ”

    A nice wording from the marketing devision, however completely untrue.
    Time to move to another notekeeper. What a shame, clearly was great!

  • Michael

    That sucks so bad! I used evernote almost exclusively on my Pebble to keep track of songs on my band’s setlist during shows! I came to rely on it. Why not just leave the app up and just not update it?? What a letdownletdown

  • James B.

    It is a shame I can’t just have an app that works with out some weak minded developer or exec deciding it doesn’t drive enough revenue traffic for their app. It sounds like a core shift in company philosophy and a good time to look at other apps….

  • Phillip

    So… you’ve had a month or two to think about this ridiculous decision (as far as Skitch).

    You’ve taken away one of THE PREMIER image annotation apps and replaced it with WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?

    This is as poorly thought out as I can ever imagine!!! If you don’t like the app, then SELL the darn thing (or give it back to it’s creators) and let THEM support it.

    Again I ask… with WHAT are you going to replace Skitch???

  • Don G.

    Yes, their actions make me think that they are insane. I cancelled my premium subscription because they eliminated a very useful text reading feature which was a part of Clearly. Now they have entirely eliminated Clearly, which I used regularly to read and print clean copies of articles. I lost access to Clearly when I was forced to reload the OS on my main computer. I don’t understand why they will not offer Clearly as a download even though they no longer support it with upgrades. I guess that Clearly will disappear completely very soon. It will take longer, but I expect Evernote will disappear too, if they continue to eliminate popular features without warning or explanation.

  • Rene

    The new webclipper sucks and clearly was much better because it had more preferences. Above all, the underlying tool for clearly was a great advantage. And it is not included in the new webclipper. Evernote’s management is increasingly going in the wrong direction and making poor decisions. For instance, the new Evernote webinterface also sucks because the usability is hideous. It’s very hard to impossible to merge notes or create new notebooks or move them around in stacks. Please amend these failures.

  • Angelia Phillips

    Have to add my own disappointment here as well. I use Skitch daily when working at my desk an my HP laptop. And when I’m away from my desk I counted on Skitch to be just as awesome on my Android tablet. I’ve never liked working with Apple products. And very disappointed that Evernote developers seem to develop programs with Apple users primarily in mind. I’ve promoted Evernote consistently to friends and colleagues but since the higher percentage of them also prefer Android and Windows over Apple, I’m all done with the Evernote shout outs.

  • Muzzy996

    Like others have shared it’s utterly shocking that Skitch for Android is being dropped, as it is the leading photo/screenshot annotation tool out there. Nothing out there comes close . . in fact you folks could have forked it and started selling the thing. Crazy . .

  • Clyde Byrd

    I am adding my two cents to the clamor for the ability to print a Simplified Article using Evernote Web Clipper. Losing that ability by shutting down clearly and not adding it to the Web Clipper is a major disappointment for this longtime user.

  • Raymond Porrata

    Is it possible to release the code as open source? If possible, then perhaps we can further maintain this. Thanks for any response.

  • Elias

    You guys keep killing good apps. You “killed” Penultimate when you “updated” it several months ago and now you’re killing Skitch. BOTH of these apps you bought and they were amazing on their own. Why not set them free?! there are so many people who loved the original apps and benefited from them. you are doing a disservice to all of us by not letting us use these great standalone tools. You are also doing a disservice to yourselves by creating a lot of angry customers. You’re turning people off to the Evernote name by taking things we love away from us. Stop it. Sell the rights to Skitch and to the old (and good!) Penultimate and make some money off of them. Do good, not evil. Listen to your customers. Please. Don’t turn a deaf ear to us. That’s not good customer service.

  • Ana Cecilia V

    This decision is bad. Clipper is one of the best extensions in Chrome. It is simple and really useful. Web clipper isnt the same. Please, dont do that!

  • Robin

    Someone needs to pimp slap the CEO. I have been an Evernote evangelist for a long time, recommending it and Dropbox as the two must have apps to live and die by. I am also a heavy user of both Skitch and Clearly and I think of those as an integral part of the Evernote experience.

    Very disappointed.

  • Marco

    Fantastic! What a stroke of genius. I have had Clearly working wonderfully until I had to re-install windows 10 on my machione (may 1 2016 and now it’s gone. I am back to reading full page articles in tiny fonts or having to resize my own browser window and still get an inferior experience.
    If Evernote clipper has a feature similar to clearly, my compliments: you hid it really well. Why keep it in the contextual menu where people can find it and quickly read an article when you can bury it elsewhere and prevent me from using it?
    Yes, I am aware of Evernote clipper and I use it all the time. That doesn’t mean I want to save every article I want to read more easily. Sometimes I just want to read it and go on with my life, not save it to evernote.

    I love evernote and I am paying customer. I loved clearly and if I can find it someplasce I’ll install it anyway.

  • Brian

    Definitely would request the return of Skitch. Absolutely a critical companion to Evernote.

  • Bolomey

    Perhaps it might be a good thing to go elsewhere than Evernote. I liked Skitch. I am beginning to get a little tired of services like Evernote dictating to me what apps I can or cannot use.

  • Why?

    One question: WHY?

  • Christopher Paul Carr

    It should be called. Evernote bought Skitch from Plasq. Completely ruined it. It was literally a pale comparison to what it was. Then the old version of Skitch (Plasq) became obsolete as Mac did updates to the new OS. Then you cancel Skitch all together and totally screw over your customer base. Oh you offer web clipper. Newsflash, it isn’t even close to the program that you are now canceling service for. So your next line will be that you won’t service it after January…. well it will be obsolete just like the last one was. People literally need to get fired for this. Complete mis-management from start to finish. Infuriating.

  • Brenda Barnes

    As of Aug 2016, Web Clipper still hasn’t fully replaced Clearly’s functionality. If I want to increase the font size to improve readability, I have to zoom in before capturing it with web clipper because I can’t increase the font I’m into the web clipper app itself. Once it’s zoomed, the Evernote interface blocks part of the article so it’s unreadable. This has been mentioned previously by other users. What’s the solution, Evernote? I don’t see any responses above and haven’t seen any suggestions to fix this anywhere on your site. Please help, I love the web clipper but am forced to look for alternatives, which means I’ll abandon my premium subscription if this isn’t fixed.

  • grohei

    Big disappointement that Clearly is discontinued!!! I use it daily at work and the web clipper is not an option for me at work because it requires you log in (since it is aimed at you wanting to save a clip) and Evernote is blocked for ‘security reasons’. Clearly I could use because it didn’t require log in. So far Clearly still works (Nov 2016), touch wood, but I guess it is only a matter of time till it stops (or till I have to replace my computer).

  • dany

    Deeply disappointed about Clearly. Great extension and the “simplified article” mode does not perform well in right-to-left languages as Clearly does.
    I found out today as I want to recommend Clearly to friends! I first tried to export the extension by packing it but packing failed, claiming “Manifest file is missing or unreadable”